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Zhao Bingnan (1899 ~ 1984) is the founder of modern Chinese medicine skin surgery and Portland, he formed his own unique academic schools in


Zhao Bingnan (1899 ~ 1984) is the founder of modern Chinese medicine skin surgery and Portland, he formed his own unique academic schools in the long-term practice, has made great contributions to the Chinese medicine theory and clinical skin surgery. Before and after 1974, the Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital led the author to make a systematic research on Zhao Bingnan's academic experience. Zhao Bingnan was 75 years old at the time, but he was active, active, serious about their experience, in addition to the hospital to assist in the collection of clinical trials, but also provides a collection of historical data for many years. In June 1975, under the guidance of Zhao Bingnan, more than and 30 words of "Zhao Bingnan clinical experience" by people's Medical Publishing House, the book is the first of the post cultural revolution old Chinese experience album, and won the National Science Conference award in 1978. This paper introduces the experience of Zhao Bingnan's syndrome differentiation and the commonly used prescriptions.

The syndrome differentiation and prescription Decoction

From the "Zhao Bingnan" in the case of clinical experience can be summed up as the disease most toxic heat, damp toxin, blood stasis syndrome, divided into four categories, all kinds of diseases were created a series of experience decoction, clinical curative effect.

Heat toxin syndrome: such as furuncle, carbuncle, appendiceal abscess, severe postoperative sepsis and systemic infection. For different heat syndrome, Zhao Bingnan made a series of four experience: (1) composed of clearing heat and detoxification soup: dandelion, wild chrysanthemum, green leaf, small, Paris, pollen, red peony root, the function of heat clearing and detoxicating, furuncle, carbuncle, furuncle, treating acute erysipelas and all skin infection at the beginning of the early. (2) detoxification Qingying Decoction is composed of honeysuckle, dandelion, forsythia, rehmanniae, Rhizoma imperatae, hawksbill, paeonol, radix paeoniae rubra, Rhizoma Coptidis, mung bean, madder root, gardenia, function of Qingying detoxification and protecting the heart, furuncle, carbuncle furuncle, early indications of heat toxin flourishing, Qi Ying two burnt and a pyogenic infection caused by sepsis. (3): from birth to Qingreliangxue Decoction of Flos Lonicerae, carbon carbon, lotus seeds, Rhizoma imperatae, pollen, danter, gardenia, paris rhizome, liquorice, Rhizoma Coptidis, gypsum and other components, functions as the Qing camp, cooling blood, detoxification, treatment of infectious diseases, toxic heat into the camp blood, equivalent to the stage of sepsis. (4): American ginseng by detoxification of Nourishing Yin Decoction (Decoction on the other clothing), North Adenophora, Dendrobium, Radix Scrophulariae, bergamot Earrings ginseng, astragalus, rehmannia, salvia, honeysuckle, dandelion, Ophiopogon japonicus, polygonatum; function of Tonifying Qi and nourishing Yin, clearing heat and detoxification; treating infectious diseases, toxic heat haoshangqiyin. Toxic heat not, equivalent to late sepsis. The recipe for the whole process of surgery on infectious diseases, systematic experience and treatment prescription, effect is good.

Preferred side Qingrejiedu Decoction for treating agent in more than four square in the early toxic heat, longer than the dandelion detoxification carbuncle, chrysanthemum Qingrejiedu, Herba Violae Folium Dingdu longer than Qingjie, detoxification Qingreliangxue, Paris, information on the solution of hepatobiliary heat disturbance of burn, red peony flower powder cooling blood and removing blood stasis, heat fluid protectscloudyly. The evil is taken into account, and protecting Yin, cooling blood evacuation. Although it is early because of toxic heat, toxic heat evil potential against Jun, is easily invaded the camp blood, burning Yin Jin, so in the early break the general epidemic febrile diseases of Wei, Qi, Ying and blood changes, highlighting the characteristics of the Qing Dynasty, the blood stasis detoxification camp, to play from the theory and practice. Zhao Bingnan was born in the selection of carbon carbon, double at the same time the use of toxic substances, the thought that the two fry black deposit, can enter the blood from blood solution heat toxin, and can protect the heart Yin, this is Zhao Bingnan unique. From the treatment of heat toxin is legislation, prescription, medicine and task, the system and rules to display the diagnosis and treatment of Zhao Bingnan syndrome of heat toxin.

Zhao Bingnan for body infection early, toxic heat into gas, toxic heat into the camp at different stages of disease in the camp blood and toxic heat haoshangqiyin, toxic heat failed, forming a regular experience prescription, in addition, he also set Xiaoyong decoction, honeysuckle, dandelion, forsythia, from Radix Paeoniae Rubra, pollen, Angelica, Fritillaria, tangerine peel, Paris, Solanum nigrum, fresh rehmannia etc. the function of heat clearing and detoxicating, detumescence, blood stasis and promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, cellulitis, pain early indications and deep cervical abscess.

Damp diseases: such as eczema, contact dermatitis, chronic leg ulcers, angioedema and other exudative skin. Zhao Bingnan founded experience: (1) Shufeng Chushi decoction is composed of Schizonepeta, windproof, cicada, coix seed, Fructus aurantii, white atractylodes rhizome, phellodendron, Plantago, plantain, chrysanthemum, function of dispelling wind swelling, heat and dampness, treating angioneurotic edema, facial skin and facial allergic inflammation the wind is swollen, early allergic edema of scrotum. (2) chushijiedutang: composed of fresh white skin, soybean volume, coix seed, tuckahoe, gardenia, paeonol, honeysuckle, forsythia, Herba Violae, akebiaquinata, talc lump, licorice, function of dehumidification diuresis, detoxification, treating acute vulvovaginal ulcer and acute allergic skin inflammation, acute home contact dermatitis, lower limb ulcer infection. (3) Jianpi Chushi Decoction by myotonin, lentils, yam, Gorgon fruit, Fructus aurantii, Bixie, phellodendron, Atractylodes, Poria, soybean volume, function of strengthening spleen and eliminating dampness diuresis, treating chronic eczema exudation, chronic ulcer of lower limb, tinea pedis exudate, edema of lower limbs, discoid eczema etc.. (4): soufeng Chushi Decoction scorpion, centipede, haifengteng, shrubalthea bark, white atractylodes rhizome, phellodendron, fried fried barley, Fructus aurantii, dittany bark, clematis, to search inside and outside air, dehumidification itching, treating chronic eczema, intractable neurodermatitis and pruritus long, skin amyloidosis change, such as nodular prurigo.

Blood diseases: including blood for patients seen skin erythema (congestive) purpura (hemorrhagic) and blood stasis syndrome and cohesion in mammary gland, lobular hyperplasia, nodules or masses, or to block blood running sluggish disease. Zhao Bingnan founded experience: (1): Uno Kikuka, Liangxue Wuhua Decoction lingxiaohua, safflower, cockscomb, rose, for Liangxuehuoxue Shufengjiedu, and is suitable for macules due to blood heat and heat toxin stasis syndrome. The medicinal materials are the flowers, and flowers of Qingyang, so for the divergence of upper body erythema skin diseases such as early appropriate, such as erythema, pleomorphic pityriasis rosea. (2) five Liangxue root soup: composed of cogongrass rhizome, trichosanthes root, madder root, purple root, Radix Isatidis, function, nourishing Yin, cooling blood detoxification, blood heat, hair spot for toxin stasis syndrome, such as erythema multiforme, erysipelas, early purpura, erythema nodosum erythema and skin the disease tends to lower limb.

The blood stasis syndrome: for this context card, Zhao Bingnan light agent, agent, agent series prescription. (1) light agent blood stasis soup: composed of hematoxylin, red peony root, safflower, peach kernel, euonymusalatus, Sanleng and Ezhu, Costus root, tangerine peel, function of blood stasis, pain, is suitable for shallow phlebitis, subcutaneous congestion, and traumatic injury, blood stasis pain. This prescription is a light agent for activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis. In the woods, Qi Qi to warm orange powder, the "gas line is blood" for the characteristics of prescription. If because of trauma, plus ragwort, xuchangqing enhanced stasis effect. See the hot elephant plus rhubarb, take the effect of heat and blood stasis. (2) in the agent is Huoxue Zhuyu Decoction composed of Salvia, angelica, white muscardine silkworm, Sanleng and Ezhu, white mustard, Magnolia, tangerine, Fritillaria, aloes, function of blood circulation, eliminating internal soft Kennedy, suitable for abdominal mass, breast hyperplasia (or fibroma) surface of small tumor or cold abscess of joint swelling, etc.. (3) by blood stasis agent for heavy soup consists of insects, leech, earthworm, Zhechong, heichou, Passepartout, lopseed, shuihong, Panlong ginseng, shikonin, function of promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, activate collaterals, partial to cold and purple cinnamon oil. Suitable for deep thrombophlebitis, abdominal mass and blood stasis. This is mainly to Quxie Fuzheng Quxie both and.

In addition, Zhao Bingnan walked for Dingdu yellow, systemic bacterial infection, septicemia, severe trauma after surgery in stage III blood plug obliterans (DE), diagnosis and treatment of pemphigus erythematosus, systemic lupus erythematosus and other critical diseases, were all the views and experiences.

Dan Dan empirical

Have experience for Dan Du pill pill hot, wet, blood stasis and toxin treatment of the corresponding (film), detoxification, Dan Dan and chop itch ointment: Patrinia extract, Atractylodes powder with ointment; dampness, relieving itching, Qingdai powder powder etc.. New forms of Chinese medicine established by Zhao Bingnan, the formation of the unity of the internal and external system and the experience decoction.

Pruritus syndrome characteristics

Zhao Bingnan believes that the wind, dampness, heat and insect can be itchy. Heat can itch Jingfang Decoction decoction, medicinal wind, Schizonepeta spike, Bombyx Batryticatus, honeysuckle, Fructus Arctii, paeonol, duckweed, rehmannia, mint, Scutellaria, Periostracum Cicadae, licorice, function of Shufeng jiebiao, heat itching, party in the wind, Schizonepeta spike, mint, cicada, and wind will be with the same Nepeta five, to invade blood evacuation wind. For a cold beam table caused by itching, reuse of Schizonepeta spike plus ginger skin.

For the deficiency of the cold induced pruritus, mainly to Ma Huang Fang, for acute urticaria, composed of Chinese ephedra, almond, ginger skin, duckweed, dittany bark, tangerine peel, Cortex Moutan, Bombyx Batryticatus, Salvia miltiorrhiza. In order to ephedra, almond, ginger skin as the main drug, the Xin Wen Xuan powder to open cou Quxie out, accompanied by duckweed, baixianpi tables scattered cold; Salvia miltiorrhiza, paeonol, Bombyx Batryticatus blood nourishing and moisturizing, itching and blood; peel, ginger skin with Qi appetizers, Xingpi wet. Zhao Bingnan believes that the combination of ginger skin and ephedra, ephedra can alleviate drugs too through the hair of my sweat, to avoid injury. All parties to play a cou, blood and antipruritic effect.

For chronic intractable itching, is composed of: scorpion, scorpion Zaoci, Fructus Gleditsiae, Fructus Tribuli, Flos Sophorae, Radix Clematidis, Radix Sophorae Flavescentis and Cortex Phellodendri, cortex dictamni. The function for wind and relieving itching, dampness detoxification. In the whole body, flat, and do not defend, can make the table outside the wind; Zaoci, Xinsan Wentong, Qufeng insecticidal; Fructus Gleditsiae Abnormalis to the lung and the large intestine of the gas, clean the gastrointestinal dampness, xiaofengzhiyang scattered poison. With the above three kinds of Wu, can wind itching can Tuodu attack. For stubborn Yun long deep in the damp itch for the most suitable. In the fresh white skin, Sophora flavescens, Tribulus terrestris, Weilingxian medicine auxiliary mainly scattered wind dehumidification meridians, dispelling damp and deep in the treatment of intractable pruritus. In addition, Zhao Bingnan believes that the spleen and Stomach Qi Yun wet poly drug is itching and excessive, so the party with Fructus aurantii, phellodendron, Huaihua for gas cleaning heat gastrointestinal, spleen and stomach to treat this, mainly applicable to damp agglomerate long due to intractable pruritus, such as chronic eczema, eczema, neurodermatitis, scrotal nodules prurigo. If the effect is not obvious, and zaocys. If severe itching, skin hypertrophy, obvious pigmentation, or dry stool, can add rhubarb, can strengthen the function of promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis detoxification, but also can promote the thickening of the lesions to subside.

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