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Eye disease although said the wind syndrome, heat syndrome, wind heat syndrome mostly, but the water dampness syndrome is not uncommon. Wher


Eye disease although said the wind syndrome, heat syndrome, wind heat syndrome mostly, but the water dampness syndrome is not uncommon. Where the eye delay time, when combined with the head shape, from dampness for the tongue is particularly important.

According to: wet is not the accumulation of water, water is the formation of the wet, water wet properties of the same, only the degree of difference. Eye water syndrome, more than from the disease, dampness syndrome is more from the dialectical point of view. Therefore, wet eye syndrome, clinical negligence. The wet Yin evil, it is not easy to head off in the viscous, dissolution, a long outer eye does not heal, should be considered for patients with wet. Although there is a specific form of the card, but according to the syndrome differentiation, the emergence of greasy fur has important reference value.

Eye disease is long, or itching, or pain, or swelling, or astringent, or paste, especially to the evening twilight. White and sticky secretions, or a kind of foam. Yellow urine, pale tongue, greasy. The dampness, dispelling wind and clearing agent shall not vote, Yi Decoction of agastache. What if the astringent red tongue, yin deficiency and dampness, reducing wind, Chuanxiong Decoction the content of patchouli and rehmannia, principal of paeonol.

According to: damp evil or from the outside, or from the inside, the sex of the water, easy to block the air machine, and then affect blood flow, it can produce itching, pain, swelling. Wet gas machine, due to the distribution of body fluid is acerbity, empathy and dry dampness. Dusk to night to Yang Yin, Yin before Sheng, wet as evil, filled in time, so as to paste increased. Wet Yin, its sex is sticky, so secretion white and sticky. The disease is more common in chronic conjunctivitis and other eye diseases, such as shallow, superficial punctate keratitis, scleritis, with dampness can be found, can according to the article on the treatment of the disease, do not have to stick. If the yin deficiency and dampness, very difficult to treat, when the Yin and don't get wet, do not hurt the Yin for eliminating dampness.

The content of patchouli Decoction

Ageratum 5g, coix seed 30g, Alisma 10g, 10g talc, dafupi 5g, Plantago 10g (package), wind 5g, angelica 10g, Chuanxiong 5g, Poria 10g. Water decoction.

The content of reducing wind, Chuanxiong Decoction of ageratum and rehmanniae, cortex moutan.

Ageratum 5g, coix seed 30g, 10g talc, Alisma Plantago 10g, 10g (package), dafupi 5g, Poria 10g, angelica 10g, Rehmannia 15g, cortex moutan 10g. Water decoction.

Damp heat stasis eyelid, eyelid skin irritation or erosion, exudation of scab, pain very urticant, red tongue, when the decomposition heat, Lianpu Decoction of ermiao. Wu Cheng wave scattered washing.

According to the wet and damp heat and heat, also for the card, common eye disease. The symptoms can appear in ulcerative blepharitis, eyelid eczema, herpes zoster, heat and other diseases during the course of disease, although different, but we can witness the treatment with damp heat, heat clearing method.

Lianpu Ermiao Decoction

Coptis 10g, Magnolia 5g, Atractylodes 10g, Phellodendron 10g, talc 10g, Poria 10g, Plantago 10g (package), 5g. 5g, Akebia, Kochia 10g, dittany bark 10g. Water decoction.

Wu Cheng dispersion ("Shengji Zonglu")

12g (vitriol washed sand), dried ginger (15g processing), talc (Research), ash (to rough skin) 30g.

On the ramming research for powder, each with 1g, boiling soup soak, wash clarification. The available dried ginger, talc, ash 10g, fry, after vitriol 10g, dissolved in Chinese wash filtrate.

Wet and hot wind and consistency, eye itching, born in white sticky sand, astringent pain. Palpebral conjunctiva flat nipple, conjunctival hyperemia was dirty brown tone, not fresh, pale yellow corneal colloid nodules. The wind, heat, wet three Tongzhi, silver Zhi tarragon soup the main Fangfengtongsheng pill is the main.

According to the special words: Spring catarrhal conjunctivitis treatment of mixed type. Wind, heat and dampness coexist with the three evils, so the combination of governance. Silver Zhifeng Zhi YCT in heat treatment of wet strength, Fangfengtongsheng pill is partial to treat wind heat treatment.

Silver Zhi Yin Chen Tang

Honeysuckle 10g, angelica 10g, Artemisia 10g, licorice 5g, Schizonepeta 10g, Scutellaria 10g, talc 10g. Plantago 10g (package), cicada 5g, 10g etc.. Water decoction.

Fangfengtongsheng pill ("vision on the side")

15g wind, Schizonepeta 15g, 15g forsythia, mint 15g, Chuanxiong 15g, angelica 15g 15g white peony, Atractylodes 15g, gardenia 15g, 15g rhubarb, mirabilite gypsum 15g, 30g, 30g of Radix Scutellariae, jiegeng 30g, licorice 60g, talc (90g coating), ephedra 15g. The drug crushed into fine powder, water pan for the pill. Each serving 6G, 1 times 2 times.

Corneal ulcer, prolonged unhealed, ulcer, necrosis or dull color, has found mold, Qingre antidote is not effective, yellow and greasy fur, heat adhesive puzzled, even the summer of tarragon soup.

Note: This article is common in fungal corneal ulcer, other types of corneal ulcer show damp heat witnesses, also according to this article.

Lian Xia Chen Tang

10g Coptis, pinellia 10g, Artemisia 10g, talc 10g, gardenia 10g, Poria 10g, Akebia 5g, agastache 5g, Scutellaria 10g, Shichangpu 10g. Water decoction.

Keratoconus, Descemet membrane rupture, corneal epithelial height swelling and thickening, extensive epithelial blisters, dizziness, appetite, pale tongue, greasy, spleen wet pan, Shenqi decoction of lingzhu.

Note: This article is acute cone, although the lesions in the cornea, but now is the water retention, so the treatment from the spleen from the wet, not from the liver from the heat. This article is for the treatment of the disease, as shown in the eyes of all the Department of water and dampness syndrome, syndrome differentiation should not rigidly adhere to the disease.

Shen Qi Ling Zhu Decoction

15g dangshen, Astragalus 30g, 10g Poria, Alisma 10g, coix seed 30g, pinellia 10g, orange peel 5g, Atractylodes rhizome 10g, Atractylodes 10g, wind 10g, tetrandrine 10g, cinnamon 10g, yam 10g. Water decoction.

Qi stagnation and intraocular, loss of degrees, water transport barriers, suffer from stagnation. Early open angle glaucoma, intraocular pressure fluctuation amplitude increases, or increased intraocular pressure, the body often unlicensed discernible, when help gasification, Lee water wet, Xiaoyao Decoction of Poria five. Don't take soup effect, Blood Stasis Decoction of rhubarb to hydrophobic Tongzhi, Guizhi, principal of licorice.

To promote and infuriating: intraocular Gushe water features, which have controlled the output, so as to maintain a certain amount, maintaining normal levels of intraocular pressure. Once it intraocular dysfunction, which influence the distribution of water, and water retention. Block the source water to gas and water are sluggish, regulating qi, warming Yang Guizhi Poria five powder to help gasification in Xiaoyao Powder of liver wood, and regulating intraocular gas machine. According to the "blood - water - cream", "water is blood", the water distribution, to contain in the ball in the wall of the blood stagnation of Qi pathway, intraocular long, causing blood stasis, blood stasis and water resistance of the formation of pathology. The soup is blood stasis hydrophobic Tongzhi, the no evil fire, so the reduction of rhubarb, Guizhi, licorice, from Yang from gas.

Xiaoyao five Ling Decoction

Bupleurum 5g, angelica 10g, 10g white peony, Atractylodes 10g, Poria 30g, cassia twig 10g, Polyporus 10g, Alisma 10g, licorice 5g, Plantago 10g (package). Water decoction.

Huayu Decoction of rhubarb and Guizhi, reducing the hydrophobic side of licorice

Motherwort 30g, angelica 10g, 30g Poria, Polyporus 10g, peach 10g, Eupatorium 10g, Alisma Plantago 10g chongweizi 10g, 10g (package), safflower 10g, cinnamon 10g, licorice 5G. Water decoction.

Central serous retinopathy, macular edema, exudation and spots around the halo around the reflection, reflection is not visible, this is the fluid stopping, the body often undocumented to follow, five Ling Decoction of peach, water also when treating blood, blood and water and road.

According to the central serous chorioretinopathy for pigment epithelial barrier dysfunction, choroidal capillary leakage of liquid volume in the macula, combined with fundus findings, which belongs to the water, with five main water chestnutsdisperse gas and water, with Taohongsiwu Decoction on blood stasis, regulating blood circulation, reduce the choriocapillary the permeability, promote the absorption of liquid leakage. This is also related to the blood, cover water place, often with blood stasis, blood flow, liquid water is spread out.

Five Ling Taohong Decoction

Cinnamon 10g, Atractylodes 10g, 10g Poria, Polyporus 10g, Alisma 10g, peach 10g, safflower 10g, 15g shengdehuang 10g, angelica tail, red peony 10g, Chuanxiong 10g, Plantago 10g (package). Water decoction.

Take five Ling pink soup dozens of agents, macular edema, visual acuity improved to be righting evil back when, in the door for the deficiency.

Press: water retention, evil also. Five Ling of pink soup, quxie. Evil back PZ, but also often method. At the door for the deficiency, follow the tonic method.

Take five Ling pink soup dozens of agents, macular edema has not returned, vision increased slowly, when health to water wet temper, Shenqi decoction of lingzhu.

According to the service: diuresis and activating blood circulation, edema is not retreated, showing the temporary effect, when tackling the problem. Cure from spleen, spleen to transport and distribution of the subtle temper, health, water wet to metaplasia.

Shen Qi Ling Zhu Decoction (Fang Jianqian).

Ocular contusion, retinal oscillation, a white light only edema, macular edema, or with subarachnoid hemorrhage. This violent injury intraocular gas Topsin, Qi, retention of water. To help Lee gasification, waterway, through blood vessels, five Ling Decoction of peach.

In order to blood, by the impact of violence, or even no bleeding, blood disease will survive, as of course of blood tongzhi.

Five Ling Taohong Decoction (Fang Jianqian).

Primary retinal detachment, no holes, can take off from the virtual water net soup, seeking. After the surgery of retinal detachment, macular hole closure, but not the absorption of subretinal fluid, first Taohong five Ling decoction, blood tongzhi. The subretinal fluid is not delayed, but also the main network to remove the soup.

According to: the primary retinal detachment should be timely surgical treatment, a few cases should not or do not accept surgery, according to the provisions of this article. Subretinal fluid. Although primary retinal detachment occurred in high myopia, has been in existence before the onset of retinal degeneration, atrophy and degeneration of the vitreous body liquefaction, these lesions occur in the turbine range, the deficiency of the Kidney Pathological manifestations. Therefore, this article not only water, but from the imaginary seeking. A kidney, wenyanghuashui. A spleen, Qi water. But the method of specimens. If the postoperative subretinal fluid absorption, blood and water to the temporary, not effective, then specimens.

Net removing Decoction

Cinnamon 6G, dangshen 15g, Astragalus 30g, Ligustrum lucidum 10g, raspberry 10g, 30g Poria, Polyporus 10g, Atractylodes 10g, Alisma Plantago 10g, 10g (package), angelica 10g, Salvia 10g, yam 10g. Water decoction.

Five Ling Taohong Decoction (Fang Jianqian).

Heat the guest to the target system, Xuanfu block, viscera essence cannot be inherited, decreased visual acuity, red tongue, Lianpu Decoction of Acorus calamus.

In this article: in acute and chronic retrobulbar neuritis, anterior ischemic optic neuropathy and other diseases, the diagnosis of tongue, such as chest tightness with reduced diet, head such as wrap, fatigue lethargy and other evidence, based on the heat more fully.

Lianpu Decoction of Acorus calamus

Coptis 10g, Magnolia 10g, Shichangpu 10g, Chuanxiong 10g, Radix Curcumae 10g, agastache 5g, Poria 10g, Pueraria 10g. Water decoction.

Take Lianpu calamus soup, hot and damp evil gradually solution, vision improved, greasy fur has to Xuanhua, when the liver Qi Tongli Xuanfu, dampness and turbid to remove residual evil, Xiaoyaosan plus gardenia, turmeric, Ge Gen, principal of calamus.

According to this article: for rehabilitation of the law, because of the heat for the patient, not greasy and sweet Yin agent, and Xiaoyaosan, Fang Guishao nourishing, Lingzhu grass Nourishing Spleen Qi, without delay, without obstructing free repair, damp heat evil.

Xiaoyaosan plus gardenia, turmeric, calamus, Ge Genfang

Bupleurum 5g, angelica 10g, 10g white peony, Atractylodes 10g, Poria 10g, licorice 5g, Shichangpu 10g, gardenia 10g, Radix Pueraria 10g 10g. Water decoction.



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