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Doctor benevolence classic (pediatrician)Publisher: Liu Yuemei (visiting time: 1816)Zhong Lihang: because we as doctors, as a group of peopl


Doctor benevolence classic (pediatrician)

Publisher: Liu Yuemei (visiting time: 1816)

Zhong Lihang: because we as doctors, as a group of people to defend life, but we can not save our own patients, the sense of powerlessness, is really very desperate

This is not the only one who lost loved ones in the world! Is the disease! A doctor is a man who stands at the forefront of human life to save lives and disease! You will never understand a doctor who loses the pain of his own patients, because we are incapable of! Because we have no way to save lives! I ask you to trust us: every doctor and all your family members are in the same mood! Same! No difference! You know what? Same! First Affiliated Hospital of Gannan Medical College Liu Yuemei

Two, sometimes to cure, often to help, always comfort.

Three, Wu: you do not say to me, I am weak. I like a fish on the chopping board, die, immobile. Lawyer Liu Xiaoguang: Ming Xun, I can understand your feelings, when I took this case, I also considered for a long time. But if I don't answer, there will be another lawyer to answer, this is the first; second, about Wang Huan, I know you always treat him very well, but have you ever thought about, a young man was full of vigour, age, illness to the hospital to do surgery, results, and infection hepatitis is so dead, don't you have a responsibility? Wu Mingxun: that is not called infection, liver failure, human organ failure, manifested in the liver above, this is completely different two concepts. And the lawyer: but as the patient's family, they do not have such knowledge, they did not understand, you say all this, they just want to know, my son died. If you are not wrong, then you let the families of the community to understand what you say all this, there is no problem ah. A society can not always make the strong speak, must make the weak voice, this is my responsibility as a lawyer. It is also your responsibility as a doctor to the society. Wu Mingxun: I have no time to tube those who died, those who live in we have been busy scorched by the flames. I'm a doctor, not a priest, a hospital is not a charity, not responsible for the soul of the dead. Lawyer: you are too disappointed me, yes, you are not a pastor, the hospital is not a charity, you are all right, but such words from your mouth to say, how do I listen so harsh. I tell you, Wang Huan's mother why, she can not accept the most is that after the death of Wang Huan, you become so indifferent. No one to care about her, no one to comfort her, she can not stand, to tell the truth, you are in the intensification of contradictions. Wu Mingxun: she said too heartless, she did not see what we are doing, our passion is all in rescue, our sympathy is to let the children live more than a minute, she did not see the Ding sea of tears, she only saw the Ding sea drink, we require a doctor cannot drink if the rest of the time, drink, is absolutely not on duty. Ding Hai was not on duty that day, if not Ding Hai first run in the past, the child will die in front of his mother's death, hematemesis. Which mother can withstand such a blow? After the child died, we gave her a separate ward, all free, and she asked us what? Give her child pimadaixiao? You are not all that we know everything the doctor is equal to anything? It is because of indifference, so the patient will die? You occasionally around the death of one person, you will feel so bad, we face death scene? Every patient, we are all best efforts to save, whether those patients with accidental, or those we already know powerless patients watched them leave when the kind of complex emotions, is not up to your next life, this life experience. What can we do? Patients and their families, and drunk cry on each other's shoulder, then sleep for three days? We can't, we want to maintain absolute calm, because there is a dying patient waiting for us to cure, we just couldn't do it, one minute on the tears, the next minute you calmly stood on the table, cut another person's chest. So in the face of death, we can only maintain a kind of pretend indifference, this is our psychological self-protection, otherwise we would have collapsed. Jiang Yidan: Well, the operation is about to begin. Lawyer: Ming Ming, are you all right. Wu Mingxun: trust me, I know I'm a doctor.

Four, some feelings, very precious, can not often touch! Only feel. Only, let it with the blood, slowly flowing. Touch your heart, but you can't touch!!!

Five, I talk about our doctor's grievances. I think our industry is facing a hitherto unknown medical difficulties, thirty years of reform and opening up, the changes in turn the world upside down our life, people's living standard improved, the material greatly enriched, but people's overall humanistic quality and no synchronous progress. Medical and public health is a national basic safeguard, to big to say, second of the defense, but the industry is not synchronized to progress, it is manifested in two aspects, one is ourselves to our medical achievements and summarized familiar enough; two is the state of medical investment in no synchronous increase.

In the past thirty years, we have made great progress in our health care. With the improvement of diagnostic technique, our infant mortality, maternal mortality and sudden death patient mortality has been greatly reduced, which in general in hospital, and some even in the county hospital endangered patients with sudden death as long as can be promptly sent to the hospital, basically can circulate, to get the chance of survival. This is a great progress in Chinese medicine, I hope the community can see the development of our industry, I hope people can believe us.

China's per capita GDP has now reached $one thousand and two hundred, which is a transition to a well-off era of food and clothing, all developed countries long * * * is the same. A society in the transition period, the increase in medical expenses for the diagnosis and treatment of the increase in the cost of medical care, which is a manifestation of social progress. As a family, have no money, the disease can only endure, now have money, Ill have to look good, there are side effects of drugs have side effects, but all this is to spend money. In the past, our medical level is low, the patient was sick with a block door to the hospital, dead do not know why. But now, medical progress, detection techniques improve, the general situation of the disease no matter what, we can get a basic judgment, but does not mean to diagnosis treatment, this is the progress of local medical needs. Now people know what your disease, not cure all the blame on the doctor's head, and the doctor in the exploration of the treatment process is a movie, read the report, adjuvant therapy is needed to correct treatment instrument, different treatment results and treatment needs separately, it is we need to tell the public. But a lot of people in the enjoyment of advanced technology treatment at the same time can not accept the high cost, this is wrong.

What is the doctor's mission, in addition to saving lives, but also to those who have gone to live a quiet and serene life. And what we are now facing, our doctors are under pressure from the economic pressures. Our doctor every day by those on the cost, about the cost, on the diagnostic process, to check on the program, each process has to be clear, each process must consider the cost, and the process of medical process, doctors diagnosis is a very complex and changeful process and how the body, something how complicated, how fragile the world how complex systems, our doctor is going to lay with those families explain this matter, the pharmacy pharmacy what happened, said a word would cause too much trouble.

Chinese doctors, the world's most hardworking group, are all the same as doctors in the world, but Chinese doctors are more likely to suffer. Sometimes I think about the surgery, the busy work, I don't know how I got over it. My wife Jiang Yidan is eight months pregnant, now in the operation room work, every day at least two cases, the face is blood, virus, sick people and confusion.

Chinese medical resources less, fewer doctors, patients, hospital less difficult and not easily lined up, the doctor sent him in two words or three, they certainly have emotions, if you spend money and not cure the disease, they will put the complaints and in our hospital head, these are my understanding. In fact, the patient is the most difficult, they are sick, body pain, if there is no good effect, will the anger spread in our hospital on the head, but they don't know what medicine is limited, the doctor is not a panacea, doctors and patients is one of the common diseases of mankind, is facing. If all this is a normal medical environment can be resolved through communication, but now it is because the middle of a money word can not communicate.

Director, please forgive me if I say too directly, the doctor is supposed to be a respected noble occupation, the doctor behind the respected not only is dignity, dignity is actually behind the right, is the best way to treat the patient's rights. As the saying goes: healers parents heart. Now the doctors who have the guts. The doctor patients complain, complain, the vice president is busy with all these things, all I consider is how to make the balance of our doctor and * * * mentally, by faith, cannot unite team, doctors also need to support the family, but also life, our hospital has done too much, I did not the ability to give them more money, I do not advocate this day, I told them that dedication. Until today, when I face the crisis, I know how sorry I am, I really regret that I can not give them more money, I did not give them more benefits. I voted Wu do not love money, not greed but not touch, what I asked my thousands of employees like me, I take what compensation they year after year of hard day in and day out. In fact, this is not a reason, are not. The patient is the most hard, they give their body and life to us, we have no reason not to do well, No.

Two: nurse Liu Min words

I never dreamed that I became a fallen man, I also feel very ashamed, humiliation,...... from the age of 18 I graduated from school, in the hospital for 20 years, I love their work, feel proud of the glory, but did not expect to leave this way. Don't know what time, the nurse occupation, not so noble, we toil hard, the people shouted, day and night work, no one cares about you, nobody cares about you, is in this year after year day in and day out of torment, I'm a little older. A little bit of despair, this year, what happened to me, I am very sad, very angry. It can be said that Professor Su's death made me frustrated. Exactly, not his death, but he died not clear, the hospital disposal event Professor Su death, said a vague, let me chill. It is this chilling, let me make the wrong choice. Let me no longer adhere to the heart is no longer stick to their lofty. I can't forgive myself for being so stupid. You can say that I am stupid, said I was crazy, for a dead man, not worth it, but I'm not because of Professor Su, but because of a kind of despair, I always think of my own occupation is lofty, but this incident, let me doubt everything I bear, there is no value, if the world is there, then we have justice, dedication is lofty, otherwise it is. My mind has been set, not because of any external force, so please do not feel sorry for me.

I love you, I know one

What men need. However, I have to stay in the hospital care of patients, although they do not appreciate, but I have to do. So you divorce me, I am sad, but do not blame you. How many nights, the patient is over, I want to run home with you for a while. With you to say a few words. Or say nothing, just stick to you, in your arms. Or make a phone call, tell me about you, but you and the children in bed. I don't want to bother you. I'm sorry for you, this life does not give you a gentle wife, my next life compensation. Treat our daughter well. Don't let her be a nurse.

Six, people live in addition to the pursuit of truth, and sometimes need a little feelings.

Seven, we are the same, are upset. Do not know what they want, do not know what to do. In fact, a lot of people are like this.

Eight, when you desperately want to seize what, the world does not exist; when you let go, the world is there

Nine, the ideal is not only for us to pursue, to achieve, but its existence, let us realize the process becomes pure and clean.

Ten, if a person heart is broken, the heart did not matter.

Eleven. Be honest with yourself.

Twelve, we are trying to be able to be remembered.

Thirteen, from today to be a firm person: no longer shed tears for the plight, no longer compromise for disappointment.

Fourteen, there are two kinds of people in the world: intentional, unintentional. People cherish each other; no one hurt each other.

Fifteen, can let us twist, only our own heart.

Sixteen, the results are important, the process is also very important.

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