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Kidney specialistThe Affiliated Hospital of Henan traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of Henan province is three level of first-class hos


Kidney specialist

The Affiliated Hospital of Henan traditional Chinese Medicine Institute of Henan province is three level of first-class hospital. There are 11 clinical departments in the hospital. Department of nephropathy is mainly responsible for kidney disease, hypertension, diabetes and other medical diseases, diagnosis and treatment, scientific research and prevention of specialized departments, is a national clinical research base.

Department of nephropathy has 60 hospital beds, with blood purification center, colon dialysis room, skin dialysis room, therapeutic room, such as traditional Chinese medicine. The Department has undertaken the national and provincial level, a number of research projects, and won many awards, and developed the Shenshuai Capsule of Shenshuai Ning enema, kidney qi blood prescription, reed capsule, wet diuresis, nourishing yin and tonifying the kidney and tonifying kidney prescription, prescription, Qianliexiao oral liquid and other preparations.

From the inception of the Department of nephropathy has a history of nearly 20 years, the Department after several generations of expert professor to create a unique method for the treatment of kidney disease and preparation combined with many traditional Chinese and Western medicine, especially for hypertensive renal damage, renal hypertension, diabetic nephropathy, acute and chronic renal failure, nephrotic syndrome, acute chronic glomerulonephritis, gouty nephropathy, IgA nephropathy, lupus nephritis, kidney stones, urinary tract infection, prostatitis and prostate hyperplasia, has unique curative effect.

Department of nephropathy, carry out detoxification therapy, Wulian moxibustion therapy, acupoint application therapy, TDP particles through light therapy, auricular point sticking therapy, acupuncture and other special treatment project.

Department technical force

The Department has a total of 24 medical staff. The Department has a famous expert, chief physician 2, deputy chief physician of the 3, attending physician, including the doctor, Dr. 1, master of the 4 people in the 2.

Specialty of nephropathy

1, for chronic renal failure in early stage, the five detoxification therapy process of CRF, delaying the occurrence of uremia.

The side effects of the 2, we use the method of nourishing yin and tonifying kidney to resist hormone, improve the clinical efficacy in nephrotic syndrome, such as urinary protein control rebound very fruitful.

3, diabetic nephropathy, refractory nephrotic syndrome, there will be more prone to edema, accompanied by hypoproteinemia, and gradually develop at least urine or urine. Most of the clinical of Human Albumin, in order to improve the plasma colloid osmotic pressure and a diuretic to eliminate edema, but albumin infusion, increased glomerular hyperfiltration, a diuretic may lead to electrolyte disorder, deafness and drug resistance. I made five Pilly Kurt water capsule can increase renal blood flow, reduce urinary protein leakage, so as to achieve satisfactory curative effect.

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