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Key words: SARS, ten years, doctorTen years ago in the spring, SARS suddenly. In this war, the Chinese society has undergone a huge test, al


Key words: SARS, ten years, doctor

Ten years ago in the spring, SARS suddenly. In this war, the Chinese society has undergone a huge test, all people with full of expectations and dependence on the eyes of the attention of the doctor, pay attention to the hospital, focusing on the entire health care system. In the face of great challenges hitherto unknown, many doctors like soldiers in the face of danger to the health system as the wartime mobilization of all emergency response......

In the months leading up to the SARS, the medical staff has made great efforts and sacrifices, and the health care system has gained valuable experience and lessons. After SARS, the medical and health system ushered in rapid construction and rapid development of ten years, more importantly, the painful lessons of SARS, change the ruling idea prompted the government, individual life and health rights more attention.

Ten years later, talk about the outbreak of SARS, doctors are clearly stated in the statement, SARS epidemic left them after the outbreak, is deeply buried in the bottom of the heart of life and emotional treasure. We can not simply trace back to the past, but can be found in the present and the future of things. The past has become history, vigilance and reflection, is the greatest respect for that period of history.

Dual experience of doctors and patients

In the party with the doctor and the patient's dual experience to write a "China-Japan Friendship Hospital attending physician in any party to the letter of SARS patients" to encourage patients to establish confidence in the fight against disease. At that time, either side of the condition is still very serious. Every time he writes, he goes back to his bed for a while. Lens back to 10 years ago in 2003:

April 2nd, China-Japan Friendship Hospital ICU ward admitted the first SARS patients.

April 3rd, the hospital emergency department set up a suspected SARS patients consulting room and observation room.

April 6th, the establishment of the emergency department SARS isolation zone, the first line of staff in the integrated building accommodation.

In April 7th, China-Japan Friendship Hospital attending physician in the absence of any ready to enter the SARS isolation ward, when he entered the ward with a total of 4 doctors. Any party in the war, he did not tell the family, afraid of his family to worry about, more afraid to fight with their own thoughts.

In the party into the isolation ward work, emergency department every day from twenty or thirty emergency patients have a fever, the hall had filled beds, not two or three days, twenty beds is completely full. "Thirty hours of continuous work can not rest, physical overdraft is very serious. Ren said at the time, the protective measures taken in the isolated area is very simple, with three layers of masks, a layer of disposable masks in the middle of a layer of gauze masks two. After the evening to wash their own masks, and then turn into the microwave oven, disinfection.

In April 21st, Ren Fang fell ill. Previously, the hospital has been sick 6 medical staff. In all the infected medical staff, the party in the first line of the longest working hours. Before the total fear of being infected, and so live in the isolated area, but instead of 'practical'. Ren said in the side, he was infected, the first thing is to suggest that the hospital with him into the isolation ward of the other 3 people immediately withdraw, and then send more people to reinforce. "In the future, especially in the hospital to SARS hospital, scheduling system more scientific and reasonable, so as to avoid more people because of fatigue, combat resistance drops and virus infection. "

For their condition, in the end only telling parents, dare to call home. "A parent's phone call, if I feel it can block up, then, think not, just a little better go back again. "In the party that he is the only one in the emergency ICU to move the patient, so often to see the sick colleagues, and they talk about the disease. "When I was sick, I was lonely. If someone comes to talk to you, you will feel very kind and touching. At that time, I think from the patient's point of view, the medical staff is really very important, very cute. "

Diagnosed with SARS, either in the emergency room in the ICU ward for 18 days. 18 days, a total of 4 patients died. Among them, he left the deepest impression is a 27 year old young man, was not with the treatment, very manic, always taking off his oxygen mask, struggling to scream that breathless. The patients infected with SARS, it will be due to the reduction of effective respiratory area of the lungs leading to insufficient oxygen supply, do not take the oxygen will increase the severity of the disease.

This lets the party could not sleep all night, so he wrote a letter of "China-Japan Friendship Hospital physician in SARS patients induced by letter with the dual experience of doctors and patients". He wrote in the letter, SARS as a new disease, a highly contagious special diseases, in order to bring pain to patients, but also for the work of medical staff has brought unprecedented difficulties. But at the same time also promised to the patient, you will get the highest quality of care and care in our hospital. I believe that with the efforts of our efforts and the support of your own beliefs, your body will soon be restored, you will soon return to their loved ones and friends around. "In the letter, as the confidence to overcome the disease in proposal and request in the special ward patients, because of the feelings of pleasure, peace of mind and belief will improve immunity.

Doctors who don't know how tired and brave

During the SARS epidemic, the intensive care unit is the most dangerous place for China-Japan Friendship Hospital. Liu Peng ward director stepped up off the opportunity, for two consecutive months in the isolation ward, with district staff was called "iron man liu". Health care workers have fallen down, so that the atmosphere in the hospital more and more nervous. "Just like on the battlefield, everyone has a sense of fear, especially in the absence of a clear route of transmission. What is the cause? Through what channel infection? Everything is unknown. Liu Peng said, "at that time every day very careful, but I have to pretend, because the doctor's responsibility there can only go forward, not backward.

In the intensive care unit, intubation is the most dangerous work. In order to complete the accurate intubation, doctors need to be as close as possible to the patients, and the patients in the stimulation when coughing, a lot of virus will fly out with sputum. Liu Peng said, when a patient intubation, patients from the sputum covered the moment of Anesthesiology, Doctor Zhang of JINGWAH goggles, while Zhang Jinghua was without thinking took off the goggles, continue to operate. In that case, "maybe tomorrow, he will fall, or even die".

At that time, living in the intensive care unit of a university student in Beijing komago consecutive days of high fever, dying. Little sun seldom talks, as long as he is awake, he is reading. Liu Peng really love this child, one day when the rounds rush over the book from his hand, who knows the sun actually said: "uncle, you let me see, maybe I can not look at a few days. "

Wearing a monkey suit "Liu Peng pulled komago hand to enlighten him and encourage him. Because wearing 3 layers of masks, only after shouting and gesticulating.

Liu Peng said the staff into the SARS ward, they have to wear 18 piece outfit, at least half an hour. The medical staff are afraid to drink a slobber, even wearing diapers at work, a lot of people infected with the disease of the urinary system. Protective gloves and wearing 3 layers, for a long time, hands are swollen.

Beijing Xiao Tang Shan Hospital was the country's largest SARS designated hospitals, a total of 680 patients admitted to the capital from dozens of hospitals. From the country's 1200 medical personnel stationed in Xiaotangshan in the 3 batch, the southern hospital infection doctor Guo Yabing is one of the. "To tell you the truth, when the heart is also very disturbed. At that time was transferred to Xiaotangshan, I feel almost on the battlefield. What I admire most is the young girl who has just graduated from Cory. It's not easy to get off the command. "

Although before the SARS ward has been working for more than a month, but came to Beijing, Guo Yabing still felt the same tension. "Arrived in Xiaotangshan, the first thing is to go to the warehouse cargo. The hospital was built not closed, and masks, protective clothing, all kinds of everything, all rely on medical personnel to carry their own back ward. "Guo Yabing said, patients who received the night, flashing blue lights like a long queue to enter the Xiaotangshan ambulance. All patients were continuously from the car into the ward, the scene of her unforgettable.

Review of the SARS disaster, 10 years ago, Liu Peng said, "SARS hurriedly come, and hurried away. Medical staff in which to pay, may have been forgotten. "

Peking University People's Hospital emergency department Heroes

Peking University People's Hospital emergency department has always been in the forefront of the fight against SARS epidemic. At that time in the emergency surgery of the 24 year old nurse Wang Fang can avoid the direct contact with the SARS, you can see the emergency "patio" to have a fever patient infusion increased day by day, she will help treat the nurse, with transfusion, blood, oxygen, almost never Tingxian. "There were 10 people in our group, and 4 of them fell ill. Hospital emergency department a total of 76 medical personnel, 23 people eventually fell ill. "

Wang Fangran on SARS, the course of development is very fast. She had a high fever, temperature at 40 degrees Celsius, chest X-ray showed that, in addition to her double lung apex not infected, the rest have all been SARS virus attack. On the eighth day, her condition gradually increased, breathing difficulties, can only rely on breathing machine assisted breathing. Wang Fang said, the courtyard decided to give her a ventilator, emergency department head nurse Xu Guoying said to her: "give me a night, I'll teach you to cooperate with the respirator. "The nurse told me for 4 hours at my bedside, and she said," I'll call, "she said. When I became a patient, I really feel the patient's helplessness. "

During Wang Fang treatment, a total of 3 hospitals under her critical condition notice. A large number of steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, the side effects of the drug made her vomit. She clearly remembers a doctor said to her: "you can rest assured that you will be in the past. I've never seen such a young man die on SARS. "Later, she couldn't speak to write down 4 words: courage, victory.

Contact with SARS, masks, gloves, goggles, special gowns are necessary protective equipment. But at the time, Peking University People's Hospital emergency department nurse Wu Xi did not these. In the first she and her colleagues have been aware of the danger, to pad a layer of gauze in the mask, lit the hospital issued the same as mosquito disinfection tablets in the room. "Now think about how ridiculous these precautions are. "

At first, Wu Xi walked home every day, but a few days later, the hospital is not allowed to go home.

April 21st, Wu Xi also infected with SARS. Wu Xi didn't know he is a few number of sick, the emergency ward already full, and she was admitted to the pediatric kidney and new patient ward later vacated. "Before the medical staff infection, we give them to buy cards, buy food, but when I'm sick, everyone's mind has completely changed -- is to take care of colleagues, then feel insecure. "

In April 23rd, on the eve of Peking University People's Hospital was isolated, Wu Xi wanted to go to the emergency room. Take a few sets of infusion, but was scared to see the scene: the emergency room was empty, all the windows are open, records were blown all over the floor. Wu Xi said, he finally know what is out of control, feel what is fear. She hurried to take pouch infusion, a two body gown, turn left.

Wu Xi was transferred to Beijing Thoracic Hospital to continue treatment. May 28th is the day Wu Xi was discharged from the hospital, there is a distance away from home, Wu Xi got off, she wanted to walk. Passing the newsstand, Wu Xi saw a newspaper on the eye-catching headline reads "dear Jing Wong, you go". Wu Xi said that he was broke. Just a month's time, actually happened so big events. "I remember the day Jing Wong said to me, 'give me a watch, I'll try it, it's kind of hot.'". I told her, 'don't scare me.'. She really have a fever, is wearing a white gown, was admitted to the isolation ward. "

Wu Xi said, SARS has become a piece of her heart touched by a touch of scars. She from infected day treatment records every time in the notebook, and every time my heart wants to say. After discharge, this book she never opened.

"Although I am still with SARS left me the pain, but when someone asked me if I regret to choose this occupation nurse, I still firmly answered, not only in the future I will not regret it, with more enthusiasm to practice patient service pledge. "

After more than and 40 days of illness, Wang finally came back from the dead line. However, the use of large doses, long course of use of hormones, so that her 7 joints have varying degrees of ischemia and necrosis, the formation of a double lung fibrosis like glass like changes.

In June 2006, when Wang Fanggang was able to stand on her own, she returned to the hospital. Considering her physical condition, hospital leaders arranged for a more relaxed position of clinic service to her, but let Wang Fang has a feeling to not kick on. So, the 3 time she submitted an application, strongly urged to return to their love of emergency care post. Wang Fang's reason is simple: the emergency department to help patients more directly. Wang Fang Ao however, the hospital agreed to her request.

During the rehabilitation period, Wang joined the Communist Party of china. She wrote in the book: application, a disaster has delayed my two years of time, don't let its aftershocks affect my life? No, it's not possible. Because I was young, now is the time for me to return to the motherland, return to society.

2007, Wang Fang was named the capital of the ten angels in white". After the election she said: "although I am still with SARS left me the pain, but when people ask me whether you regret to choose this occupation nurse, I still firmly answered, not only in the future I will not regret it, with more enthusiasm to practice patient service pledge. "

"I don't want to be in the hospital anymore. I don't want to see any more. "This is Wu Xi's only thought when he was cured. However, she had no choice but to accept the reality of sequelae: osteonecrosis of the femoral head 1, area C. Until 2006, Wu Xicai left the Xiaotangshan hospital. "When I got home, I felt like I was totally out of society. "

"Come back to work. "The colleague's words, for Wu Xi, is like the dark light. After returning to the hospital, Wu Xi in the medical department to help busy, did the Secretary of the president, by the end of 2009 to the customer service department. Wu Xi's job is to contact the patient every day, to solve a variety of outpatient disputes. She said to the patient is the most words, I can understand your problem, I can solve the problem will help you solve, it can not help but also hope that you can understand".

Wu Xi recalled that when he first started to work, he simply can not communicate with people, and even before the call to say in advance to write on the paper, pick up the phone read. But now, only when it's cloudy and rainy, and in an interview, she thinks, "Oh, I used to be a SARS patient".

After experiencing the SARS epidemic, more can understand the pain of the patient and not easily

November 2002, when the first SARS patients in Foshan, when the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University, associate professor of infectious diseases in the treatment of patients in the battle of Deng Zide infection. He was infected with what is known as the "King" of Zhou - he infected hundreds of people, most of whom are medical workers.

Weekdays love poems to Deng Zide, leaving many poems in the tortured days. Looking out of the window of the rain pattering, think of the shadow of Deng Zide 'lungs, mobile phone SMS wrote a poem: "to break through the defense and hard Italy is not disabled. A doctor said to not regret, once for the disease is more difficult to know. He also my strong body, again to the people. "

Deng Zide said that before a doctor has not experienced the role of patients, the treatment of patients with professional medical technology and rational analysis, which will inevitably make people feel cold. After experiencing the SARS epidemic, he can experience the pain of the patient and not easily. "Now I can meet with temper, a tolerant attitude, are more likely to be touched by a word of gratitude patient. "

Today, as the national infectious disease emergency management experts Deng Zide, or the Chinese Hospital Association of hospital infection management, deputy director of Specialized Committee, responsible for the work of hospital infection control. In the cause of national attention "Qi two drug armillarisin a fake incident, he was first suspected to be counterfeit and stop using immediately, and immediately telephoned, and take remedial measures, so that no further harm of counterfeit drugs.

"To be a doctor, you should not hesitate to choose to protect the interests of patients. No matter how the public opinion direction changes, how to change the doctor-patient relationship, the doctor's duty to save lives will not change. Deng Zide said.

Anti non character

Zhong Nanshan: academician of Chinese Academy of engineering, director of Guangzhou Institute of respiratory diseases, Guangdong province atypical pneumonia medical rescue expert guidance team leader. He questioned the conclusions of the SARS pathogen chlamydia. Under his initiative, a number of medical institutions in Guangzhou and University of Hong Kong joint research, in April 12, 2003, reached a variant of coronavirus is likely to be the main cause of the atypical pneumonia research results. 4 days later, who officially confirmed this result. According to clinical practice, he summed up the creation of a set of SARS diagnostic criteria, treatment programs and discharge criteria for the fight against SARS in Guangdong province and the country has made outstanding contributions.

Jiang Shuchun: Professor, No.302 Hospital of pla. In March 2003, this has to retire his age, because of the SARS outbreak, and stood out, personally test, by antiviral therapy help many patients.

Deng Lianxian: "since you chose to be a doctor, it means to pay," which is often said by Deng Lianxian. He is the deputy director of the Third Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University. February 1, 2003, due to the rescue of patients infected. In April 21st, 53 year old Deng Lianxian was glorious.

Ye Xin: two Guangdong Province Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital emergency department nurse Shadao branch. In the rescue of patients with SARS unfortunately infected and died in March 24, 2003, 46 year old Wang glorious.

Chen Hongguang: Director of the ICU Guangzhou chest hospital. He personally intubated more than 100 critically ill patients with SARS. In April 16, 2003, Chen Hongguang was diagnosed with atypical pneumonia in May 7th, unfortunately killed, only 39 years old.

Ding Xiulan: Deputy Director of Peking University People's Hospital emergency department, was infected in April 14, 2003, died in the early morning of May 13th. The last day, lying on the bed, she thought is still how to guide the medical staff, care about other patients to comfort, and details of their feelings of illness, illness development record.

Jing Wong: Peking University People's Hospital emergency department nurse. When the hospital first SARS patients, was originally responsible for clinical nursing teaching task of Jing Wong, the initiative to the hospital leadership requirements into the SARS ward. In May 27, 2003, the SARS disease and tenacious resistance after more than and 40 days, the 32 year old Jing Wong never close the eyes.

Liang Shikui: Deputy Director of Shanxi People's Hospital emergency department, the work was unfortunately infected. In April 24, 2003, Liang Shikui was honored at the age of 57.

Li Xiaogong: Beijing Armed Police Corps Hospital two physicians, the work was infected. In April 16, 2003, eventually because of rescue invalid, died at the age of 29.

Zhang Jihui: head nurse of Guangzhou No.1 People's Hospital. In the fight against SARS in the day and night, she wrote a touching "nurse diary", a true record of special battle white warrior Linweibuju, SheShengWangSi, read to copy from rolia.

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