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Because of the dysfunction of the Zang and Fu organs to the lungs, cough can be used to predict pathological changes. Ancient cloud "the vis


Because of the dysfunction of the Zang and Fu organs to the lungs, cough can be used to predict pathological changes. Ancient cloud "the viscera are people cough, not only lung." However, the cough caused by viscera must pass through the lung, and the lung is the main body of the cough. The main pulmonary gas, the basic pathogenesis of cough is dry evil inside and outside the lung, lung is not clear, lung loses Xuan Su, Qi Shangni under airway cough. No matter what the cause of the cough is first to start from regulating lung, in accordance with the five elements allelopathy principle to cure is the root of the problem. Such as: fire Haoshang liver fire attacking lung lung Tianjin, Tianjin sputum for refining. The anger caused by the treatment of pulmonary cough can be improved, because the liver is "wood", the lung is "gold", "Jin Kemu (lung) (liver)" is a natural science. And as the phlegm dampness invading the lung, transport function due to spleen dysfunction, not into the valley water lost to subtle nourishing lung, but gather phlegm, storage in the lung, lung congestion, inverse cough. If a long illness, lung and spleen two deficiency, gas of Tianjin, is more likely to breed phlegm, this is the "spleen is the source of phlegm, right lung is the storage of phlegm". Cough, stomach disharmony caused by the fire must be relieved by the treatment of lung and spleen is because of "soil", "soil (spleen) gold (lung), sub strong mountain is no ground for blame. There is gold (lung) water (kidney), kidney belongs to water, chronic cough does not heal, serious will affect the kidney, will the cough induced asthma. Can child disease mother rule from the start of the lungs, which is the five line of treatment of the wonderful place. There is a fire "(heart) grams of gold (lung), cough caused by heart problems because the heart function is weak, the formation of anti gram", it is often said that "his strong main weak country will encounter disaster", "rebel" must be eradicated to Ningguo. It is also the first from the "lung" to treat properly.

Of course, the above is only for the appearance of cough, first to treat lung, as for some chronic diseases caused by cough must also be combined with other meridians treatment.

The treatment of cough formulas are as follows:

Sore throat, cough treatment formula 1

The blood rushed to lung yin, scraping and cupping disease gradually light,

Breathing difficulties Taiyuan; to stop cough thenar,

Chize kidney lung qi; Jingqu cough is peace,

Find the hole cold cough sore throat; pricking blood less spirit,

Tongxuanlifei pill can Huatanzhike effect; aggregate net.

Note: "Yin Shi" is 3 a.m. -5, many patients will cough is because this is the lung active time at this time, a large amount of blood flow, pulmonary pressure caused by the too strong. It is because the sleep time is not easy to operate, can be in 7 - 9 in the morning in the lung on scraping and cupping and massage for pain, the pain point massage to cough that will ease the pain. Why do you choose between seven and nine in the morning? Because this is the time of the colon through the streamer, and "the lung and large intestine", choose at this time is relatively fast as close to their lung (although the last time the streamer can also be too late!). By the way, since the lung is large intestine stream time, if possible, simply even large intestine do together, treating disease and disease prevention.

There are many points to lung cough, here to teach you some simple treatment methods and procedures for reference:

1, Meridian Scraping after "Cloud Gate" (subclavian depression midpoint) and "house points" (the Cloud Gate under an inch) each pull a canister, usually a fever. Because the government in the hole "lung" raised points ", Mu points were located in the chest and abdomen on the meridians, the position and the relevant organs of the site is very near," raised ", has gathered, confluence of Italy, is the organs of the gas gathering point. So open up its source. "Cloud Gate" and "cloud" refers to the "Cloud Gate" refers to the portal. What is the weather like human blood fog can breed all things; and the first place is called "Cloud Gate" (of course, ultimately "Qimen"). It has Qingfei Chufan, cough and asthma, Tongli joint effect, also attending chest depressed, cough, asthma, sore shoulder, upper limbs for disease.

2, in the "Tianfu cave" (arm forward flat, bent head tip contact at the lateral upper arm is this hole ") and chize" (cubital fossa lateral) by pulling a canister, generally a fever. "Tianfu cave" conditioning lung, tranquilization efficacy, indications: bronchitis, asthma, gas poisoning, epistaxis, hematemesis, shoulder and arm pain and nervous system diseases. The "chize" "ruler" to explain the pulse of the ulnar vein "," foot "in the pulse in the" inch (inch clock), (Guan Mai), feet (ulnar vein) three veins, while the left hand "," Guan and Chi "three points on behalf of the pulse is the heart, liver and kidney", so the "foot" is the meaning of "kidney"; "Ze", refers to the swamp low-lying water. While the "chize" and "lung point" belongs to water, the "inverse gas and diarrhea". Therefore, this point not only to the kidney, but also to raise the lung (Shui Shengjin), the treatment of the virtual reality of the disease. Such as: cough, asthma, hemoptysis, epistaxis, sore throat, dumb, chest fullness, breast carbuncle, upset, elbow and arm pain, shoulder pain, spasm of medial muscles of the extremities, the hand can't reach, stomach pain, abdominal pain, vomiting and diarrhea, acute stroke, mouth thirst, fever, erysipelas, infantile convulsion, spasm, acute urinary frequency, heartburn, pneumonia, bronchitis, bronchial asthma, pulmonary tuberculosis, acute gastroenteritis, elbow joint and soft tissue diseases are its therapeutic range.

3, focus on "massage thenar points" (bump, the thumb in pointing to this point is sunken). It is the "lung Ying Ying" points "main body heat". Is the main point of fever and Dingchuan cough at night, for the treatment of children with simple, dyspepsia, bronchitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, throat, sore throat, aphonia has very good results, especially in the early and most holes with timely Anshen asthma asthma.

In 4, lung mainly looking for "Taiyuan" (the "inch wrist pulse", with the index finger to press the depression), "Jingqu points" (Yang Zhang, on a 1.5 inch wrist finger position), "the cave" ("chize" the following five inches), whether the pain, if pain massage until no pain so far, also can help improve the treatment progress in "Kongzui point" pull a little pot, because "Taiyuan" and "Jingqu points" from the pulse cupping uncomfortable too close, so the best massage. "Taiyuan" is the pulse of the point, but also the original lung acupoint; "difficult." sixty-six difficult to say: "the viscera of the original disease, lung disease, also need to find it out, it's the effect as can be imagined. "The canal point" lung "Meridian"; "the main cold cough". Therefore, it can not only treat cough caused by lung heat (cough, cause, also belongs to the empirical) treating cold cough with itching of the throat, can not be ignored. "Kongzui point" is the treatment of hemorrhoids point, but it causes to cure cold throat pain also has effects on the treatment of asthma, elbow pain etc..

This is some lung cough, but some people can not reduce the lung after treatment although cured and how to do it? Here we introduce another formula.

Sore throat, cough treatment formula 2

For throat disease kidney, as the sea is liyanling,

Throat dry water if useless; stimulate too brook is feasible,

Rehabilitation of large acupoints for asthma; insomnia and thirst,

Looking for bronchitis bells; long rubbing chize light heat syndrome,

Gastropyretic cause sore throat; Niuhuang Jiedu is neiting,

The same lung kidney shot; Dingchuan cough, pain of peace.

"Kidney, upper and lower tongue". Many functions on the kidney point in Zheng teacher in the "picture book" seek medical attention than others have said very detailed and specific, this would not have introduced one by one, I would like to explain formulas:

The throat disease can be found on the kidney pain acupuncture point to medial leg. Put some olive oil or cream on the inner side of the leg, the knee posture from "Yin Gu" (behind the knee on the medial fossa, in the "Medial Point Weizhong" side ") began to ankle medial bell point" push "approach, Zhubin (medial malleolus bone five inches Fuliu (), Taixi straight on two inches), Taixi (depression, the medial malleolus bone) clock (Taixi next cm) and other points if there is pain point massage, until the pain (with lung 2-3 days of massage can be cured, chronic the disease time may grow). In addition, pay attention to the inside of the foot massage "Zhaohai" (close to the lower edge of the medial malleolus bone) and "Valley cave" (the lower edge of the foot bone beneath the bone of the medial malleolus oblique), to see if the pain, pain in the pain, until not. If it is because the stomach caused by sore throat, also can massage "Neiting" (the gap between the second and third toes), it is the stomach "," Ying Ying points "main body heat". So because of stomach fire caused by sore throat, toothache cure it lit, the effect of no less than "bezoar detoxification pills".

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