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The prescription of shengyangyiwei Decoction for one of the four great medical experts in Li Dongyuan, which consists of six gentleman Tonga


The prescription of shengyangyiwei Decoction for one of the four great medical experts in Li Dongyuan, which consists of six gentleman Tonga angelica, bupleurum, Qiang wind, Radix Astragali, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Rhizoma Coptidis, Poria, Alisma, full fill pass, lift, Qing Wen and shi. The author in the clinic whenever with the spleen and stomach digestive dysfunction, as long as its pathogenesis is the same, regardless of the disease in the liver, lung, kidney, bladder, Chongren ministry, in the treatment, can receive the good effect, which shows the different diseases ". This is to introduce the case five as follows.

1 acute pneumonia

Luo x, female, 57. Fever, cough, sputum, ferruginous half, X ray diagnosis for pneumonia". The medicine of antibiotic treatment after the body temperature gradually decreased, but also reduce the cough, sense of lassitude, mouth pain, anorexia, loose stool with bloodshot mucus, yellowish fur, soft pulse number. Auscultation: right pulmonary rales and smell: thin stool, yellow sticky red with red blood cells, (+), 0 ~ 2 pus cells, undigested food (+). This is not from the exogenous fever pneumonia, lung heat shift in the large intestine, intestinal collaterals blood underflow also burns, and fever after consumption of lung yin deficiency, so the mother sub, temper also loss, gas lift right to sink, Gu shengyangyiwei Decoction Quqiang angelica, Radix Codonopsis and easy 15g, Crinis Carbonisatus 12g Huaihua, carbon 15g. 7 agent after abdominal pain hematochezia is also reduced, cough and hemoptysis, normal body temperature. Two diagnosis to Crinis Carbonisatus, Huaihua carbon, and ophiopogon 10g, loquat leaf 10g, and treatment with syndrome of lung auscultation, rales disappeared more than a month. Photograph: lung inflammation absorption, the disease from the club.

According to the acute pneumonia stool, honesty is the lung and large intestine, lung heat transfer in the large intestine, in this gastrointestinal symptoms, cover the lung and spleen, so the mother sub virtual, caused the sinking of spleen, lifting imbalance, so as to peitushengjin with Crinis Carbonisatus, which in turn was Huaihua carbon.

2 acute icteric hepatitis

Liu x, male, 24. Due to acute jaundice hepatitis hospitalized, more than and 20 days later, stomach pain and discomfort, eating less, jaundice, liver function is normal, but the stool from yellow to black, occult blood test (+ + + +). But after hepatitis liver spleen deficiency syndrome, damp heat is not clear, Mu Wang Wutu, thermal injury and intestine collateral blood. Intends to use the shengyangyiwei Decoction Quqiang angelica, with green wood 6G, cuttlefish bone 20g, big Fritillaria 10g, reuse of white peony root 20g, licorice 6g. 7 agent, black turned yellow, stomach pain disappeared, the original and amomum fruit 6G, 6G of radix curcumae, more than a month to adjust the.

Note: acute jaundice hepatitis after upper gastrointestinal bleeding is mu Wang Wutu, evidenced by the damp heat unclear, so in the reuse of peony, licorice, wood incense, cuttlefish bone, liver stomach and Fritillaria to cuticle, make it hot, temper gradually, in accordance with the theory of principle of spleen of liver disease.

3 pregnancy hypertension

Chen x, female, 27 years old, salesman, married. On the occasion of the July pregnancy due to a sense of dizziness, palpitation and shortness of breath, anorexia, two lower extremity edema, anal bulge, abdominal pain, pain to latrine, defecate on line 3 ~ 4 stools, oliguresis. Prenatal examination found high blood pressure, blood pressure, heart rate: 22 / 13KPa, 112 / min, the law of Qi, urine routine, stool routine (-): thin, yellow clay, pus ball 0 ~ 2, undigested food (+). Is the body syndrome pregnancy liver yang hyperactivity, Mu Wang Wutu, caused by deficiency of spleen qi stagnation, transport and dereliction of duty, bowel dysfunction of qi. With shengyangyiwei decoction, the dosage in the wind, reuse of white peony root, Atractylodes, 1 daily. 7 agent with pain, normal stool. Two after the original party to wind, Qiang live, plus 6G chrysanthemum, radsz 6G, modulating half normal blood pressure and various symptoms disappear completely, timely delivery.

Note: pregnancy induced hypertension, abdominal pain, diarrhea, reuse of wind, bighead Atractylodes rhizome, tangerine peel to help liver spleen, lifting can be balanced, diarrhea control, blood pressure dropped to normal.

4 vulvae

Li x, female, 30 years old, married. Each of the menstrual period before and after the leucorrhea, such as urine samples from the vagina and sometimes white, as the tears, no smell, at the same time with the gas vulva sound, more than two years in history, accompanied by dizziness, backache, fatigue. Gynecological examination: normal uterine development, vaginal abnormalities. Leucorrhea routine: no vaginal fungi, trichomonas. Differentiation is deficiency of spleen and kidney, damp, the transport company lost Valley gas downstream, with the. Intends to use the shengyangyiwei Decoction of Angelica 10g, Eucommia 10g, lotus stamen 12g, 12g cristata. After 10 doses, leucorrhea reduced, vulva sound is reduced, following the original party and Alisma, dodder 10g, Ligustrum lucidum 10g, less with tonifying kidney and regulating Chong Yang Chou capture product.

According to the woman: vulvae disease, "Golden Chamber" said: "the Valley gas, stomach fall, with liver extract does not observe, not by water instead of blood Rong thought, become white and smooth objects by vulva straight, to help and not get too." The only pig hair cream fried on one side, and the medicine is not easy to find, in the eight extrameridians membership with Yangming, lost in the solid about pathogenesis and the choice of the lift, and eucommia bark, dodder Yishen Gushe, lotus stamen, cockscomb astringent and, in order to improve the curative effect.

5 tinea pedis, erysipelas

Liu x, male, 65 years old, worker. The two toe of tinea pedis itching, with right lower limb erysipelas repeatedly, has more than 4 Diego by western medicine in the treatment of no effect. The limb swelling heat pain, and increased two months, lower extremity edema, skin color is bright, but not in accordance with the concave, and upward spread tendency. Pale white (white), God fatigue anorexia, abdominal distension, diarrhea, urine shortage. At the beginning of this card is the heat syndrome of chronic illness by empirical, long-term use of qingrelishi bitter cold medicine cause of spleen deficiency and Dampness Retention, not Yang zhang. Intends to use the shengyangyiwei decoction, primary to Coptis, plus sunburn 10g, Chinese yam 15g, 10 agent two lower extremity edema subsided, erysipelas swelling Xin heat is also significantly improved, tinea pedis has become flat. Two is to live with Qiang, angelica 10g, dried rehmannia root 12g, gold 6G, processing more than a month, all the symptoms disappeared.

Note: tinea pedis, erysipelas, and edema, but has not support damp heat, spleen should be more gas to prop up the clear, so, in Guizhi, Dioscoreaopposita to bring order out of chaos, change danger into safety.

In short, people is an organic whole, viscera Qi and blood, yin and Yang in the mutual influence and form the same or different due to different diseases due to comorbidity perplexing situation, clinical as long as a clear understanding of the etiology and pathogenesis of different diseases with the same effect can be achieved.

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