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August 27, 2014, the two day visit to China's outstanding pituitary tumor center in Shanghai Huashan Hospital (Shanghai pituitary tumor cent


August 27, 2014, the two day visit to China's outstanding pituitary tumor center in Shanghai Huashan Hospital (Shanghai pituitary tumor center) opened the curtain. From around the country more than 20 Department of Neurosurgery, Department of Endocrinology, Shanghai Huashan Hospital of gamma knife experts, through two days of observation, study and discussion, everyone on the pituitary tumor disease diagnosis and clinical treatment have a new understanding and good results. Huashan hospital in this event to improve the multi-disciplinary cooperation model, advanced surgical techniques, as well as a wealth of clinical experience to get the praise and admiration of the participants.

The event received to the attention and support. Mao Ying, vice president and vice president of Shanghai Huashan Hospital in the opening speech affirmed the activities of creativity, and look forward to multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment model will be the future trends in the diagnosis and treatment of pituitary tumors in the future of the. This model of cooperation can bring greater benefits to patients. In this mode a patient can get multiple clinical diagnosis and treatment, during the course of follow-up can be in charge of special disease, reducing the need to turn to patients in different departments, hang the trouble diagnosis and treatment is also very beneficial to patients. Also to visitors will become their center model of multidisciplinary cooperation, create a multidisciplinary team to strengthen clinical practice, to jointly promote the progress in the fields of diagnosis and treatment of pituitary tumor.

Field visits to the next part of the visit, let the experts hooked. In this visit, including a total of four aspects: Department of neurosurgery and Department of Endocrinology surgery rounds, on-site observation, discuss the clinical problems and multidisciplinary clinic observation.

Visit the Huashan Hospital experts on the "one-stop" patient management mode during the rounds of intense interest, have asked the professor in the Department of neurosurgery and Department of Endocrinology Professor Li Shiqi Li Yiming, between the two departments to carry out close cooperation in preoperative assessment and postoperative long-term follow-up and multidisciplinary operation process of personnel management and income distribution problems down to earth.

The clinical experience of somatostatin analogs such as SSA Shanlong drug application in Huashan hospital preoperative rich clinical literature published, and therefore, visiting experts also used for preoperative Shanlong effect and indications and Huashan experts have done in-depth discussions and exchanges. The operating room, Professor Wang Yongfei as we demonstrated wonderful double nostril transsphenoidal endoscopic pituitary tumor resection. During the operation, Professor Wang and assistant tacit understanding, stable operation, the operation is very smooth. Besides, everyone was full of praise for Professor Wang exquisite technology.

To explore the hot issues in clinical aspects, Huashan hospital multidisciplinary team of clinical pathway diagnosis and treatment of pituitary tumor hospital in Huashan (acromegaly and Cushing's disease), experts assess the endocrine function of pituitary adenoma after surgery and treatment, Huashan Hospital of pituitary tumor patients management software and management mode, acromegaly disease and Cushing's disease in the treatment of other hot topics and visit to share and exchange.

Chinese hypophysoma Excellence Center to visit activities in all the networking visit ended, visiting experts have expressed themselves in activities learned experience also saw their gap and the direction of improvement, returned to the hospital after the action to catch up. The observation activities to help doctors to observe, participate in and communicate, to stimulate the doctor in the multidisciplinary cooperation model action. Look, we work together to help pituitary tumor center more from good to great, quickly upgrade the level of diagnosis and treatment of pituitary tumor areas together, so that more patients with pituitary tumors embrace bright and wonderfull life!

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Huashan hospital pituitary adenoma expert outpatient time:

Department of neurosurgery: Professor Wang Yongfei every Thursday afternoon professor Li Shiqi every Tuesday morning, Thursday afternoon

Pituitary tumor clinic: every Thursday morning China Professor Shou

Gamma knife: Professor Pan Li every Tuesday morning

Department of Endocrinology: Professor Zhang Zhaoyun every Tuesday morning professor Li Yiming every Wednesday morning

Professor Ye Hongying every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon

Pituitary tumor multidisciplinary clinic: every Thursday morning (seven outpatient building) expert visits: Professor Pan Li, Professor Ye Hongying, Professor Wang Yongfei, Professor Yao Zhenwei (Department of Radiology)



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