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1 insomnia is not terrible, is a common condition.Sleep is one of the basic physiological needs, life 1/3 of the time is spent in sleep, in


1 insomnia is not terrible, is a common condition.

Sleep is one of the basic physiological needs, life 1/3 of the time is spent in sleep, in recent years, with the accelerating pace of social life and the increasing pressure, the incidence of sleep disorders rate increasing year by year. In 2007, the National Sleep Foundation survey found that about 65% of people have varying degrees of sleep problems. In 2002, the National Institute of mental health in the world, 23 countries and regions conducted a large-scale international sleep epidemiological survey, the results show that the general population in China, 45.4% of people with insomnia. Look at these statistics, we know that there are so many people suffer from insomnia, if have treatment, hospital is not fit, that is just a lot of people insomnia without obstruction, insomnia is not a serious illness, 1 day or less have nothing to sleep a few hours, only when the insomnia caused more serious. Physical or mental illness need treatment.

2 treatment of insomnia first adjust mentality, get rid of the worry and fear of insomnia

The clinical manifestations of insomnia is difficult to fall asleep for the most, followed by shallow sleep and wake up early, some of the performance of the lack of sleep sensation, usually coexist. Have more and more fear of insomnia and insomnia caused by excessive worry about the consequences of insomnia, which often fall into a vicious spiral, jiuzhibuyu. Go to bed when the tension, anxiety, or depression is more obvious; the day feel tired mentally and physically exhausted. Patients often pay too much attention to sleep, often trying to take sedatives to cope with their sleep and tension, the dose is more and more big, more and more kinds of medicine, the curative effect is getting worse, more and more low confidence, also worried about the drug dependence and side effects, and further increase the weight of anxiety. Therefore, we first eliminate in the treatment of insomnia and anxiety and fear, understanding sleep is a natural physiological process, less sleep a few hours of sleep does not matter, this function is not lost, only temporarily when you no longer sleep disorder, and anxiety when naturally sleep.

3 treatment of insomnia goal can not be too high, the treatment allows fluctuations

What is the ultimate standard for treating insomnia? Not too high. The occasional insomnia is allowed, on the proposed "insomnia sleep disorder at least 3 times a week and maintain more than 1 months; the allowed shallow sleep, sometimes we don't sleep, what all know, this is a kind of shallow sleep good, when can't sleep, try to lie on the bed, don't get up repeatedly; often the treatment process is very bad, because too much sleep disturbances.

4 Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia has advantages

Chinese medicine treatment of insomnia, syndrome or excess and, by the traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture reinforcing virtual reality, through regulating the balance of yin and Yang, the body's internal environment, eliminate anxiety and improve sleep. Generally non-toxic side effects, no dependence, is a cure for this method, but it takes some time to take effect, need to adhere to.



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