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1 Ephedra(1) ephedra, rhubarbEphedra Xinwen jiebiao, captured two rhubarb bitter cold, combined, Jointnomy eye disease severe heat. Commonly


1 Ephedra

(1) ephedra, rhubarb

Ephedra Xinwen jiebiao, captured two rhubarb bitter cold, combined, Jointnomy eye disease severe heat. Commonly used in the white eye anemopyretic clogging, hyperemia and edema, gum tears communicator. Ephedra Xuanfei scattered in the wind evil, lung and large intestine, colon out, rhubarb took the lung heat to vent on decomposition is lung clogging the evil without being.

(2) ephedra, gypsum

As mxsgd in two main herbs, drugs and Han Xin Wu phase. Ephedra scattered in the lung by wind, gypsum by two Qingfei heat, consistency, white eye wind heat syndrome of good governance, such as acute conjunctivitis, keratitis, scleritis blister disease early is available. There is a corneal lung and said (see a pick and roll on anatomy and physiology of five round), it can also be used in the wind heat syndrome. If the plaster with a small amount of ephedra, can be used for eliminating heat from the lung with white eyes for heat syndrome, ephedra disperse and help blood flow.

(3) ephedra, asarum

All two Xin Wen products, which must be used to enhance the effect of dispelling wind and cold. Asarum Xiang channeling Tongqiao, more ascending pain. The medicine of commonly used cold eye disease, conjunctiva, corneal lesions can be in cell swollen and thin white, thin, floating tears filled pale blood, not thirsty, pale tongue for indications of medication. The cause of the fire is the majority, with this medicine to differentiate the true, the disease that is.

Guizhi 2

(1) Guizhi Fuling

Yang Guizhi Fuling Qi, dampness, qi circulation, water wet. Evidence of water retention in the eye, such as macular edema, retinal edema, subretinal fluid and other commonly used.

(2) cassia twig, licorice

Guizhi Xinwen Ganping licorice. "Through the" cloud: "Singan divergence Yang", the two combined, can warm yang. In ophthalmology three. First, Yang Wen Xin, to send more SG, for central serous chorioretinopathy, late optic neuritis and fundus diseases, to improve eyesight. Second, encourage the heart, promote blood. For the heart qi deficiency, blood stasis type of central retinal vein occlusion. Third, Xin Gan Hua Yang, help to restore the normal activity of gasification for intraocular Qi, the distribution of water. Treatment of open angle glaucoma.

(3) cassia twig, gelatin

Sweet Guizhi, Wenyangtongmai gelatin; gamping, blood and yin. One from the Yang, one from the yin. One from the gas, one from the blood. One driven, one from static. The combination of the Yin and Yang, Qi and blood, strong, smooth venation. Commonly used in the deficiency of Qi and blood, lost support of the eye fundus disease; also used the heart qi deficiency, blood stasis, weak agitation, Blood Meridian, central retinal vein occlusion, collateral overflow in the outside of the retinal arteriosclerosis hemorrhage disease.

3 Schizonepeta

(1) bamboo, wind

Drugs of divergent medicine which must be used to drive the head, good wind evil, all eye itching and pain, red and swollen, tears is available. Palpebral margin and eyelid skin erosion also used, wind dampness ear. If the wind and eye disease, antipyretic to match.

(2) Radix Rehmanniae and Radix Rehmanniae

Watercress can enter the blood, blood in search of the wind, while Rehmanniae Rehmanniae Schizonepeta with Yangyin Liangxue, but not dry, not greasy with herb rehmannia. Two compatibility, can clear the blood heat, commonly used in chronic conjunctivitis eye itching; also for febrile herpes, herpes zoster, contact dermatitis and other diseases, the eyelid skin flushing is itching, heat stroke in the blood. If the catnip connate Rehmannia is commonly used in cooling blood to stop bleeding, eye bleeding early is blood heat Wang walker.

(3) Chinese Cabbage

Schizonepeta drugs, Coptis bitter cold, two combined, a total of Coushu wind and heat power, suitable for eye disease is commonly used in wind heat syndrome, acute conjunctivitis and keratitis disease. Because of the two into the heart of Coptis, canthus anemopyretic lesions, such as angular conjunctivitis, pterygium syndrome is more suitable.

4 Notopterygium

(1) notopterygium and Radix Saposhnikoviae

Xin Qufeng medicine combined, for eye disease or wind Sheng, wind with cold syndrome, stronger than Schizonepeta, windproof, and has good analgesic effect. If the match is antipyretic and treatment of eye disease, wind heat syndrome or wind heat dampness syndrome.

Notopterygium Duhuo, (2)

The two are for hard warm goods, combined enhanced wet Qufeng analgesic efficacy for wind Sheng eye disease, with dampness with limb pain especially. And if on Antipyretic combination, then treat eye disease wind heat syndrome.

(3) notopterygium, rhubarb

Hot and cold wind of drugging combined, a scattered evil on the outside, a discharge heat in the heat, eye disease good governance, commonly used in acute conjunctivitis and keratitis and severe heat disease.

5 wind

(1) wind, Angelica

Divergent medicine combined drugs. Eye disease wind Sheng, cell swollen and floating, itching, pain, tears are advised; also good governance wind evil eye disease with Yangming headache (forehead pain). The wind into the spleen, angelica into stomach, the combination of the two, can raise the stomach clear Yang qi. With the blood medicine match, the treatment goal to keep the lost glory of eye pain. With Spleen Qi herbs, then treat eye disease such as gas subsidence, long eyelashes weakness, soreness, ptosis, eye black depression syndrome ".

(2) wind, bile Arisaema

Bile Arisaema bitter cold, phlegm, with small dose of wind, to Xin Sanjie, agitate stubborn phlegm for powder to cure eye disease of phlegm heat syndrome. Purulent keratitis ulcer surface necrosis of the tissue as phlegm heat, can be added to the main disease side of the medicine. The posterior wall of the cornea, the retina, and so on, which is also available for phlegm heat. If the wind dose is increased, it is often used in the treatment of wind phlegm, such as paralytic strabismus and supraorbital neuralgia.

(3) the wind and Equisetum.

The stand level, to the evacuation of wind heat tuiyi, combined with the main Singan tepid wind, wind tuiyi, for "nebula because wind-driven", commonly used in the early stage of keratitis and pain, photophobia, tears of the wind proved significant.

(4) windbreak and anti

The wind in Ganxinwen, Qufeng wins wet; prevention has bitter cold, dispelling wind and dampness. The two combined, the cold temperature is not partial, for eye disease pathogenic wind dampness, itching and blepharitis especially suitable; also used for eyelid edema, conjunctival edema, retinal edema and other symptoms. Two all out pain effect, uveitis and scleritis is a disease, rheumatic fever for patients with limb joint pain is common.

6 Ligusticum

(1) Ligusticum, wind

This is in addition to the benefit and loss of two taste soup wind wind medicine, out of Qufengzhitong. Mainly used for ocular trauma, head wind evil take advantage of the crack and enter ocular pain, photophobia, tears. Ligusticum, wind into the urinary bladder meridian of foot Taiyang, cover the sun of the body surface, the two match, the invasion of pathogenic wind from the skin and fur. This medicine is also used to wind Sheng eye disease, top head pain, only.

(2) Ligusticum and asarum

All two drugs for dispelling wind and cold products, which must be used to force the violent. Upward on the head top of Ligusticum, asarum Xiang channeling Tongqiao eye disease with brain, cold pain especially top. In the hot medicine to spread evil, are heavy, medium and light division. This medicine for heavy agent, notopterygium and Radix Saposhnikoviae as agent, Schizonepeta, windproof lighter agent, according to the condition and the choice of the.


(1) mint, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi

Peppermint Xinliang, Scutellaria bitter cold, two combined, good kiyotoshi leader, widely used in eye disease wind heat syndrome, especially for viral infection. Shufeng antipyretics to also be divided into levels, heavy agents such as ephedra, rhubarb, ephedra, gypsum; agents such as Schizonepeta, Coptis chinensis; light agent mint, baicalin. The clinical trial should be correct and select.

(2) mint, forsythia

Cold and bitter cold phase also Xin Wu, for clearing the wind light agent, function and application of the same basic mint, mint, Scutellaria baicalin, but partial to this drug and scattered in the lung by wind heat, for the scattered heart heat.

(3) mint, chrysanthemum

Mint Xinliang, chrysanthemum Han Xin, two are for evacuation of wind heat, which must be used for light agent. With mint, mint, Scutellaria, forsythia, this medicine for dispelling wind, clearing heat and power is low. Used to heat and light in itchy eyes tears. Chrysanthemum can tuiyi Mingmu, so the superficial corneal diseases also used.

8 niubangzi

(1) Fructus Arctii, Trichosanthin

Niubangzi hard cold, detumescence; pollen bitter and sweet cold, detoxification. Two combined, for the eye disease. The syndrome of heat toxin, blood stasis. Eyelid purulent infection, swelling and nodules commonly used; also for bullous diseases such as conjunctivitis, episcleritis.

(2) burdock, Angelica

The two are out of detumescence effect. For clearing heat burdock product matched with drugs of angelica, is divergent and strong in heat power, commonly used in the eyelid suppurative infection, acute dacryocystitis, orbital cellulitis etc. disease early, Xin swelling pain, fever and chills. Spring catarrhal conjunctivitis, trachoma and other disease itching, eyelid or conjunctival papilla and follicle are commonly used.

(3) burdock, cicada

The two are out of work. Numerous guests, heat in the eyelid skin, itching papules, herpes appeared commonly, can Qufengzhiyang, through the heat leak.

9 cicada

(1) cicada, chrysanthemum

The "hydrophyllaceae living book" cicada chrysanthemum drink, the original red eye disease for measles. The two are for light products, with wind dispersing heat, tuiyi eyesight of the power used in the heat head itch, tears and superficial keratitis.

Cicada, Equisetales (2)

Two of them have Shufeng heat tuiyi effect, which must be used for partial to disperse wind heat type wind severe keratitis. By the help of modern Pang's Qingyang drugs for dispelling effects, to ease the eye Xuanfu stagnation syndrome treatment for sudden blindness, retinal vein occlusion, often accompanied in Shugan Huoxue Huayu in.

(3), cicada slough

Sweet and cold cicada slough, Gan Xianping, the two combined, with qufengqingre, stop itch with tears. The two are for animal molt, have good effect from pannus for anemopyretic keratitis. Was made into injection (double shed injection) as subconjunctival injection treatment, achlys [1].

(4) cicada, Uncaria

All two ganhan products, which must be used to enhance the cold wind, liver, antispasmodic effect. Commonly used in wind heat type keratitis, can relieve blepharospasm and tears, photophobia and stimulation symptoms; also used too much, the number of children blink orbicularis muscle twitches, paralytic strabismus and facial nerve spasm and eyelid spasm disease, liver meridian wind heat.

(5) cicada, Atractylodes

Chantui sparse return pannus, Atractylodes Jianpi Mingmu two, combined, tackling the problem, commonly used in the keratitis recovery period, the waning of evil, no Yin injury symptoms, or excessive cold medicine treatment service. The spleen is acquired, which Qi camp blood metaplasia, spleen qi is sufficient, strong, head of security, to the dissipation scale. Cangshu hard temperature, can dispel wind and dampness, and the cicada ganhan, to clear more than evil, and the cold temperature is made, the fire danger of helpless.

10 mulberry leaves

(1) mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum

Mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum and bitter sweet cold Xin slightly cold, are clearing the wind light agent, which must be used, itchy watery eye disease, should the light wind heat evil. Chrysanthemums have tuiyi effect, this drug also commonly used in superficial punctate keratitis. This medicine for decoction wash, antipruritic effect from red.

(2) mulberry, black sesame seeds

Namely Sangma pill. Mulberry leaf wind evil, black sesame seeds for blood, two combined, fill in a scattered, scattered injury is the repair lag greasy, treatment of liver and kidney deficiency, pathogenic wind invasion of dacryorrhea. This medicine has to stop tears effect, still can be eyesight, can be used for chronic eye disease (especially in the adjuvant treatment of fundus diseases). If the two study a total of fine, add sugar when eating, for the eye care side.

11 Chrysanthemum

(1) chrysanthemum, medlar

Chrysanthemum Essien stand slightly cold, medlar Liver eyesight; Gan Ping, nourishing liver and kidney. Two combined, fill in a clear, fill in a scattered, scattered and clear but nourishing but not greasy, widely used for liver and kidney yin deficiency disease.

(2) chrysanthemum, white Tribulus terrestris

The two are all can be outside, can be scattered to clear the goods, must be used, its work has a number of three. On the one hand, Shufeng heat tuiyi, commonly used in wind heat type keratitis. Second, Qufengzhiyang, commonly used in trachoma, conjunctivitis, blepharitis, eyelid eczema, herpes zoster, heat disease such as wind and tickle what. Third, Pinggan Xifeng Qianyang, commonly used in the deficiency of liver yin, fengyangshangkang eye disease, such as optic neuritis, open angle glaucoma and hypertension fundus diseases accompanied by headache, dizziness, should the.

(3) chrysanthemum, dense flower

The two are out of Qinggan tuiyi Mingmu power, which must be used to treat liver heat eye disease. Mimeng flower "disperse red vessels in the eyes" ("Kai Materia Medica") of the power, the clinical medicine on this habit for treating corneal pannus.

12 Bupleurum

(1) bupleurum, Scutellaria baicalensis Georgi

For Xiaochaihu Decoction (Radix Scutellariae, radix, ginseng, pinellia, licorice, ginger, jujube) in two main herbs. Bupleurum hard slightly cold, scattered in the form of evil; Scutellaria bitter cold, in the heat. Eye disease with chills and fever, mouth pain, throat and other symptoms of commonly used shaoyang. The liver can also bupleurum, Scutellaria in bile, the two match, good governance for the liver by heat, the cornea is particularly suitable for wind heat syndrome. Modern pharmacological studies show that the two medicines have the virus inhibitory effect on herpes simplex virus, in the treatment of herpes simplex keratitis, often used with honeysuckle, forsythia and.

(2) bupleurum, Cimicifuga

Bupleurum bitter cold, Cimicifuga Singan slightly cold, two are for Xinliang of the table of the goods, which must be used with Qingrejiedu dispelling wind power, for eye disease often with the syndrome of wind heat, heat clearing and gunpowder. This medicine on and lift the Qing Yang effect, and Buzhongyiqi herbs, treatment of eye disease in depression. Can l Shaoyang Qi bupleurum, Cimicifuga can raise spleen and stomach gas, the two combined, can lift up the essence of viscera on the bearing in the eye, can be used as a "light" with optic neuritis, central serous chorioretinopathy fundus disease, visual acuity can be slow.

(3) bupleurum, mint

All two pungent and cool products, which must be used to heat treatment red eyes, itchy eyes, tears and other symptoms. The experiment proves that both have the inhibition of herpes simplex virus in vitro, commonly used in the treatment of herpes simplex keratitis. Bupleurum, mint two also with Shuganjieyu Zhigong, can be used for the stagnation of liver Qi eye disease, should be used when a small dose of.

(4) Bupleurum chinense

ChaiHuShuGan, Shichangpu resuscitation, two combined, can the head of Tongli Xuanfu, commonly used in the stagnation of liver qi, Xuanfu occlusion fundus diseases, such as ischemic optic neuritis, optic neuropathy, optic nerve atrophy disease. In the latter part of some ocular fundus diseases, this medicine to match with Qi, Yi Jing, Yang and other drugs, can dredge the Shenguang Road, to enhance the visual power.

(5) bupleurum, Cyperus rotundus

ChaiHuShuGan reached, Cyperus Jieyu Qi, liver qi stagnation are advised to head the cause of. Open angle glaucoma and other diseases commonly used in acute retrobulbar neuritis, ischemic optic neuropathy, and systemic with chest tightness, chest pain, sigh syndrome. If the medicine is added to activate blood circulation and remove stasis, it can enhance the function of blood circulation, and it is used for blood stasis syndrome.

(6) Radix Bupleuri and Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort

The two match, its work is three. First, the two are spicy, into the gallbladder meridian of foot Shaoyang, can dispel the wind, commonly used in eye disease with temporal headache. According to the meridian, where the conjunctiva, sclera, cornea and other lesions occurred in the temporal side, or from the outside in development, disease in Shaoyang, due to wind, available for this drug. Second, all two with Shuganjieyu Zhigong, Kawa Karaka walked channeling, good open eye, so the medicine can Tongli Xuanfu, bupleurum, Shichangpu with basic application. Third, bupleurum Qi, Chuanxiong Huoxue, can smooth Qi and blood, blood stasis is commonly used in fundus hemorrhage.

13 Pueraria

(1) Ge Gen, C.

The two are for acrid cold products, into the spleen and stomach by two, good governance of Yangming wind heat syndrome, commonly used in heat and eye disease with forehead pain and eyebrow bone pain. Two also can send up clear Yang Qi application is basically the same as bupleurum, Cimicifuga, kudzu, but are more specifically cohosh into the stomach, to lift.

(2) Ge Gen, cypress

The two commonly used drugs and Buzhongyiqi. Singan Qingyang to help on puerarin, viscera essence Qi Cheng; Phellodendron bitter cold, in case with qihm help fire. Used in weak eye disease. However, Pueraria Sheng Qing Yang, but is also used for purging phellodendron, weak strength, Yin Fire on inflammatory disease. According to modern pharmacological research, puerarin can promote retinal microcirculation improvement, so the medicine can be used for the treatment of optic disc vasculitis, Eales disease and other diseases.

(3) Ge Gen, Ligusticum chuanxiong Hort

Two are with relaxation of vascular smooth muscle, dilation of blood vessels, improve the retinal microcirculation, which must be used to enhance blood circulation effect. It can be used in the treatment of central retinal vein occlusion and ischemic optic papilla lesions.

(4) Ge Gen, Trichosanthin

Pueraria Shengqing, pollen production. The two combined, thirst, good governance, commonly used in eye disease, syndrome of wind heat syndrome and the thirsty; also often used in the treatment of diabetic fundus changes.


[1] Journal of traditional Chinese medicine 1980; 21 (6): 36.

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