Epilepsy surgery after oral antiepileptic drugs?

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Before the operation, a lot of patients and their families will ask the doctor, after surgery also need to take medicine? Epilepsy surgery i


Before the operation, a lot of patients and their families will ask the doctor, after surgery also need to take medicine? Epilepsy surgery is the removal of a series of epileptic lesions identified by our preoperative examination. Each part of the brain is a function of the doctors want to maximize the complete resection of epileptic foci at the time of resection, but also colleagues as little as possible the removal of non brain lesions, to protect brain function is not affected by the loss, the best thing is often difficult to achieve. Most surgical resection is the imaging problem or structure electrophysiological monitoring problem, is also a problem of abnormal brain development may be around the image, but also have no serious effect of abnormalities. The same time neromonitoring roommate limitations, such as the patient monitoring for a week, attack 5 times, are the same structure together, if time allows us to monitor the first half of the year, 100 episodes may be found to have problems, not just this one structure, so the current check means there are still many limitations, surgical resection should be said that most of the patients were the main part of resection of lesions, lesions around the long-term effects of the lesions, has the potential to become epileptic foci often cannot be removed completely. Anti epileptic drugs in patients with oral needs a period of time after the operation, how long does it take orally, the International League against epilepsy suggests general epilepsy surgery after oral administration of antiepileptic drugs for two years, during which the patients may be advised to regularly referral to the hospital, according to patients with clinical seizures, Cheng Shi frequency EEG, brain function assessment of the situation to decide when to by drugs, when. Have a small number of patients without clinical deterioration of drugs, some patients to review at home said the withdrawal has been more than half a year, the situation is no attack, no aura, as if this is completely normal EEG we do not recommend medication. Doctors do not advocate for patients and their families to change the treatment plan, so there is a great risk, it is recommended to follow the doctor's plan to have the opportunity to stop the drug.



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