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Taste of puffball spicy, flat, non-toxic. Qingfei Liyan detoxification hemostatic function. Attending sore throat, cough aphonia, hematemesi


Taste of puffball spicy, flat, non-toxic. Qingfei Liyan detoxification hemostatic function. Attending sore throat, cough aphonia, hematemesis epistaxis, the sores healing. The author uses the external effect, the treatment of male and female genital eczema in two cases, the effect is very good, now report as follows:

Glans eczema

Wang Mou, male, 35. 1 months ago, unknown causes glans penis at the surface of the skin, eczema, papular blisters, accompanied by itching. Minor erosion, exudation, etc.. Chinese medicine and Western medicine treatment, the effect is not significant, the patient suffering, worried. In January 5, 2001 to more than more than in control, a puffball told 2 times a day, after cleaning the glans, gently squeeze the juice with Lasiosphaera spray affected area. Three days later, the patient took a rifle, said Lasiosphaera (about 10 grams) on its use, eczema cured more than half, most of the affected area examined the glans scab, drying, is not fluid. No swelling, reaching healing. The patient continues to be treated as above for 3 days.

Vulva eczema

Yu Mou, female, 12 years old, two months ago, found several side labium miliary rash and pimple, itch, and frequent urination phenomenon was degrading, without timely treatment, cause a long delay, bilateral labium around eczema, by scratching after swelling, the surrounding skin have different degrees of infiltration and thick, itching, with frequent urination, leucorrhoea also. Zeng Yi medicine the number of people, the end result of the effect is not significant and practice medicine. After introduced by others to see. With more than 20 grams each have their Lasiosphaera, after cleaning the vulva, with cotton balls dipped in powder Waicha lesion labia puffball. 2~3 times a day. No other prescription. 5 days after his mother told, "this medicine really God, he had spent more than 300 yuan, no effect, you this a unilateral, really cured my child is sore." The cloud: "use the drugs, reduce local dry, itching, redness and fading. Gradually improve." In February the report was lingering illness, cure.

A puffball, former Zhang Shan thundercloud: "puffball,...... Ma said, application for boils scabies, cover can spread virus, but also can eliminate dampness, to cure eczema solid as it should be. It's also very good enough that the sores. People with thought styptic also effect. Curtis cases that in order to honey mixed with water, sip, throat swelling and pain, cover not only scattered heat, also is the lung and stomach, throat disease medicine. Dongyuan Puji disinfection of drinking, also is this meaning. The lake Li Shizhen that Qingfei heat, detoxification medicine, won effect, honesty can not humble but suddenly the goods." Thus, not only can puffball spreading viruses, and can eliminate dampness, topical treatment of persistent Jiuzhibuyu, and nourishing water oozing of eczema, often receive immediate results. Eczema because no external dampness, heat, poison, Lasiosphaera effect, also in the heat, detoxification, dampness. Chinese Journal of traditional Chinese Medicine

Press: I am clinically used for perianal eczema. We might as well try.

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