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After several months of preparation, the host and the Armed Police General Hospital Chinese DXY "neurology time" the first phase on August 1


After several months of preparation, the host and the Armed Police General Hospital Chinese DXY "neurology time" the first phase on August 18, 2012 held in China armed police general hospital.

This is online come from one of our offline attempt, before the DXY has successfully held dozens of national SCI the tour, but the academic conference is the first attempt. And the Lilac Garden founded in mind, "neurology time" to create a new academic communication and communication platform. From the content to the form to do a lot of innovation: all subject to close to the clinical; speakers must have original understanding and elaboration of the theme of the seminar, rather than "stuff"; increase the interaction time a large number of audience can talk of "torture"; the scene before and after the publicity and make full use of the Internet and other new media platform; support Beijing area outside the neurologist to Beijing to participate in activities...... "The first time of Neurology" to invite famous experts in domestic field of neurology as digital speakers. Beijing 301 Hospital professor Yu Shengyuan brought the headache of China's current theme, sharing a lot of China's original headache research data and the status quo. Union Hospital Professor Gao told the story of Chinese cerebrovascular disease classification (CISS) birth story, persistent and wise, focused and elegant, alpine Professor 20 years of academic pursuit of the road is also deeply infected with the audience on the scene. Xiehe Hospital Professor Xu Yuhai in 2012 will close to the field of neurology clinical important literature one up, presented in "news network" approach: Thrombolysis time window of the dispute, Parkinson MRI assisted diagnosis and treatment of cerebellar ataxia drug, CLIPPERS "pepper" MRI...... A lot of reading, accumulation of knowledge sharing, the'Take Home Message'brilliantly summarized, is tantamount to a feast. The central core disease as a case, the Armed Police General Hospital Professor Wu Shiwen gene, pathology and clinical disease series, put forward through the clinical presentation, understanding the inevitable link between the disease: mechanism, clinical symptoms and pathological appearance, this kind of thinking can not only make the clinical doctors better understand the disease, but also presents a new medicine hypothesis and research. The end of the meeting is to discuss two very good cases were provided by 301 Hospital professor Tian Chenglin's "primary angiitis of the central nervous system" and "small malignant B lymphoma, Paraproteinemias, chronic axonal neuropathy, two cases are two weeks ahead of schedule published in neurology and DXY forum. A lot of discussion on the internet. The audience of the scene to re sort the case, and to explain the diagnosis of diseases and ideas. Two cases were discussed by Professor Zhao Zhongbo of Huashan hospital. Professor Zhao Zhongbo during the discussion repeatedly from the clinical information collection strength (diagnosis) to clinical judgment (broken) way of thinking, learn how to diagnose, always better than the "right" is more important. At the same time together to thank 150 neurologist participants, your participation, presentations and discussions to add. Neurology time held once every quarter, hope to get the support of all. We will support each other a few Beijing neurologist to Beijing participants, please pay attention to the announcements of Neurology channel. This article source:

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