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Menstrual EpilepsyCatamenial epilepsy refers to the menstruation 4 days before and 6 days after appearing in the seizure frequency of at lea


Menstrual Epilepsy

Catamenial epilepsy refers to the menstruation 4 days before and 6 days after appearing in the seizure frequency of at least 75% of the increase in women with epilepsy. The rise in the frequency of epileptic seizures during the menstrual period was first described by Gowers in 1885, and the periodic change in seizure frequency was found in ancient times and attributed to the moon.

The aggravation of menstrual epilepsy may be related to the change of sex hormone concentration. Estrogen has the effect of epilepsy, which can reduce the threshold value of epilepsy in hippocampus and amygdala.

In the past, the application of hormone therapy or ovariectomy in Treating Menstrual Epilepsy, but the effect is not satisfactory. Some patients were treated with diuretics, clonazepam and aspirin in the menstrual period. The most widely used method is to increase the dose of antiepileptic drugs in the menstrual period.

Two, fertility and epilepsy

Epilepsy is not pregnancy contraindication, about 90% of women with epilepsy can have a normal pregnancy, so before pregnancy to the hospital for regular preconception counseling is very important. To the hospital, EEG or video EEG detection, to further determine whether suffering from epilepsy? Do you need to take anti epileptic drugs? What is the minimum dose of medication to control seizures? If the seizure has been well controlled, it is recommended that antiepileptic drugs be gradually reduced until 6 months after the termination of pregnancy. If you can't get rid of anti epileptic drugs, you must choose the least effective dose to control epilepsy.

We do not recommend using valproate, because it has high teratogenic rate, can cause fetal malformations (such as anencephaly, spina bifida). If there is a congenital neural tube malformation family history, not recommended for C Masi Bing or valproate. Prohibit the use of multiple antiepileptic drugs.

If found to be pregnant, do not recommend the use of other anti epileptic drugs, because when the discovery of fetal organ development is the most sensitive period has passed. In addition, the application of anti epileptic drugs will increase the harm to the fetus.

Folic acid supplementation before pregnancy and during pregnancy, especially for women who have liver induced enzymes.



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