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OneThe killer is not very familiar.Diseases such as killers.In the world, the top three of the top killers are cerebrovascular disease, hear



The killer is not very familiar.

Diseases such as killers.

In the world, the top three of the top killers are cerebrovascular disease, heart disease and cancer. Among them, heart disease and malignant tumors, we generally pay attention to recognition is relatively high, however, the cerebrovascular disease, we know very little, the consequences of its malignant consequences are not generally correct knowledge. However, the reality is that in our country, cerebrovascular disease in the cause of death in the population has been in the first place.

Classification of cerebrovascular disease, there is a large class called "stroke" (died, Cu, four), people familiar with the relative is called a stroke".

Stroke is the first major disease of Neurology, there are "four high" characteristics: high incidence of patients, high mortality, high disability rate, high recurrence rate.

How high are these four? Using the group data model.


There are 1 people in each of the 6 who will suffer a stroke;

Every 2 seconds, there are 1 strokes;

Every 6 seconds, about 1 people die from a stroke;

Every 6 seconds, there are about 1 people with a disability.

In our country:

Each year a new stroke is about 2 million;

About 1 million 500 thousand people die each year from strokes;

Of the surviving patients, about 70%-80% of patients are unable to live independently because of disability.


Stroke, including cerebral infarction and cerebral hemorrhage". Also called cerebral ischemic stroke, stroke accounted for 60%-80%.

Cerebral infarction, is due to cerebral blood circulation disorders, ischemia, hypoxia, brain tissue caused by ischemic necrosis. It is this brain tissue necrosis, resulting in light is disabled, the result is fatal.

However, cerebral infarction, is treatable. Time is the key.

At the onset of cerebral infarction, within 4.5 hours, if the conditions, can use recanalization therapy (including intravenous thrombolysis, artery thrombectomy) dissolved blockage in a clot in a blood vessel, open blood vessels, will significantly reduce the morbidity and mortality of stroke patients.

Here's a big premise: within 4.5 hours of onset. If you miss this window, you will lose the chance of intravenous thrombolysis. In short, the earlier the treatment of cerebral infarction, the more treatment options, the more patients have a chance to get a good prognosis.

Therefore, time is the brain.

However, the current situation is that many patients are due to prehospital delays, missed the best treatment time. The main reason for the delay is: can not quickly identify strokes. Therefore, for people who do not study medicine, how to quickly identify strokes, is the most important issue.


Doctors in the United States have long been aware of this problem, and in 2007 they created "FAST", which means "fast" English words to represent the common symptoms of stroke and to emphasize the immediate emergency call.

Face: face, facial paralysis, angular distortion;

Arm: arm, limb weakness;

Speech: language, speech is not clear;

Time: time, quickly call the emergency call.

However, because it is English, is not suitable for the use of the majority of people in china. In view of this, Fudan University, Minhang Hospital Professor Zhao Jing and professor of University of Pennsylvania,, proposed a stroke 1-2-0".

Remember the 3 number: 1-2-0.

1 look at the 1 faces

Asymmetry of the face

2 check the 2 arms

Parallel lift

0 "to" listen to the language

Speech is not clear, difficult to express

One hundred and twenty

Any of these symptoms occur suddenly, immediately dial 120

This method, only a simple number, so that the elderly, the education level of the people can easily remember, more suitable for our people to use.


Stroke, China's number one killer of health.

Time is brain.

Remember "stroke 120", quickly identify strokes, seek medical attention immediately.

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