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According to a breath card, a very flourishing and stomach, Yin Sheng and really fine gas vent.Because the stomach caused Wang, who will be


According to a breath card, a very flourishing and stomach, Yin Sheng and really fine gas vent.

Because the stomach caused Wang, who will be restless evil heat, cold drink over, or barbed tongue, dry, dry, dry yellow black color, rough sweating, loud voice, two negative, special law should clear stomach fire, such as ginseng, white tiger, the size of Chengqi soup Sanhuang plaster.

Because of the essence and vent, the person from Yuanyang has the viscera consumption will do, with pure Yin, forced out of a life of congenital essence, has the potential to take off from the root, there is no salvation. Although not a very smelly mouth, no fire like on the tongue color, although many yellow, smooth, dry, dry yellow with black, without a body fluid on, and people do not think of tea, sleepy glazed, two people are quiet, selfish, thirsty, just like drinking hot boiling soup. More than the shape, are pure yin. If one end of bad breath, that is, the fire, fresh does not harm. I was treated for a number of people, although see bad breath, but pure Yin reveals, with large white, four, agent of Huiyang and inverse rule. One or two agent, bad breath and spirit will be increasing, the more. If the two or three agent, does not see, only one or two were obtained, the method should still reuse more clothes, this is ill medicine light, is not fit for the capacity. I only take one or two figure available, no agent effect, namely more medicine, so, all the world, it is really bad medicine. [comments] know s said: gas aromatherapy, Qingyang gas. The evil smell of gas, and the gas of turbid yin. Halitosis margin of turbid Yin Yang heyday, with Xuan, much saliva scale turbidity greasy, such as summer rain, too, is everything from Tianyang Yu, moldy saliva, the gas smell bad, if the hot days, the stench of lost. People full of pure Yin Yang, so really syncope syndrome, often present this card like. This medicine can cure knowledge, this card. Qin An glimpse of its micro, so by the repeated introduction of syndrome, scholars can not be ignored at.

Check near the city road, saw the bad breath, don't argue with life, yin and Yang, two winter, Anemarrhena, pollen, gypsum, rhubarb product investment, Sheng Zesheng Yang, Yang Sheng, shoot, I do not know it.

Some bitter, hot also does. The heart is hot, and can guide red scattered, Huang Liantang. Gallbladder heat, and Xiaochaihu Decoction times of baicalin, or Xiegan decoction. Mouth acid, liver heat, and Angelica aloe powder, Longdan Xiegan decoction. Port Essien, lung heat, and Qingfeiyin, Xiebai powder. Mouth Gan, temper vent, but also with Li Zhong Tang, Six Gentlemen soup. Koudan, also with the spleen qi deficiency; Guipi Decoction, shenlingbaizhupowder. The mouth is rotten, full of white sores, also with the Department of gastropyretic Wang, dew drink, lianggesan. The number of cards, all know. In the elegant of yin and yang to evidence. I try to treat Yang and Yin and the people voted to Xin Gan Hua Yang two or three agent, which is bitter, sour taste in the mouth, mouth, mouth, mouth taste Gan Xin, and take two or three agent, and the form is no disease. I think that is really positive margin of dereliction of duty, work force is good, and the medication did not stop product, make Xin Gan Hua Yang of the goods, complex operation, stagnation and go, so all carry out the mouth odor. [comments] really positive changes, exposed face, Singan helps, easy for the security risk, the drug do not shallow, but few have seen the truth. I read this, see that acid treatment and treat acid, see the bitter bitter, fresh without increasing disease, medical micro, not sincere is difficult.



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