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Author: Qiu ZhijiAbstract: the teacher Zhu Liangchun as early as 70s in the "Jiangsu Chinese" magazine published the "application" Tongli th


Author: Qiu Zhiji

Abstract: the teacher Zhu Liangchun as early as 70s in the "Jiangsu Chinese" magazine published the "application" Tongli therapy in febrile disease in a text, the Bo cited famous ancient paper, also focuses on the disclosure of the years of clinical practice and flexible play characteristics, for Chinese medicine treatment of the disease fever temperature to create a new road features a simple and inexpensive test, we follow the division of the law, it is also often the treatment of febrile diseases in recent years, this arrangement Zhu Shi drug characteristics to analyze experience and experience, to permit Zhu Shi bottom cold temperature, based on the clinical situation, a lot of innovation.

The teacher pointed out that Zhu Liangchun "is a general term for a variety of hot warm disease and venereal disease, many acute infectious fever were summarized, including Wei Qi Ying xue." Highly innovative clinical is outside the two solution by Liu He Jian of fever early. Not limited to first form, into conventional febrile disease. Zhu Shi experience: "- more than wins, but also save Yin Hozu, not only can discharge heat evil invisible, and in addition to the visible foul lag time. The root of the problem, honesty", and we also warned: "if a card table, aversion to cold than the evil heat and not even old infirm, pregnant or menstruating should be used with caution. This name teacher Zhu JE (Shu Wen), is treatment of paratyphoid fever (wet) characteristics are as follows:

1, the early treatment effect of anti JE Tongli, "Li Tang drop"

Zhu Shi pointed out that JE (Shu Wen) abrupt onset, change quickly, who is very difficult to perceive symptoms, Qi Ying and blood two burnt or after treatment...... Are advised to Tongli, "acute Yin" and the evil way. If you have a school boy suffering from encephalitis treatment, 10th, high fever convulsion due to strong coma, delirium, convulsions, stool for a week, hard full abdomen, head of steam, sweating, tongue yellowish thick and greasy, pulse number and heavy, Zhu Shizhen is hot and wet food stagnation stasis caused by Yangming, Shenhun orifices closed. To be anxious Tongli Xiere in addition to product, investment by "profit drop soup", medicinal rhubarb 9g, licorice 3G, 6G of light mirabilite, scorpion (1.5g research 10g for silkworm swallow), Uncaria 15g, Pueraria 10g for, uncaria, Artemisia for, Perrin, Shichangpu on one day, agent, have 4 parts, the next morning, under a foul night scale 4 times, was gradually cleared, the disease greatly reduced, reducing the amount of nitrate in 3 original yellow agent aftermath. Zhu Shi treatment JE acute stage, the first heavy Tongli though for the first, but are both prescription heat, wind phlegm, three words, "Li Tang" a surprise and treatment prescription have phlegm, phlegm and dispelling wind and expelling wind will, will discharge heat of Italy, focusing on Tongfu Xiere, a fundamental solution over the years. Practice has proved that the "Zhu Shi Li Tang" check erroneous ideas at the outset and shorten the course of treatment, prevention of cerebral edema, good effect, the formation of cerebral hernia. In JE therapy, "Li Tang" is set in the way of living, in the use of Zhongjing "tiaoweichengqi Decoction", "tiaoweichengqi Decoction" is the so-called three Chengqi Decoction of rhubarb (original Zhongjing boil Dachengqi in Xiaochengqi at the same time), but Zhu Shi to tiaoweichengqi products, take Dachengqi rhubarb into law, great ingenuity stealthily. Zhong Jingsan Chengqi with yellow Bennai very decent, should be bigger, should the small small, should be adjusted in regulating the characters, pathogenesis. This "falling profits soup" to consider the virtual real attack, more children with juvenile Yin and Yang, characteristics of delicate organs, for the treatment of phlegm, heat, JE characteristics of wind, both are false. Take the side of scorpion, silkworm is taking "Zhijingsan" meaning, Zhu Shi pointed out that scorpion chills and convulsion, go channeling rib bone, open blood detoxification. Its discharge heat dispelling wind, eliminating phlegm and detoxicating Kennedy, antispasmodic, activating the menstrual flow, a fever since the beginning of the truncated, twisting power. Uncaria clear light and cool, can discharge fire and wind can pass in the liver, pericardium wood, wind fire extinguishing, Zhu Zheng from the addition. Money b that "Wen Ping Uncaria baby Kezhen, non-toxic, the jielee, dispel phlegm gas closed, an Jingxian on the occasion in haste". And hook fujitoku Pueraria solution in table of evil, was through Shaoyang Fuxie Artemisia, yellow nitrate can discharge heat evil Yangming, Perrin Xuan can light the spleen and stomach dampness, it can open the machine body calamus gods, but to the product to Uncaria and pediatric medicine.

2, the very period of the first choice for JE, quasi wins frightened phlegm powder

Zhu Shi pointed out that very often JE, phlegm obstruction of Qi, Mongolia closed minded, protracted fever wound, coma convulsion, such as phlegm hiss, tongue thick and greasy, constipation or diarrhea, but not biantong, can use "capture the sputum frightened and scattered". Medicinal stir fried scorpion 30, Croton cream 0.45g (homemade) rhino yellow 0.6g, 1.5g cinnabar, realgar 2G, bile star 6G, fritillary, Tianzhu Huang 3G, 0.3g yuan (in) inch grinding fine noodles, bottled spare. Once for 6 year old girl, JE very, high fever coma, convulsions caused by phlegm, spasm of trachea sputum aspiration and asphyxia was difficult, that is intended to vote "took sputum frightened 0.7G, Xu San" about 4 hours after feeding, discharged black stool, see white mucus miscellaneous many, namely hot contusion and convulsion the solution, eliminating phlegm God, conditioning and more. The powder discharge heat, phlegm, convulsion of power set was significant, those under the age of 4 was 0.3g, the disease lasts. Zhu Shiyi for pneumonia, meningitis, toxic dysentery, symptoms of phlegm heat syndrome and phlegm like sawing wood, with good. Seize the sputum frightened and scattered in the song "•"; money B hold dragon pill (Tianzhu yellow, realgar, cinnabar, musk, Chen Danxing) five drugs based on plusscorpio, Croton cream, yellow fritillary, rhino composition, in Tianzhu Huang, Chen Danxing phlegm, realgar cinnabar monarch shouts, soothing the nerves; musk aromatic resuscitation, the provision of foul Tongluo stasis, because Taiwan and Southeast Asian countries banned cinnabar, Zhu Shi in the 96 year version of "medical" critical monograph to cover borax borax, antiseptic, through poison scattered, peaceful and harmless. "Ming" in medicine with Baolong pill plus yellow rhinoceros, Qingxin Huatan Zhen Jing, side of "Niuhuang Baolong pill" treatment of infantile acute panic, blinded judgment, tetany, delirium delirium and seize the sputum frightened and scattered "based on" Niuhuang Baolong pill "on plusscorpio chills and convulsion, open blood stasis detoxification, plus Croton cream product release by phlegm, and croton cream with moderate Jun robbing disease of power, with a wonderful micro adjustment. Even better in the compatibility of Croton cream can discharge heat and cold diarrhea Yangming node, this product stagnate, JE patients were from western medicine treatment, high dose antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, antihypertensive medicine, large dose infusion, early treatment to Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment, a cold accumulation stagnation viscera too, but for children delicate organs, not resistant to the burden. Take sputum startles "set junior clinical imitation Zhu division method" (homemade) JE treatment effect of very period, and the former by the bureau "Lianggesan" treatment of JE efficacy critical, indeed shorten the course of treatment, improve the curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine is the sequela, he was better, Zhu foot card division treatment JE emergency (summer temperature, convulsions, syncope, medication and heat) and characteristics.

3, typhoid and Tongli Dan Ge, bitter Sanhuang with card throwing

Zhu Shizhi and typhoid (wet temperature) praised the "light frequency method", as early as 70s a Nieshi "table and Dan" and "Ge Kusan Huangdan" shift rule and typhoid fever, flu isothermal fever, the effect is quite the course in 3 ~ 10 days, small dose, taking it to save money. Can reflect the characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine, is a simple example of low cost. The author according to Zhu division method, also made 2 Dan, after the treatment of typhoid fever and flu, powder, more should take effect, especially the "dissolution" and treatment of influenza in children with fever, cough and cough due to indigestion, lingering fever, indigestion due to improper milking, whooping cough, acute bronchial asthma, has simple and inexpensive test of praise, as sure as a gun. Effect. Zhu Shi pointed out that "table and Dan" applies to the flu, typhoid fever early to see a table in the isothermal, or the disease has been 35 days, there are still existing table card, often after taking a vent and pulse static cool body or obvious frustration, after serving 2 to 4 times the setback ", prescription: Rhubarb 135g fried, 45g, licorice, cicada silkworm 30g, acacia, Guangzhou turmeric, Fructus Mume Carbon 15g 180g, talc grinding, fine flour, fresh agastache juice, fresh mint juice, fresh carrot juice 240g pills, such as mung bean, adult each serving 4 ~ 6G, about 10 children per serving 2G 2 children under the age of 0.5 to 0.75g per serving. The teacher says it typhoid patients take "Table 3, and Dan" thermal potential is not down, but following the service of "Ge Kusan Huangdan", this is Dan Tongli Xiere, jieduhuazhuo and agents, generally take 5 to 10 days can be more effective, prescription: fly talc 600g, rhubarb 90g. 20 15g, a total of more than a fine grind surface. With 90g, 150g, Radix Sophora Root, Artemisia pollen, 90g, Yin Chen 60g, Bai Kouren 30g, Coptis chinensis, licorice root, cicada, and Jiang Huang, turmeric, herb 15g, jianqu gravy pills, see "medical" city people's Medical Publishing House 1996 first edition.

Typhoid (wet) a disease, early disease, stroke in turbid damp heat stagnating in the clip, gas, heat and cold when complex, fuzzy, there is no set number, but then the fever, body weight and grief, sweating, chest fullness, tongue white greasy moss, pulse moisten relief, thirsty and polydipsia. Typhoid serum agglutination test, Widal reaction of H> 1:160 O> 1:80, the hot dense triple burner, Zhu division intends to use the "table and Dan" or "Ge Kusan Huangdan" is obeying Wang Mengying conditioning gasification cardinal, lifting powder on the law, but not limited to advocate the "Wang Ye Tianshi Ganluxiaodu Dan" and "Shen Xi Dan" two party, for the treatment of wet summer disease best party said. "Table and Dan" by Yang Lishan "cold warm debate" "Shengjiangsan" Liu Wansu's "typhoid" 61 "straight lattice powder" modified, "Shengjiangsan" cicada, silkworm light or open lung, Sanjie spasmolysis, sparse in Xuan, turmeric Tongli rhubarb and turbidity, melting lifting scattered in a furnace, to mediate on, gas lifting machine, smooth triple burner, eliminating the heat, Zhu Zhengzi ping. In the two division for Rhubarb Zhu Dan main drug, cover the lung and large intestine, Lung Qi descending conduction function of direct effect on e.. The rhubarb laxative, is "sick in the dirty, for the organs, but lifting powder on the reform, adjusting the cardinal also of righteousness. Zhu Shi pointed out that pass by and can discharge heat evil invisible, and in addition to the visible foul lag time. - the root of the problem. And the micro discharge is Rhubarb in the wonderful stomach fire, not only to prove the modern pharmacology rhubarb slow, stomach and gallbladder, antibacterial effect, strong inhibition of typhoid and influenza virus were. "61 powder" in licorice 100 drugs, talc and six hollow organs of the astringent knot, mild cold, heavy and slippery. Cover light can cold dampness, heat, weight can be decreased, so it can slide to Tongzhiliqiao, supernatant water and bladder channel, in addition to the intrinsic damp heat, a toxin with a diuretic detoxification, drug release, miraculous accident. "Ge Kusan Huangdan and Mr. Qiao outside the two solutions can be, can heal two sense of typhoid fever. Can be empty, can cure typhoid mistreatment is deficient, can Dakwah table node lag, the financial "Shengjiangsan" Yi Yuan San "Ganluxiaodu Dan" ggqld "when" Bei Kushen pill "warm typhoid side in a furnace. In the three Weida yellow Sophora flavescens, bitter, high concentration, to taste bitter for treatment, and to taste bitter medicine standard, is intended to use the micro bitter medicine stressed in the stomach "," Compendium of Materia Medica ". The cases of drugs into the stomach, and the name of bitter ginseng, implying the meaning. In order to break the bitter, with five fresh juice run, fresh air to Zi's (formerly with fresh lotus leaf, fresh agastache 150g, fresh sage 180g, Xian Maogen 240g, turnip 60g, milling cutter Five Herbs juice mix powder pills) to eliminating dampness heat, gensei smooth to show obvious curative effect, and.

To sum up, also a glimpse of Zhu teacher advocate one characteristic Tongli therapy in the treatment of epidemic febrile diseases and the profound academic attainments. Incisive exposition, wisdom, proof of Zhu division is the ground for old Zhang Zhongjing advocated ", from aspects of faithful practitioners", also when the ancient Yi advocate for teacher Mr. Zoe Chatsy's "spirit of innovation, integrating new knowledge", practitioners of realistic style. A scholarship a medicine, a sense of a medicine, this is our division series clinical experience of finishing Zhu Yi sense.



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