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A mention of encephalopathy, first of all, people will think of cerebrovascular disease, in fact, refers to the disease is a neurological di


A mention of encephalopathy, first of all, people will think of cerebrovascular disease, in fact, refers to the disease is a neurological disease, a wide range of. The brain is the body's "headquarters", can cause encephalopathy any part of human movement, feeling, emotion, reproduction, spirit, intelligence and other systemic disease, systemic disease development to a certain extent can cause encephalopathy. Here are some common knowledge about encephalopathy:

A cerebrovascular disease: cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, cerebral vascular malformation, mainly: numbness, hemiplegia, aphasia hemianopsia.

Two extrapyramidal diseases such as parkinsonism, chorea, ADHD, hepatolenticular degeneration, tremor, rigidity, slow performance and dance.

Three the limbic system disease: such as epilepsy, seizures, Baidian memory and consciousness disorder.

Around four neuropathy: motor neuron disease, facial paralysis, neurogenic bladder, polyneuritis, multiple nerve root inflammation, myasthenia gravis disease. Main performance: muscle weakness, numbness, muscle atrophy, enuresis, anuria etc..

Five: neural mental illness such as depression, mania, insomnia, headache etc..

Six central nervous system infectious diseases: such as sporadic encephalitis, cryptococcal meningitis, cerebral cysticercosis, cerebral toxoplasmosis, cerebral tuberculosis, brain abscess, fever, headache, dizziness and other common features.

Seven central endocrine disease: such as pituitary disease, pituitary hyperplasia and pituitary apoplexy, empty sella amine, mainly amenorrhea, limb thick, rough skin, headaches and insomnia.

Eight intracranial tumors: brain glioma, meningioma, meningeal cancer, brain metastases, the performance of headache, progressive exacerbation with focal symptoms.

Nine genetic disorders of the central nervous system, such as mitochondrial myopathy, clear diaphragmatic cyst, congenital hydrocephalus, manifested as mental retardation, weakness, headache, dysplasia.

The body disease: encephalopathy caused by carbon monoxide poisoning, hypoglycemia encephalopathy, pulmonary encephalopathy, hepatic encephalopathy, coma patients should be excluded from this kind of disease.

Eleven tumor induced encephalopathy: Although there is no metastasis in the brain, but can cause demyelination of white matter lesions, paralysis or numbness of the activity of mental disorders.

Twelve inside and outside the skull lesions: such as cervical atlantoaxial lesions, cervical spondylosis, tonsillar hernia, sinusitis, vestibular mastoid lesions, manifested as headache, insomnia, dizziness, blurred vision.

Thirteen spinal cord lesions: such as myelitis, syringomyelia, subacute combined degeneration, manifested as paralysis, numbness, neurogenic bladder urinary incontinence.

Brain disease be the most changeful, it is often regarded as "strange disease" and "God" disease, is clinically experienced only by Difficult miscellaneous diseases, experts carefully check to find out the encephalopathy, etiology, symptomatic treatment. Traditional Chinese medicine combined with western medicine has unique advantages in the treatment of these diseases.

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