Fifty-eighth stresses the cold syndrome of Shao Yin (2)

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The classmates, our last lesson focuses on the cold syndrome less Yin Yang deficiency and Yin Syndrome, excessive Yin rejecting Yang syndrom


The classmates, our last lesson focuses on the cold syndrome less Yin Yang deficiency and Yin Syndrome, excessive Yin rejecting Yang syndrome. Now we see the Yin Sheng Dai Yang, this is the handout 314 and 315, 314 said, "Shao yin disease, diarrhea, white soup master", 315 said "Shaoyin disease, diarrhea, micro veins, and white soup". If you look at the original description of the clinical symptoms, it is difficult for us to judge whether it is a Yin Sheng Dai Yang, at best, we regard it as less Yin Yang deficiency and Yin Syndrome, with the next toshikiyo Valley, and micro vein, but with the Zhongjing white soup, we study in this time two, we will take a test with a prescription and method by TCM, to find the pathogenesis of it is.

The drug composition is white soup to onion based medicine, four onion stems, ginger one or two, one of aconite. Zhang Zhongjing scallions, under what circumstances? We said last time, when the person is pale red ", Zhongjing mentioned" pale red plus nine onion stems in Tongmai Sini Decoction and four, suggesting that Zhongjing onion is the main treatment of yin and Yang Syndrome of wear. Since white soup this prescription is to you in the first place, then we know that the white soup should be the treatment of Yin Yang dai. Therefore, the 314 and the 315, the main card in addition to the benefits and the pulse of the micro, but also should have a red complexion. Light blue with Yang role in Yin Sheng Dai Yang, it mainly in ginger, aconite, cold, warm yang based on Yin Yang broken back, it has the effect on traffic, so to treat Yin Dai yang.

Now 315 of the second half, after a white soup, appeared to benefit more than ever.

Inverse veinless, retching, vexation, white and pig bile decoction, taking decoction, pulse bursts out of death, continued micro

Student born". Yin Sheng wear Yang card, with white soup, is the rule of law, with the right side. If there is a

Do not take the medicine after the patient, the symptom is aggravating instead, by the advantage of the original inferior appeared not only, by original

The micro pulse, the reverse flow with no pulse, which is seriously ill drug light, provoke the evil forces, the

The irritability phenomenon we mentioned earlier that is, doctors later said "repelence" phenomenon.

A hot card, you use cold medicine, the body will not accept it, a card with a large

Hot, the body will not accept, this is repelence. Usually, in order to prevent

Refuse to do? Hot cool clothes, cold hot medicine service. This is one of the ways to prevent rejection

You can also add anti drug. Here "to benefit more than, reverse flow with no pulse", is the struggle between good and evil, for evil

A performance advantage, this "retch, trouble", is a feature of anti evil trends. Appeared


Fifty-eighth stresses the cold syndrome of Shao Yin (2)

"Repelence" phenomenon, here, on this piece of white soup entering, with pig bile and urine, the

White pig bile soup.

We open the notes on page 168, see the white pass with pig bile Decoction: four onion stem, stem

Ginger one or two, aconite (a, peeled, broken eight) this is the white soup, five human urine, this

In the urine, doctors later used by the boy eat milk milk, urine, it is called the child.

Will have what effect? Here, human urine is salty cold, pig bile is bitter cold, in the heat

In addition, plus two partial cold medicine, this is to play an anti adjuvant effect. Lead Yang into Yin

Its nature and governance". It is a syndrome of Yin cold, you use a large medicine to treat, the Yin

Cold evil it does not accept this medicine, and medicine, and so have righteousness, makes the exacerbation of symptoms,

Now you are in the hot, add two cold medicine, it is difficult to identify the cold evil,

It said, oh, the original and my nature is the same, did not expect to use two cold medicine, these

After the hot to cold front, cold evil look, oh! Fooled, I thought

My friends, it is on the contrary I brought in and the role of the drug, which is called "cited Yang

Drugs entering yin". In fact, it's a spy war, or makeup. Lead Yang into Yin

Its nature and governance". This is a function of human urine and pig bile.

The second role, human urine and pig bile are flesh and blood of the product, this syndrome is beneficial to this

A degree of decline of kidney yang, Yin Yin also really Haoshang, dehydration, electrolyte disorder symptoms, inevitable

There is no method of infusion, there is no way to correct electrolyte disorder, so give

He drank some urine and drank some pig bile. So, our teacher Liu Duzhou said a word, human urine is

Natural saline. The first time I heard him say, then laugh out loud, I can

Live, when the teacher did not dare to laugh, this sentence, I would like to laugh, laugh for three days. But I

Today, oh, the teacher said no wrong ah, I think that time is urinary metabolites,

The US and infusion of saline, related to more than one hundred and eight thousand ah, now think, can not

Well, the Han Dynasty at that time, there is no saline to infusion, rehydration drink urine is also good ah. stay

Remote rural areas, maternal blood loss, how to treat? No blood transfusion, no equipment infusion. partial

The midwife secluded countryside, let the neighbors around, they went to the little boy's urine, to

For pregnant women with two bowls, hemorrhagic shock, supplement blood capacity and have an immediate effect. too

Some people go to the forest to hunt, at that time, many animal not being protected. Hit the bear,

He wanted to play a shot missed, the bear got angry, ran on your chest shot

Well, my son, smash, hemorrhagic shock, the bear ran. Well, I knocked him down


Hao Wanshan treatise on Febrile Diseases

Go, this is not necessarily the bear and kill you. How can that fellow save him, from the hill

There is so far, quickly spread a bubble of urine to his irrigation. Activating blood circulation, removing blood stasis, relieving pain, anti shock, some

The old farmer, the old hunter, to me said that. On the herbs in the mountains, I do not love the.

With the faeces on the big cliff, with a happy harvest it, and accidentally "Marina

When the fall, bleeding, hemorrhagic shock, how to treat the companion? Give him a pee

A large pot of urine, refreshed, catch the express to the mountain rescue. So the emergency urine.

Today, we talk about these things, as if it is a joke, the use of metabolic products to go

But in the past will heal, quite a lot, also called the Dragon wine, nice name. Pig bile,

The product of flesh and blood, the bile in the gall bladder of a pig, which is rich in electrolytes, corrects the inferior,

The imbalance of water and electricity should be objective and effective. Therefore, we say that these two drugs, with the feeling that there is

Love, in fact until the Yin and Yang in Yin fluid increasing, the role of. I don't have this thing

It is said that in fact, 50 years ago, Shanghai has to eat together the puffer fish poisoning incident, the patient.

It involves dozens of puffer fish poisoning mortality rate is very high, then the organization of the Shanghai

The city's hospitals for rescue, but also invited the Chinese medicine consultation. The first school of Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Long Cheng door snow attend treatment. There are a few patients, is really Yang decline, then he used Tongmai

Four inverse soup, add urine, and pig bile. Shanghai such a big city, pharmacies can not prepare a pig

Bile, so the hospital let the family to find. Some families find fresh pig bile, some home

Genus not found. Later, these patients died a batch, live a batch, in case summary

Found that the difference between the dead and alive, the only difference in medication, is the use of pig bile

Live, not all dead with pig bile. So from this group of cases, I listen to our old Liu

Teacher speak. I would like to check the report, did not check, if this is true, if the pig

Bile is an important remedy for this critically ill patient, in addition to the above two reasons

Outside, a corrigent, leading into a Yin Yang, yin and Yang is to increase, nourishing yin fluid. Besides us

Beyond the two functions of the above explanation, it may be possible to rescue critically ill patients

Unknown mechanism, so we do not look down upon it, this is the white pig bile soup. It has broken

Yin back to Yang, traffic up and down, the role of salty and bitter.

After eating white pig bile soup, what will be the reaction? Let's look at 315 more

"Take the soup, the pulse out of the death of the person, who continued to micro". After taking the decoction to observe his pulse, such as

It was not a good thing to find that his pulse had jumped two times

"Li Zhi, pulse not"? "Reverse flow veinless"? After eating white and pig bile soup, pulse


Fifty-eighth stresses the cold syndrome of Shao Yin (2)

Suddenly, you must not be happy. This is often the remnants of the human body, the light energy law.

Return to the phenomenon, so "out of the dead," which is bound to die. "Micro continued to live", slowly

The pulse came out, this is the true Yang recovery performance, that his life can be saved. I live

When we were in the hospital, there was an old lady in our ward

Septic shock, while we used antibiotics, while using drugs raise blood pressure medicine, also used

The traditional Chinese medicine Shenfu Decoction, ginseng prescription four inverse soup, or with Shenfu injection to vein

The blood pressure drops, is not back, has been in a vein is touched by the end of four, cold, ending

Blue, a diffuse intravascular coagulation of the performance. Friday morning the hospital rounds, I

The director of the big, old director Liao teacher, took us several young doctors to find this time, I

Director Liao, said: "I have read a report for shock resistant, available Neiguan square

Method is conducive to high blood pressure". Director Liao said, come, you get a needle to prick the Neiguan, the

While a young doctor to tie the Neiguan, two of us at the same time put the needle on, with no

I can touch the pulse minutes, then I said, director Liao, fast touch, a pulse, a director liao,

Touch two, take my arm to carry, I say this to do ah, director Liao never carry arms

When I looked at him, he looked at me and told me to see the patient. When I saw the patient's breath stopped, I felt the pulse again,

No, the patient was going to die, but we were so excited that she was the only one

Save energy, this product was not exhaustive, pulse, pulse bursts out of death ", this is really the case,

When a patient dies, the only remaining energy is produced

The last radiance of the setting sun.

Well, less cold syndrome of Yang deficiency and Yin Syndrome syndrome, Yin excessive Yin rejecting Yang Dai Yang, US

They had finished, the three basic syndromes, symptoms are consistent, chills, cold limbs lying curled,

Cold sweat, limbs pain, the next toshikiyo Valley, self and thirst, urine clear long or dysuria, micro pulse

Fine, somnolence, pulse, or pulse volts, basic syndrome is consistent, both anti fever

Not cold, is excessive Yin rejecting Yang is pale red, with its Yin and Yang in the treatment of wear, respectively.

Four Tongmai Sini Decoction, four inverse soup and white soup.

Below we talk about the fourth syndromes of cold syndrome of Shao Yin, which is Yang deficiency syndrome. Yang deficiency

Card is the indication of Zhenwu decoction.

For Zhenwu Decoction indications, all of us in the "Sun disease", Sun Yang dialectical theory

Virtual syndrome, once encountered, and that is the eighty-second, the original is to say, "Sun disease, hair

Sweat, sweat still puzzled, his fever, heart palpitations, dizziness, body Run, vibration to break off ground,


Hao Wanshan treatise on Febrile Diseases

The main Zhenwu decoction". We now look at the original text

316: "Shao yin disease, two or three days, to four

Five, abdominal pain, dysuria, limb pain, from the bottom of the benefits, this is a water vapor, its

Or cough, or small convenience, or profit, or vomiting, Zhenwu Decoction of". We combine the two together

See, causes of edema syndrome due to Yang deficiency can have two: one is the sun disease than the kidney damage

Injury, Yang can not make water, which is one of its causes. Two of the cause of the disease comes from the lack of Yin, so that the body

Yin and yang deficiency, pathogenic factors from Yin deficiency of kidney yang and cold, more, resulting in not making water. because

This, whether the disease is from the sun is not treated properly, or from the Shaoyin by the evil one,

The basic pathological change is caused by Yang deficiency. Water evil is unsettled, so old

People are also very image metaphor, you put a bowl of water spilled on the ground, which is low which side of the flow, so,

Water evil is unsettled, it is not in a fixed position, so it is often with the triple burner

The descending and everywhere people, therefore Zhenwu Decoction indications, it appears the clinical performance

More often, we combine these clinical manifestations

Article 82

316, these two

The original description of the Zhenwu Decoction indications, put it together, is a heavy limb pain,

Limbs heavy pain, we can understand the edema. This is the performance of the water immersion of the limbs, of course

Heavy limbs pain, it has water overflow evil. Second symptoms of epigastric throb, this is water Ling

Heart performance. Third symptoms, cough, which is the characteristics of lung disease caused by water evil. Fourth groups, or spit, or

Li, this is the water immersion stomach. Fifth groups of symptoms, the sun disease mentioned "dizziness, body Run

Still, vibration to break off ", I used this" dazzle "these two words to represent. This is the Yin and Yang of water,

The clinical manifestations of meridians caused by pathogenic water immersion. Dizziness, dizzy, that is water evil take Qing

Yang. "Run, vibration to break off" can not be accurate, powerful, stable movement, go

The road to pick up the chopsticks quivering, trembling, like Meniere's syndrome, cerebellar ataxia like

These disorders, his performance can be seen as "the body, Run, vibration to break off". Sixth

Symptoms: dysuria or small convenience. Urine is the disadvantage of Yang deficiency gasification division, small convenience is us

Just said the urine clear long, especially the frequent nocturia, this is Yang can not take yin. Such induction

Two, we put the main indications of Zhenwu Decoction, summarized as swelling, palpitations, cough, vomiting, and dizziness,

Urinary dysfunction. Just remember that. You see it involves multiple system lesions, limbs sink

The pain, we call it edema here. We have seen the clinical cardiac edema, kidney

Edema, liver disease disappeared and so on, there are unexplained edema. If you're on a edematous

The patient belongs to dialectical kidney yang, pathogenic water flooding, then you can be treated with Zhenwu Decoction, really

Wu Tang to treat edema. This is the heart palpitations, heart syndrome with symptoms, the various types of heart disease,

Have a heart palpitation. In particular, all kinds of heart disease is not functional, of course, we used to use very


Fifty-eighth stresses the cold syndrome of Shao Yin (2)

A simple way to use western medicine, digitalis and other drugs to treat this, it is possible. But there is

With the appropriate light, with a little bit of Zhenwu decoction is good.

The last time we talked about the sun, we also mentioned that when we have a problem with our heart failure

When a person uses digitalis like this, when his heart and his reserve capacity are poor

Wait, you use digitalis this medicine, slightly nod, will appear digitalis poisoning performance, slightly

A little less, the heart function is not correct, the amount of treatment and the amount of poisoning is too close, this

Medication is very difficult. If it is deficiency of Yang, you with the Zhenwu Decoction, the hair

Now, the dosage of digitalis, a little more than a little does not matter, a little bit too far

Toxic, there is a significant increase in myocardial reserve force of this role, which is the treatment of heart disease.

The treatment of respiratory disease, cough, phlegm. The treatment of respiratory disease, can also be used Zhenwu

Soup, proper decoction, treatment of digestive system disease, you can use Zhenwu Decoction to treat various chronic gastrointestinal

Inflammation, dialectical belong to Yang deficiency and water immersion stomach. Besides, I've been there before

Meniere's syndrome, deficiency of Yang dialectical belongs to you. Urination or nocturia, nocturia

The frequency is also used Zhenwu Decoction? It depends on the specific circumstances, if it is kidney yang deficiency, in fact, can also be

To treat with Zhenwu Decoction, but do not take medicine at night, but for nocturia frequently, Yang Yin.

This syndrome, I advocate the use of "golden" Shenqi Pill to treat, just take medicine, in the morning

Take medicine, do not take medicine at night. Visible Zhenwu Decoction in clinic, we caught a main card, match again

Close catch disease machine, can be used to treat a variety of diseases of the system, but also the treatment of gynecological Yang Deficiency

The leucorrhea quantity of water flooding, cold staking, gynecological diseases can also be used. What is this train of thought? This is called grasping

The main card, and debate the pathogenesis, prescriptions. Fourth syndromes of cold syndrome of deficiency of yin and yang deficiency syndrome,

We're done talking. When we talk about Yang deficiency syndrome, and combined with the sun chapter

The Zhenwu Decoction syndrome.

Fifth, Yang deficiency syndrome.

Yang body pain syndrome, is Fuzi Decoction syndrome. It looks at the original text and the 170 page of the handout

Page 171, 305 and 304, "Shao yin disease, body pain, cold hands and feet, joint pain, pulse sink,

Fuzitang master "" little yin disease, was one or two, and the back chills, when moxibustion, aconite

Zhu Zhi tang".

The two main symptoms mentioned in this article have two pain, there are two cold. The two pain, one

A body is a pain, joint pain, the two one is cold, cold hands and feet, a back chills.


Hao Wanshan treatise on Febrile Diseases

The two pain, what is its pathogenesis, kidney failure, skin temperature, cold damp stagnation in the skin

Beck. This caused the body pain, joint pain. Cold hands and feet and back chills, which is deficiency of kidney yang

At the end of four decline, the loss of temperature, Du Yang Du Yang in charge, not filling, so the back of evil

Cold. Hand foot and back is a reflection of the Yang ups and downs, the two most sensitive parts. Therefore, the "limbs"

Yang of the "," back to the house of Yang ", Chinese medicine has long been the case. When I was in College

In the six year, we had a county hospital in Hebei province. that

County Hospital, I left a very deep impression, especially special diseases. Like last time I talked

The shock to provoke phenomenon, the group of ascaris intestinal obstruction, biliary ascariasis surgery, are in the

Encountered in the hospital, in the city rarely encountered this situation.

At that time, there is a month's time, I have gynecological practice, in fact, obstetrics, that

Department of Obstetrics and gynecology clinic is in the outside, is to me in the outhouse (patient) touch the pulse, because rural women

I suspect she was pregnant, menstruation did not come, she would go to the hospital for a check-up, I feel in the outhouse

Pulse, I will accumulate my experience of pulse diagnosis of early pregnancy, and I also asked symptoms. Many early pregnant women

Women are said to cold in the back, after the spine like take cold water, dry stool, dizziness and headache.

I feel like that kind of slippery pulse,, and we generally slip like is not the same, plus this

A pulse (day prominents) is particularly evident, coupled with the pulse (the finger vein on both sides) are particularly bright

Obviously, I said, you are pregnant, female students do we go to the back of the room in the clinic, you can know how much,

A few months, and then the summer vacation is over, I went home and asked my mother, I said I was in the door

On the diagnosis to see those early pregnancy women, a lot of people have a cold back, dry stool dizziness headache

Symptoms, you say this is a pathological reaction, or a normal phenomenon after pregnancy ah,

My mother said: "the head does not ache, the child does not become", the early pregnancy person has the dizziness headache symptom, I said,

Why is the stool dry, cold back ah, my mother said, I will not explain this, you go

Ask your father, my father said, oh, this is a very simple thing. When the uterus birth

The time, human will mobilize the body of the Yin and Yang, the nutrition to the fetus, so Yin

The Qi and Yang Jing, at the performance of the disorder, the back is the most sensitive and reflect Yang

The site, so a lot of early pregnancy patients, especially at the Yang deficiency patients, she has a

Time back cold, which prompted pregnancy, I said, why dry stool, ah, my father said,

To moisten the fetus to Yin, can moisten the intestine, so she has a very short period of time will be large

Will dry. Therefore, dry stool, cold back, dizziness headache, which is early pregnancy, and even early

When pregnant, pulse not found, there is this performance, have this symptom.


Fifty-eighth stresses the cold syndrome of Shao Yin (2)

One year I went to Heilongjiang lectures, I did not say it, a lot of students attending lectures are bigger than me,

Are local doctors, after I finished my experience, to help female students, a group of female doctor

Surrounded me, said, Hao teacher, you say too right, I was pregnant with our boss, she

They are someone who conceived after the back bone cold, at that time I didn't know what to do for,

Now I understand, originally I are to go to nutrition that boy, my own back Yang

Can not be filled, so she has a unique experience. So back cold, dry stool, dizziness headache,

Often a symptom of early pregnancy. Here the hand foot cold and back chills, kidney failure,

At the end of four, the temperature is not high, and the performance of Yang is not sufficient.

We have encountered this physical pain, joint pain, like cold hands, back chills, we want to

I think, this will not be the sun typhoid table positive ah, the main pulse, pulse sink, pulse Shen tip this is not a table

The certificate certificate, but not the sun exposure, kidney yang deficiency, the main disease in the sink, sink the main yang,

Therefore, it is necessary to refer to the diagnosis of an indicator, pulse sink. It is a differential diagnosis, except

The sun cold exterior syndrome. In the past when we learn what a prescription, mentioned back chills.

In Yangming stomach filled, Tianjin Gas two injured the White Tiger Decoction with ginseng indications, in addition to

The four major symptoms: hot body, mouth thirst, sweat out, there is a small vein, from time to time

The evil wind and back micro bad cold. Now the patient is back chills, it will be filled with Yangming stomach,

The syndrome of two injuries of Jin Qi? So how to say? "In the mouth" is a differential diagnosis. Why

Where is a "mouth and mouth", what is called "mouth and neutral"? The mouth is bitter, but the mouth is not thirsty,

The mouth is not dry, then the Yangming stomach, Tianjin except diffuse gas two back micro bad cold injury syndrome. You see,

The provisions of two short, 304, 305, not only stresses the main clinical manifestations of fuzitang indications, too

On the table the empirical typhoid pain in the body, the identification is also filled with fluid and Qi injury syndrome of Yangming stomach two

The back micro bad cold made identification. How tight, how rigorous.

Body pain caused by kidney yang deficiency cold damp stagnation in the skin, it is called Yang body pain syndrome,

Treatment with Aconite decoction. Aconite Decoction this prescription, drug composition, and Zhenwu Decoction in the drug composition

Particularly close. Shao, ginger, tuckahoe, pig, attached is Zhenwu Decoction, peony, ginseng, tuckahoe, pig, attached is attached

Zi tang. Aconite Decoction, ginseng and Radix Aconiti with, this is the meaning of Shenfu Decoction, to help Yuanyang, Yi Yuan

Gas, plus peony, Atractylodes, Poria dampness, dampness, dispelling cold damp muscle table,.

Relieve pain, so we should pay attention to drug, composed of Aconite Decoction, drug group and Zhenwu Decoction

In fact, to distinguish between aconite soup and, Zhenwu decoction is a prescription for dual unity. it

We all treat Yang deficiency, kidney yang deficiency, one is the cold water in the Yang deficiency, one is outside the Yang


Hao Wanshan treatise on Febrile Diseases

Cold. That makes it easy to tell the difference.

In this case, the indications of Aconite Decoction, both sun and typhoid table empirical identification and

And the indications of Zhenwu Decoction identification on the syndrome of pain ", what we have learned.

In terms of body pain? Fuzitang card has, we just said. Chinese ephedra decoction, in the sun hurt

Said in the empirical analysis, it is because the cold evil closed, cold contraction, and cold pain, cold and stagnation,

After the cold injury of muscle, it is skin blood stagnation, qi stagnation, tendons spasm, resulting in

Body pain. With Mahuangtang sweating and cold, dispel pathogenic cold out, then it eased the pain.

Aconite Decoction syndrome pain in the body, we have just said, kidney yang deficiency, skin temperature, cold damp stagnation in

The skin joints, so the treatment time, using the method of Warming Yang powder cold dampness, expelling dampness method. still

What the pain is pregnant? That is what we had studied in the chapter Taiyang disease, "after sweating,

Body pain, pulse delay, cinnamon and ginger each one or two peony, 32 new Decoction of ginseng". that

What is a syndrome? That is a lack of gas, skin loss of support, not proud of pain, loss of support

Pain, deficiency and pain syndrome. In the "Treatise on", the main body of the prescription treatment of pain, the three

A, ephedra soup, Aconite Decoction, add soup, should learn to use the difference.

We first recall the return of Zhenwu Decoction syndrome, Zhenwu Decoction Treatment of deficiency of Yang, it has

Diuretic effect, we have studied the diuretic prescription, one is the five one is Lingsan, Polyporus

Soup, right?. We are in the sun five Lingya, study, Zhulingtang we are in Yangming heat syndrome in middle school

Of course, Zhulingtang indication, when we describe heat transformation of Shaoyin disease also mentioned. I

Now the three party, make a simple identification of the three prescription beneficial action of water.

Zhuling Decoction in the treatment of yin deficiency with heat, water and heat treatment of the hot water, it should be the word, hot water.

It's not a medical term, I'm just saying, it's hot water, hot water,

So it is the urine unfavorable, urethral acerbity pain, short red urine, even frequent micturition,

Urgency, odynuria. This is Zhulingtang card. The indications of Zhenwu Decoction, the treatment of the cold water, I

Just a metaphor, as I said before, mirabilite can send bowel sweat, it was not written in you

The notebook, also can't write on paper, you can understand, so the treatment of Zhenwu Decoction

Yang deficiency water flooding. It is cold water. While the five Ling San treatment of the "water", it is unfavorable gasification,

Its water is neither too cold nor too hot. You see, Zhenwu Decoction Zhulingtang is dual unity

A flood, heat stasis, a treatment of Yang deficiency and cold water, the intermediate state that is five Lingsan card.

Just as we speak of Taiyin meridians by the evil, blood loss, abdominal pain appeared in full, with Guizhi

Peony Decoction, dredge the meridians, and medicine, you said it? It is not empty, you say it?


Fifty-eighth stresses the cold syndrome of Shao Yin (2)

It is not real. This syndrome to deficiency of the two aspects of development, deficiency of Qi and blood, tendons dystrophy, stomach ache,

Then you add caramel, is Xiaojianzhong decoction, this syndrome to real development, qi stagnation and blood stasis,.

The pain, then in this prescription Riga that rhubarb, cassia twig decoction. Xiaojianzhong Decoction too

The spleen yin deficiency syndrome, cassia twig decoction in treating spleen by empirical, not the partial virtual is not real

The middle of the state, that is the Guizhi Shaoyao decoction. Can be seen in "Treatise on Febrile Diseases", the dual unity

This Law of thinking, we in the clinical treatment, you should also pay attention to the application.

On the main square in Shaoyin syndrome, the main symptoms is five, of which there are of course

A white plus pig bile soup, it is as a white soup of the addition and subtraction side, I still belong to it

Syndrome of yin and Yang in Yin yang. I don't have a list of symptoms. The main factors of cold syndrome

Syndrome is the five. Of course, in our lecture notes, and a series of vomiting, similar to the disease

Evodia Decoction syndrome, and listed the kidney qi deficiency, closed the door is not solid, under the Lee slip, spleen deficiency, can not take blood,

Bloody stool peach decoction, the content for our next class.

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