Prevention and treatment of senile eczema

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Eczema is regardless of age and sex, men and women, old and young are likely to occur. The common feature of the patient is the high sensiti


Eczema is regardless of age and sex, men and women, old and young are likely to occur. The common feature of the patient is the high sensitivity of the body, can not tolerate the life of many common stimuli. For example, spicy food, fish, mutton, pollen, dust mites, chemicals in the air smell, daily contact with skin cosmetics, washing products, fur fabric and so on, will become the cause of eczema.

The function of the elderly body are in decline, adapt to the environment, prevention of evils, resistance to harmful substances are worse than younger people, therefore, more scientific to daily life. Eczema is easy to attack again, because the cause of eczema is all around us, so in addition to drug prevention and treatment of eczema, nursed back to health is also very important.

First of all, the patients to hold his hand, itchy rash can be local or use wet compress paint, anti itch, do not scratch. Scratch the skin is malignant stimulation, the rash will increase, and even erosion, water, secondary infection.

Secondly, in the diet, the patient should quit smoking wine, do not eat spicy food and spicy fish, shrimp, crab, lamb, fresh mushrooms, leeks, etc.. Better can try to eat a small amount, but should pay attention to meat, fish, eggs cooked to eat, eat more prone to allergies halfcooked.

Third, the living environment is simple and natural. Decoration of the room smell, the smell of new furniture, the scent of flowers, pesticides, perfume, air fresheners and other distributed in the air, allergies may increase the risk of inhalation, should be avoided.

Fourth is the clothing, clothing, all with bed sheets, quilt cover, the best selection of silk cotton. Chemical fiber, fur fabrics, down on the skin irritation. In addition, all the clothes and clothes must be washed clean, thoroughly remove detergent; softener should also be carefully selected.

The fifth is to take a bath, acute eczema temporarily do not take a bath, after remission can not wash with hot water, wash is a stimulant, make more rash. Elderly skin oily small, relatively dry climate, the dry season in a weekly bath can be 1 times, with the high alkaline bath should not be, can choose mild children bath.

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