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On EphedraThe world in the sense of "living book" and Jiean Tao said, at the sight of ephedra, for fear and avoidance of sweat agent. Ask th


On Ephedra

The world in the sense of "living book" and Jiean Tao said, at the sight of ephedra, for fear and avoidance of sweat agent. Ask the reason, not to force too fierce ephedra sweating, sweating more than died accidentally. This said, I do not want to cut up, Gu Ji cited Yidong hole to correct the mistakes of ephedra. He said, I hear, sweating more clothes of ephedra, which is sweating is more than to dare to use it. Evil, what is also. For the timid in the monster, do not taste on its territory, as a real monster also. As to the effect of the syndrome of ephedra, and sweat is out of yan. Although when the summer months, and no more than from sasa. Zhong Jingyan clothing covering after taking micro sweat like ephedra, Yi zai. Do not be full and scholars.

Ephedra itself sweating the force as usual. If the power of the adjuvant. No sweat fever syndrome such as chills, chills, Cardozo to twig, accompanied by fever and even root; bad cold arthralgia, with aconite. And if a plaster with, is more wonderful indescribable. There are doctors see cold heat, thirst and asthma, although the need for ephedra solution form, and then thinking about the drugs, forsythia Sangju roll soybean melon seeds, brimming with ideas. The so-called Liangqing canal symplectic solution, or cool solution table is evil, light effect, or will undoubtedly pass yang. I am in Ephedra gypsum and its solution in Ephedra gypsum flat the Yu heat, thirst, the pungent ephedra gypsum, the sweet and cold swap, why not more available. With the use of Ephedra and gypsum, a table drive heat, "to send Yu Yang". "To send Yu Yang" four words, deep cover. Secondly the righteous. In addition to ephedra sweating, Dingchuan is also the main function.

In the common toad that coughs, whooping cough, cough. It is also useful for prescription treating, ephedra, such as cormorants saliary pill. This was said to cause cold Lung Fu, ephedra can Xuan Li Qi, so the treatment of. Sweating and asthma, no heat, and Maxingganshi decoction. Thought that the hemp laurel stone Gan always does not have the perspiration sickness to be possible to take. Like as no sweat and panting, hot, no doubt. Breathing, without hot sweat. Our usual clinical trial for the case, from time to time, cough with phlegm and ephedra based, he side, all the more disease. Munehito taiyanxiansheng on treatment of pneumonia, cough, fever, wheezing not worse, no sweat should be xiaoqinglongjiashigaotang; Magui Khan Yi Shi Gan Tang, why have to sweat and not ban ephedra. Where to have no sweat sweat is not as fixed to ephedra, ephedra use.

Ephedra root section has the same antiperspirant effect. But our taste for ephedra root is. Take "effective prescription", "ancient wonders", and "Book Inspection Bureau", "agent", "three party ability for party", both with radical sweating ephedra. In "Materia Medica" as Fenfang Pu Zhen right, is also the author. There are clear indications of postpartum sweating more than • Fu Qing, ephedra root decoction has the effectiveness of use.

On the twig

From the middle period of Qing Dynasty, after the Soviet School of theory prevails, Guizhi value, no one can answer then. Disease is exogenous, neither for jieji, disease belongs to internal, but not used to fill, not abandoned materials sigh. For the case of Chinese ephedra Decoction of ephedra, fear of patients suspected Menghan, then with the generation of Jingfang ephedra, and Guizhi Zuo, also. Gai Guizhi is no sweating ability with its spicy channeling, it can help sweating medicine of sweat. The Soviet Union sent doctors so did not dare to use the reason to twig, speaking, but "the South without really typhoid". Zhong Jingzhi Ma GUI, can only be applied to the north, the south of the weak physique who can win. So if a generation of typhoid fever, regardless of febrile disease, a case of soybean volume, forsythia, chrysanthemum to cope with. Modern medicine industry cutting twig, flooding 35 days before, is fragrant has suffered the loss of Guizhi, Jiangsu school is clever, know Guizhi treat cold water volume is only two or three, however, Ning is not funny! Since the later "blood for Guizhi", is regarded as a disease of internal Guizhi, actually Guizhi Xin Wen, the blood can not in the prevalence of hyperthyroidism, true hot solid. To Xulao weak, when in "plain questions" "the temperature of workers who" meaning, it is well with rehmannia, Huangqi Guizhi with. The test of Zhong Jing "Guizhi keel Oyster Soup" and "Xiaojianzhong Decoction" and "Huangqi Jianzhong Decoction"; "Qian" ", the treatment of Zhigancao Decoction" is asthenia, loss of Jing hemorrhagia. The ancients did not abandon the "blood bogey, Guizhi", this non Guizhi bad is the right way of future generations with Guizhi also. Japanese Dong Dong 1 features that only Weng Guizhi, can cure cough with dyspnea, followed by physical pain. I think the lack of director, for use when the Guizhi, Zou Shu 2 said prevail.

On Paeonia lactiflora

Since the song and Yuan after work on the master of peony, not that cold acid convergence, non embroidered people but also yellow palace. A nest according to Mr. "this the" only think hard open discharge is great. We ran in today on the effect of peony, not by the smell of the control. The peony function to taste sour and bitter taste and solid, but also to discharge, to paeoniflorin in Guizhi Decoction on the adjuvant, but instead of monitoring Guizhi, Guizhi, his foot Xinyi. According to Ying Yin from within, Wei Yang is allowed to enter, then huddled chills, Xixi evil wind, Xi Xi Ying and Wei with fever, don't give up, then Ying and Wei Ming nasal retching, stalemate and eventually not phase homes, then be sweating. In Guizhi Decoction, peony, cassia twig, a yin and Yang, and accompanied by ginger, the deal will not give the dimension, with sweet jujube, the corrosion potential of micro stalemate, like sweat, then check the syndromes, and Ying Yang work cloth, absolutely non acid ends Khan says. Later in Zhongjing on typhoid fever after Mai Guizhi Decoction to promote the fullness of the chest, peony Lord, for the convergence of cold acid proof of peony, Yu for posterity do not like reading too interpret out of context. To know the peony indications, in pain and not in full, vein promoting fullness in the chest, the death of the main non peony. If and when full abdominal pain, Guizhi Shaoyao decoction is the main card. Go to the peony Zhongjing prescription, then typhoid fever, aversion to cold to micro, peony and Aconite Decoction to warm the main Xinyang solution. Also promote vein fullness in the chest. Or neither, peony, peony and acid, purging the liver and liver, the liver, liver and self discharge, will be unfounded. Why women with liver disease, with multiple effects. The husband of the so-called ancient liver disease, most of patients more depressed, a lot of pain. Peony can alleviate pain, so much effect on liver. Self and agent Bureau has Siwu Decoction system, then regarded as a woman to peony Yangxue heavy goods, so Zhongjing. The essence is less understood.

Modern medicine four to 35 days immersion in the peony, then slice, natural flavor, the loss will be more, so will be used to five or six Peony Money is effective. My teacher has worked with Cao Zhuochao (Ying Fu) Mr. treat a girl, peony will be used to 22.


1 Japanese Chinese medicine Ji Yidong's "medicine" - Dong said: "also attending thrusting, next to cure bentun, headache, fever and sweating evil wind, body pain."

2 Shu Zou mentioned in "the Sutra card": "the road has six; Yue and camp, said Yang, Li Yue Yue Yue water, gas, blood stasis, Buzhong said. The maximum power, the most extensive, no such as Guizhi Decoction, and the first work camp."

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