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Xiaofeng powder "surgical authentic":1, composition and usage: Angelica 6-9 grams, 9-12 g, 6-9 g, 3-6 g chantui wind, Anemarrhena 6-9 grams,


Xiaofeng powder "surgical authentic":

1, composition and usage: Angelica 6-9 grams, 9-12 g, 6-9 g, 3-6 g chantui wind, Anemarrhena 6-9 grams, matrine 6-12 g, 6-9 g, 6-9 g flax, Schizonepeta Atractylodes 6-9 grams, gypsum 15-30 grams, 3-5 grams of licorice, Akebia 6-9 grams. Water decoction.

2, efficacy: nourishing blood, dispelling wind and heat dehumidification.

3, indications and application: rubella, eczema. The symptoms of skin rash, or all over the body by great red spots, itching was caught after forcing Tianjin water exudation, moss white or yellow, floating pulse number strong. Clinical treatment of urticaria, allergic dermatitis, paddy dermatitis, neurodermatitis, drug dermatitis, such as tinea capitis.

4, Fang Yi: Schizonepeta, windproof, burdock, cicada Shufeng itching, reached through the striae as monarch drug; compatibility of Rhizoma Atractylodis, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis heat dampness, expelling wind and dampness, dampness and heat - infiltration, as adjuvant drug; pathogenic heat off in the skin, the plaster and Anemarrhena Qingrexiehuo, wind poison and heat stroke, easy the consumption of yin and blood, so with angelica, rehmannia, Hu Maren, nourishing and moistening, activating blood and camp, and put "before treating wind cure the blood, the blood of Italy," wind suicide as adjuvant; licorice detoxification, to reconcile the various drugs, in order to make the drug.

5, note: this party for dispelling wind, heat, dampness, nourishing blood, treatment method for the treatment of skin diseases, rubella, eczema, common party. If the wind Sheng, and forsythia, honeysuckle, with Qingrejiedu dispelling wind; heat Sheng, plus red peony, comfrey Qingreliangxue; damp heat Sheng, and Fructus Kochiae, Plantago, eliminating dampness and heat. Medication not eat spicy, fishy, tobacco, tea and so on, so as not to affect the curative effect.

Prescription characteristics:

1, for wind heat invasion of blood, due to damp heat stagnating in the skin, skin rash, eczema and itching skin diseases, Yu Shufeng, nourishing the blood, clearing heat and removing dampness in the party.

2, compatibility law, the spirit of "the first rule of treating wind blood, blood wind suicide" medical, medicine Yangxue angelica, rehmannia, flax seed Wu Shufeng pathogenic medicine Nepeta, wind, burdock, cicada, dispelling wind and nourishing blood, nourishing yin and moistening dryness.

3, Shufeng heat, dispelling wind and other five drugs, antipyretics plaster and Anemarrhena Shufeng heat purging, inside and outside the double solution.

4, heat dampness, gypsum and sophora, Atractylodes qingrechushi.



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