Chinese medicine acupoint therapy for treating cough

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Stay away from antibioticsChinese medicine acupoint therapy for treating coughThe principle of external application of acupoint therapyWith


Stay away from antibiotics

Chinese medicine acupoint therapy for treating cough

The principle of external application of acupoint therapy

With acupoint therapy is mainly based on the point and back Feishu body chest Tan, Dingchuan and soles of the feet Yongquan acupoint the four point function.

Tan points:

In the chest, in the median line, the midpoint of the two nipple line, the level of the fourth intercostal space.

Tan points: indications of chest tightness, cough, vomiting, palpitations, chest pain, Hiccup


Shu Yu point

Location: third thoracic spinous process open next to 1.5 inches

The genus: foot Taiyang bladder channel. After hitting, the impact of third forces, veins and God

Classics, shake heart lung, broken gas machine. Acupoint selection method:

Fixed point, by sitting or prone position, Feishu located in the body of the back, when the third thoracic spinous process, right next to open two finger widths. (see the figure of the human body)

Attending disease:

This point for indications of disease: the lung and respiratory diseases, such as pneumonia, bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis. The details please refer to the web page: the use of acupressure therapy for phlegm, remove freckles, buckwheat husk acupressure etc..




Supine or sitting down, point located in the posterior midline, seventh cervical spinous process by Dazhui and open by 0.5 inches.

[function] Zhikepingchuan, tongxuanlifei.


Asthma, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pertussis



For this point: acupoints can be used when sitting or supine posture, skip, 1/3 Yongquan located at the foot of the depression second, 3 toe toes lines with heel attachment.

Push to rub Yongquan can prevent and cure various kinds of diseases, especially in elderly patients with asthma, yaotuisuanruan, constipation and other diseases is obvious.


Acupoint therapy, which is based on the human chest and back acupoint Feishu Tan, Dingchuan and foot Yongquan point according to the immune function of these points (in the illness when acupuncture will play the role of treatment) acupoint drug therapy of transdermal drug delivery, to activate the body's immune system by acupoint stimulation to deep conditioning, promote the rehabilitation of patients with asthma.

Acupoint drug therapy is a kind of combined therapy with acupuncture, medicine and meridian. It uses a small number of different drugs through specific acupoints stimulation to enhance and adjust the immune function of the body, to achieve the purpose of curing the disease.

The acupoint therapy of Chinese medicine has no side effects, and it will not be dependent and can not be cured. Take the Chinese medicine acupoint therapy drug therapy and acupuncture combination of tactics, strengthen the immune system to eradicate lesions, avoid the defects of oral medication, injections do not take medicine can not achieve the purpose of antibiotics, away from.


Asthma cream: red peony root, cinnamon, aconite root, forsythia, angelica, angelica, Momordica 24g, Bletilla striata, Poria, Aconitum, tooth soap, jujube branches, twigs, branches, peach willow, Huaizhi 15g, frankincense, myrrh 12g. Lung Yu Xue.

Chronic bronchitis: Angelica, peel, Schisandra, mulberry, licorice, fritillary, pinellia, Poria, almond 12g, frankincense, myrrh 6G, clove 3G. Stick back.

All prescriptions, to be crushed, screened, the finer the better.

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