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(a) virus infection is common, single spore strip around the soft wart pox, single spore nasal orifice, the first band of pain, papulovesicl


(a) virus infection is common, single spore strip around the soft wart pox, single spore nasal orifice, the first band of pain, papulovesicle with crusting, with hip shoulder ribs to the trigeminal, varicella children see spring, papulovesicle scab, skin and mucous long rash, rash before the scab infection, a method in Nailuo million, oral infusion with Chinese medicine, Flat Wart Vulgaris extension soft, treatment with experience, push and pull out applicator and removal, laser cauterization with wire.

(two) fungal disease is not uncommon, and shares a body of infectious bacteria, sweat wet, it is difficult to eradicate, severe oral Iran fluoronaphthalene, adherence to treatment is the key, and a little vinegar bubble wash, afraid of fungi alkaline acid, coated with imidazole with no card, no card can collapse body shares.

(three) the chest and back up tinea versicolor, with no outside Calgary imidazole, also painted 40 large soda.

(four) candidiasis variety, hot sweat easily attack breast skin wrinkling, and vaginal balanitis, female male put soda suppository, plus plus boric acid imidazole, Chinese medicine and external washing, shorten the process of its application in pain.

(five) blister pustule summer children, incidence of infectious strong, exposed skin rashes, Coptis PP purslane, Kennedy furnace coated with anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory or systemic tim.

(six) erysipelas disease onset, symptoms and no leg erysipelas is very common, pay close attention to the treatment without delay by PC or iodine, magnesium sulfate plus Qingreliangxue fish purslane, purging fire, Huanglianjiedutang lighter,

(seven) the itch is a dragon, from hand to mouth, Chan waist two laps, thigh to camp, first after itching, pain, do not catch no, a bone, blood dripping pus.

(eight) fashionable disease money first, gonorrhea syphilis condyloma patient, helpless and afraid, the doctor care of him, without suffering syphilis, pay close attention to the treatment of the disease in addition to PC, the preferred shot, then the number of allergy, gonorrhea, nongonococcal urethritis, urinary pus paper pad Cup Grand song of language in ketone. Foot health, condyloma acuminatum just fine resolution, but also suffering from oral anal, wire cautery can remove off formaldehyde, acetic acid and 5 fluorouracil. Relapse interferes with BCG, health is more important than money.

(nine) eczema will see, is not free of recurrence, high incidence of urban and rural residents, a lot of learning type ones, avoid spicy and seafood, reduce the recurrence is the root, trunk and limbs rash symmetry, common hand leg milk Yin anus, but anti allergy treatment, hormone and severe soda, oozing cold hot water with thorn paste. Add to it.

(ten) from urticaria nettle rash, severe itching hand is not idle, together with poly away without trace, gastrointestinal involvement is not strange, cumulative throat bronchus, dyspnea panting limp, adrenal m promethazine, theophylline infusion to remove calcium VC, anti allergic, chronic and Duopijia.

(eleven) the students to listen to my words, I have to talk about drug eruption types, more and more experience to identify, map, often see fixed drug eruption, Ma Qian more scarlet is widespread, bullous medicine after scald, similar skin is not solid, heavy peeling peeling inflammatory type, skin peeling and flushing, peeling bullae removal of severe illness, take measures to grab the life history of allergy to ask, careful treatment to soothe the nerves.

(twelve) shock to remember, every minute to rescue fight, sensitization drug reentry, subcutaneous intramuscular injection of adrenalin, fast to the meter intravenous, isopropyl Portsmouth, no excuse, calcium VC is not free, intravenous theophylline solution spasm, artificial respiration and oxygen, health care disease.

(thirteen) a little corn does not treat no pain oppression in walking, cornplaster and Brucea, formaldehyde wire thermocautery.

(fourteen) N dermatitis, the etiology is unknown, it is common, friction parts appear. Often itching, scratching, lichenification. Avoid coffee tea spicy, avoid hot soap friction, antihistamines, closed vein plus waicha.

(fifteen) for children with urticaria papules, insect bites, waist hip limbs papulovesicles, pruritus scratch heart, hormone Lugan anti allergy, Chinese medicine for floating quenching drink.

(sixteen) winter chapped hand foot, palm Fu split into bloom, looking outside the etiology, treatment methods in traditional Chinese medicine innovation, Liu scald ointment, a good skin disease of urea.

(seventeen) the cause of pruritus, miscellaneous, urine liver kidney disease, tumor, node N, sexually transmitted after pregnancy, body itching without a rash, itching anus limited grasp, scrotum vulva itchy scalp are common, calf palm, fasting spicy hot soap, find the cause is the key, histamine VC static calcium sulfur. Pruritus V, another testosterone androgen, the female diethylstilbestrol sickness, old night difficult to sleep, to the point of sedative diazepam, three wonderful Longdan Xiegan decoction, treatment of ultraviolet therapy itching injury.

(eighteen) prurigo of unknown etiology, gastric lesions due to bite medicine, pediatric limbs, prurigo, papules wheal nodules, adult pleomorphic rash, younger women long attack, trunk and limbs head leather, scratch pigment moss, histamine heavy sedation hormone, topical medication to disease.

(nineteen) erythema multiforme due to unknown factors, pathogenic infection, food irradiation, physical connective group, the spring and autumn season than female patients, iris like erythema has occurred, clinical type three only fine resolution, heavy duty must be transferred, they do break light with erosion, severe failure, histamine VC calcium famciclovir, severe hormone resistance to infection, blood five Guizhi Decoction, curative effect of the combination of Chinese and Western strong.

(twenty) psoriasis due to unknown immune genetic, infection, physical and chemical factors, can cause neuropsychiatric, unusual onset psoriasis, parings of blood film, dry head limbs and elbow and knee, breast axillary femoral nail, palm open mouth fur glans spot, also divided into three stages to test, red pustules joint type clinical, rare severe illness, no treatment effects of traditional Chinese medicine Western medicine, two types of hot dry medicine, qingdaikeyin pills, Danshen Tablets in the treatment of heat and fire rake method more and more, unable to suppress anti relapse.

(twenty-one) the etiology of contact dermatitis is miscellaneous, the animal and plant chemistry can be made, the skin rash type is diverse, far away from the disease and natural and unrestrained, the treatment medicine is the same as the eczema, prevents the disease to find the root.

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