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The master planning in body - phlegm diseaseDiagnostic siteFemale patient, 51 years old, July 22, 1990.7 days in patients after cholecystect


The master planning in body - phlegm disease

Diagnostic site

Female patient, 51 years old, July 22, 1990.

7 days in patients after cholecystectomy, because of careless cold, pulmonary infection, chills, fever, cough, gas tight, cough, phlegm dampness.

Western medicine diagnosis: bronchial pneumonia (physical examination omitted). After the infusion, anti infection and symptomatic treatment, and served with Maxing Shigan Decoction and yinqiao powder agent 3, high fever chills returned: but a gas tight, cough, phlegm, not difficult to alleviate, then invited consultation.

Carved diagnosis: a temperature of 37.8 DEG C, chest tightness, gas tight, cough, phlegm in the throat, phlegm thick glue, quantity, frequently spit spit, spin spin; thirsty think cold, red tongue Shaojin, Huang Houni moss, slippery pulse number is not in.

Treatment based on differentiation of symptoms and signs

[teacher] in the lung phlegm, phlegm heat obstructing the lung, lung dry Tianjin injury syndrome is more common, the cases of pulmonary infection after abdominal surgery, such as acute bronchitis, bronchial asthma, lobar pneumonia, pleurisy, a stage in the development of disease. May also appear phlegm heat obstructing the lung, lung dry Tianjin injury syndrome.

The main symptoms of this syndrome tightness asthma, phlegm sticky, do not spit, dry mouth think drink, but the water is choking cough phlegm unceasingly, if a large number of thick adhesive on the back and throat obstruction, can cause respiratory arrest, perils tatemi.

Ye save this disease must use phlegm and other prescription pills, this is of no avail; old Chinese Nelson's unique experience.

This is the phlegm heat obstructing lung, syndrome of lung dryness tianjininjury.

Appropriate treatment for clearing heat and eliminating phlegm, dryness moistening.

Tang Zonghai "blood syndrome theory" contained phlegm pill:

Angelica 10g, Anemarrhena 10g, Radix 15g, 15g white swallowwort root 10g, Ophiopogon japonicus, Fructus aurantii 10g, almond 10g, snakegourd seed 12g, jiegeng 10g, Poria 15g, 6G chinensis, Dendrobium 15g, licorice 6G, xianzhuli 300ml (3 times against the medicine juice). 3 agent.

Two examination: Take 1 agent, adhesive in the throat phlegm thick turbidity decreased significantly; after serving 3 agent, has phlegm chirp, chest tightness, gas tight, cough significantly reduced, normal body temperature; only occasionally cough, expectoration less phlegm, chest pain, reddish tongue, thin and yellow moss, pulse number slightly according to long.

This is not the phlegm heat, lung collaterals and treatment should be clearing heat, phlegm, clearing lung and.

Use qianjinweijing decoction:

Coix seed 20g, melon Jen 20g, root 30g, peach 5g, 15g littoralis, almond 10g, Radix Curcumae 10g, Luffa 15g.

The above 5 drugs, if the symptoms of loss. But the spirit, strength, poor diet, and use six Shashen Maidong Decoction and rehabilitation.

Speculative questions

[a] students I treat this disease, according to the routine use of qingrehuatan prescriptions, such as clear phlegm Qi pill, Xiaoxianxiong decoction, even guntan pills, the curative effect difference.

The old Jiang advocates the use of phlegm pill and played a good effect, but the composition is a messy, not well understood.

[teacher] old Jiang believes that the treatment of phlegm heat obstructing the lung, lung dry Tianjin injury syndrome, phlegm and heat to dryness moistening, and appropriate compatibility, can achieve good effect.

But some of the commonly used clinical Qingre Huatan Decoction, no dryness moistening of the power, and because most of the bitter cold with Xiere products, such as Coptis, Scutellaria, rhubarb, anti cold, gas consumption, injury and dryness of the disadvantages of tianjin.

The phlegm pill is heat phlegm and not hurt Tianjin, Runzao Shengjin sputum without delay. The drug composition of seemingly random, but clear; Platycodon root, liquorice, Rhizoma Belamcandae, Poria, white before expectorant, Qingre Sanjie; Angelica, almond, bitter cough, chest smooth diaphragm; Anemarrhena, Radix trichosanthis, Fructus Trichosanthis, Radix Ophiopogonis, Dendrobium Runzao, nourishing yin nourishing lung; Youmiao to cleanse phlegm heat in equipped with xianzhuli instead of opening phlegm congestion, specifically effective macro function.

[b] students both for phlegm heat obstructing the lung, lung dry Tianjin injury, should avoid the use of temperature and light penetration of drugs. But the phlegm pill is warm and light penetration of Danggui Fuling, are not well understood.

[teacher] according to the "Shen Nong's herbal classic" records, angelica "main cough with dyspnea, cough and asthma that work. This effect, medical people have ignored. As for the bitter taste of Angelica sinensis, whether it can not be used for heat or Yin injury certificate?. For example, "consumptive disease, tuberculosis is worm eaten lung, lung yin deficiency syndrome, so Zhu Yueyin has" consumptive main between Yin "said; the first treatment of tuberculosis but has spread in the folk - cough recipe, one of the main medicine is angelica. "Herbal preparation" to "and" Angelica can Runzao Hua Chang, although warm, but associate with the brigade Ziyin Runzao drugs, "to take", thereby increasing the sliding force of intestinal dryness. The lung and the large intestine, intestinal smooth smooth, will contribute to the descending lung qi. I think, angelica cough and asthma, or because of this.

As for the Fuling, "materia medica preparation" to "call it" white lung, clearing heat and bladder "," purging heart knot pain and dysphoria, focal mouth dry tongue, cough phlegm retching, diaphragm in water...... Thirst". While the compatibility in the brigade Ziyin Runzao drugs in Fuling, can avoid the disadvantages of bored of growing transport.

[C] the student teacher said this credit crisis is a lot of phlegm thick adhesive on throat caused respiratory arrest in obstruction. Can we use this party in such a critical situation?

The old man has used the party to save a number of cases of patients with dangerous, are close to the Czech republic. As in April 1, 1976, he was diagnosed with a female patient in western medicine ward, 30 years old. Western medicine diagnosis: biliary postoperative syndrome (obstructive cholangitis); the toxic shock. After anti infection and symptomatic treatment, the disease is progressive, and pneumonia, cough phlegm, chest tightness, shortness of breath. The evening of March 23rd, because of a large number of patients with phlegm throat obstruction, sudden respiratory arrest, emergency tracheotomy under local anesthesia. Taking the phlegm, side to avoid death. But the thick adhesive phlegm from the incision is still a lot of smoke, then use the electric suction device of continuous suction, and continue infusion, anti infection. If it is 7 days, high fever, from time to time in a semi comatose state.

Jiang Lao during the consultation, patients with tracheotomy lethargy lethargy, there are still a lot of phlegm, sometimes cough, gas tight, soup can not swallow, sweating, red tongue, slippery pulse weakness. Jiang old cast to phlegm pill with Shengmai Powder, reuse of bamboo juice. Take 1 agent, and can greatly reduce phlegm, with a little liquid, then remove sputum aspirator. Still use the original side addition and subtraction, even taking 18 agents, sputum turbidity eliminated, cured.

[original load phlegm pill student Ding] "blood syndrome theory", Zhuli with only 3 money, about the 9g, but the teacher actually reuse 300ml cases, whether by so many can not?

[teacher] Zhu a smell, non reuse not! This is the exclusive experience of old river, he is also in the personal experience of autotherapy sick. Jiang Lao 40 years ago, to the early cough, phlegm disease, hypochondriac pain, chills and fever such as malaria, clothing and more Inula Decoction of Rhizoma Cyperi, soon, but also by exogenous recurrence, the card does not work, but the cough and sputum, chest pain with constraints, Lu'an fried not effect to soup nor effect of Rhizoma Cyperi inula. And several more medicine, are not in.

Yi disease drama, breathing, zhuance impedes chest pain, lying in bed, dared not move, asthma, phlegm, phlegm and sticky, like maltose into ribs filiform, slightly to the mouth and out to hand out the 7 day, the diet into dry mouth to drink, is choking into the water, near the potential danger.

His teacher Mr. Chen Dingsan said "trial phlegm pill". Because no right for the night of bamboo juice, radish juice instead of fried, even for 2, the disease has no retreat, his teacher. Appropriate to sent for visits, the teacher hurried away. The old brother Jiang Tianming, many people worried, even to the number of consultation, Jiang old is not approval, and said "this is phlegm pill, no change".

But will people anxious to cut bamboo, bamboo juice preparation, still Decoction phlegm pill, RuiRu 3 bowls of bamboo juice (about 500ml). 3 in the afternoon, the first serve, evening clothes, two fried. At midnight, the feeling of phlegm asthma has been reduced, also reduce chest pain, that can turn over; and take three fry, the next morning the disease greatly reduced. The phlegm not spit, no diarrhea, to imperceptibly disappear gradually, and know that hunger and food.

The take 1 agent, can help move the bed, and after 2 days can go out. To fill prescriptions for regulating qi and Yin two half, physical rehabilitation again.

This time in and out between the experience of vital importance, said the old river, called "fish such as drinking water, lengnuanzizhi".

From then on, the old river with the rescue of phlegm heat obstructing lung injury Tianjin dangerous card, "and then reuse the repeated use of Zhuli,.

Why is this a good effect of bamboo juice? Materia medica Yanyi "said," Zhu phlegm, access on bones in the body hair, such as sputum can be reduced at the top of the head, the sputum in skin membrane is feasible. Such as epilepsy frenzy, heat convulsion can; phlegm reversal aphonia, coma, personnel, as the agent of Saint phlegm".

Practice has proved that the reuse of bamboo juice, heat phlegm and fluid bath at two in the long run, second to none. According to Jiang experience, each agent should not be less than 60ml. And phlegm pill primary use is Jing Zhu Li, Jiang old clinical materials used simplxs

Li, Li, Zhu CI Pleioblastus, curative effect is reliable, and is superior to bitter bamboo juice.

Finally again: the key to effective phlegm pill is the reuse of bamboo juice.

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