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In winter, the weather turns cold, therefore, people used to eat hot food to keep warm, this is the best choice to eat Hot pot. In fact, eat


In winter, the weather turns cold, therefore, people used to eat hot food to keep warm, this is the best choice to eat Hot pot. In fact, eating hot pot is the key to eat and how to eat the best, this is an important topic related to human health and happiness. The answer should vary from person to person, but there are some common elements should be grasped: it is necessary to eat greasy, spicy food, eat more fresh vegetables. So, what are the benefits of eating hot pot?

1 eat less loss of nutrients Hot pot, pot food nutrients can be almost completely eaten.

2 condiments can be controlled.

3 can always maintain the food temperature.

4 fresh food and health conditions can be seen, eat at ease.

What is the correct way to eat hot pot?

1 a few times a week to eat hot pot right? One or two weeks to eat once, can eat more easily get angry, but also pay attention to eat green vegetables. Hot pot material such as fish and shrimp dumplings, all kinds of balls, contain a lot of fat, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia patients should pay attention to; Hot pot soup contains a lot of Princeton, gout patients do not drink; Hot pot soup sodium ion and potassium ion also have high blood pressure, kidney disease, people should be careful.

Don't eat too long time 2 people, eating is a few hours, or even all through the night. This will make the gastric juice, bile, pancreatic juice and other digestive fluid kept secretion, not the normal resting gland, leading to gastrointestinal disorders and the occurrence of abdominal pain, diarrhea, severe chronic gastroenteritis, pancreatitis etc..

3 don't eat too hot food easy to burn too hot oral and esophageal mucosa, in case of alcohol or not clean food are more likely to cause disease. To eat hot pot, the food should be cooked first pinch a little cold to eat. If accompanied by a new cold milk can prevent scald.

4 to master the heat to eat Hot pot, if the food in the Hot pot boil for a long time will lose flavor, destruction of nutrients; if the cooking time is not enough, but also easily lead to gastrointestinal diseases.

5 do not be too spicy, too hemp too spicy, too hemp food, not only will stimulate the oral cavity, esophagus and gastrointestinal mucosa and make it congestion and edema, but also easy to induce some of the more serious diseases. Any stomatitis, chronic pharyngitis, ulcer disease, chronic pancreatitis, cholecystitis disease recurrence and upper abdominal surgery who did not eat Hot pot.

How to eat food with hot pot

More than 1 vegetables: Hot pot meat, fish and seasonings have a large number of animal offal and other foods, especially lamb of warm, eat more easy to get angry. Chinese pay attention to "hot cold" dietotherapy method, therefore, the best collocation of mutton slices cooked in hot pot vegetables cool and gamping. Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins and chlorophyll, the more cold, not only can eliminate greasy, vitamin supplement in autumn and winter, and cool, detoxification, the role of a goal, but in the long cooking vegetables do not have fire action.

Cool vegetables are generally white gourd, gourd, rape, spinach, cabbage, mushroom, mushroom, lotus root, water bamboo, bamboo shoots, cabbage and sweet potatoes, potatoes, etc.; letinous edodes is gamping vegetables.

Stems and leaves of vegetables such as cabbage, rape, spinach, containing vitamin C and carotene rich, the best rinse time short, otherwise it will destroy the nutrients of the. Spinach contains oxalic acid, calcium, will hinder the absorption of iron in food, it is best not to long time and other food to rinse, slightly boiled on it. Radish, carrots, taro, potatoes and other root vegetables, because it contains rich crude fiber, less loss of nutrients, rinse time can be longer.

2 put some tofu: tofu is a kind of bean products containing gypsum, put tofu in Hot pot, intake can not only add a variety of trace elements, but also can play the role of gypsum Qingre Xiehuo, Chufan, thirst quencher role.

3: add some lotus lotus is not only rich in nutrients, but also human Tiaobu medicine. In this Hot pot add lotus, with meat and vegetables contribute to balanced nutrition, good health, adding the lotus is best not to abandon the lotus heart pumping, because the lotus heart has Qingxin Xiehuo effect.

4 put some ginger: ginger seasoning, can not be peeled cold, put Hot pot in ginger, ginger Pyysing due to cool, there are scattered fire among thermal effect.

5: eat drink a cup of tea Hot pot after drinking cup of tea can not only greasy Qingkou, and there is a clear fire, but the food eaten in the Hot pot, should not drink tea immediately, to prevent the combination of tannic acid and protein in tea, affect the absorption of nutrients and constipation.

6 eat some fruit: generally eat hot pot after thirty or forty minutes to eat some fruit. Fruit cool, there is a good role in the elimination of fire, as long as the meal to eat one or two fruits can prevent lit.

7: the best drink before eating drink half a cup of fresh fruit juice, then eat vegetables and meat. In this way, we can make rational use of food nutrition, reduce gastrointestinal burden, achieve the purpose of healthy eating. The following are the drinks can choose to eat Hot pot when carbonated beverages in addition to sugar, with very few other nutrients, but the carbon dioxide can promote the body heat discharge, have cool and refreshing feeling, add water effect is better; juice beverage containing rich organic acids, can stimulate gastrointestinal secretion, digestion also, the upper small intestine is acidic, helps the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, but the weight control and the elderly, high blood sugar and those who pay attention to the use of low sugar drinks; vegetable juice, dairy and vegetable protein beverage, such as yogurt, almond, Coconut Juice, suitable for chronic diseases and the elderly Hot pot eat regular drink wine or Wine, can play the role of sterilization, to the smell of mutton.

Eat the Hot pot also some disadvantages, note: Beijing Municipal Food Safety Office issued a consumer warning, eat Hot pot should pay attention to two points, ShabuShabu used meat as thin as possible, color white blinds, don't eat yellow. In addition, eat hot pot must go to normal, good sanitation conditions of hot pot business unit consumption, in order to ensure the safety of edible.

Eat hot pot easy to eat what disease?

1: the meat is susceptible to parasitic disease and bacterial infection. When boiled meat is a Hot pot, an indispensable raw material. No matter the beef or mutton, boiled meat meat should be more fresh and better. Choose fresh meat, try to cut thin, because if the meat is thick, not easy to kill the parasite eggs Shabu, makes hidden in the food of the bacteria, parasite eggs swallowed with the food resulting in gastrointestinal diseases. Generally speaking, collop in boiling hot pot 1 minutes, meat color changed from red to bright red gray, can eat.

2 water products: easy to cause ulcers and cancer. According to the relevant departments in the inspection found that some restaurants in the blinds, yellow, etc. Hot pot boiled material soaked bamboo slices look very white, because the state banned the use of industrial alkali, hydrogen peroxide, Faure Marin and other toxic substances into foam. Food experts pointed out that hydrogen peroxide can corrode the gastrointestinal tract, causing ulcers; and Faure Marin may cause cancer. Therefore, attention must be paid to the quality of Hot pot Shabu Shabu material discrimination. White blinds, don't eat yellow.

3 "Hot pot disease": "rinse" gout. Nutrition experts say many diners love delicious seafood, animal offal, mushrooms and other edible food in the Hot pot, but in fact to the animal offal, seafood, shellfish, shrimp, mushrooms and other raw materials for Hot pot in contain a large number of organic compounds, the purine can cause gout. When a large number of eating offal, Hot pot eat high purine content of animal bone marrow, beef and mutton, seafood, shrimp and crab, easily lead to gout. Some people mistakenly believe that only the soup do not eat meat on the right, in fact, purine substances contained in the broth to 30 times higher than that of normal diet, easy to cause in vivo purine metabolites of elevated serum uric acid, alcohol and easy to make in vivo accumulation of lactic acid, uric acid excretion inhibition, which is the main reason for the people to drink before sitting Hot pot suffering from gout.

Attachment: purine content of various foods

The high purine content of food 1 beans, soybean germination. 2 chicken liver, chicken, duck, pig liver, pig intestine, bovine liver etc.. 3 white Pomfret, silver carp, hairtail, mullet, shark, eel, sardines etc.. 4 fish, shrimp, oysters, clams, clams, scallops, etc.. 5 flat dried fish, dried fish. 6 bean sprouts, bean sprouts. 7 laver, letinous edodes. 8, thick gravy (juice), chicken broth. 9 yeast powder.

The purine foods low in 1 kinds of milk and milk products. 2 kinds of eggs. 3 pig. 4 sea cucumber, jellyfish. 5 rice, wheat, Rice noodles, Green bean noodle, noodles, pasta, cereal etc.. 6 corn, potato, sweet potato, taro, etc.. 7 vegetable oil and animal oil. Said that these people are afraid to eat hot pot, in fact, as long as the right way to eat can still eat a healthy and warm and can not eat disease.

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