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PathogenesisThe said: spleen, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder, triple burner, the granary, Rong habitat, the Chinese in t



The said: spleen, stomach, large intestine, small intestine, bladder, triple burner, the granary, Rong habitat, the Chinese in the white lip. Cloud: Stomach Meridian of foot Yang Ming, his mouth lip ring. The cloud: the veins, and Luo Ren lip.

"Compromise" cloud: the spleen should be lip tone, spleen and stomach as a combination. The Foot Yangming stomach, the vein clip mouth lip ring, so the spleen is evil lips for disease. The wind is moving, cold is tight, dry is dry, hot crack. Qi is sore, less blood color white. Treatment: clean up in the syndrome of spleen and stomach, with no external medicine, healing. Hou cuokou tight lips can not open, hard diet, called tight lip, youyue Shen lip, if you don't have to die to acute treatment.


Xie Huang Yinzi treatment heat accumulated in the spleen, dry lips pale burnt crack. (we see.)

Angelica powder "to treat evil lips nuclear, by heat in spleen and stomach.

Angelica Cimicifuga Loranthaceae really rhinoceros chip aloes tetrandrine (fried Forsythia Sichuan rhubarb. Of the three (five) of licorice sunburn, money)

Tsui, each serving three money, a water fried six, dregs.

Coix Decoction in treating wind heat in spleen, lip, or tuberculosis, or edema.

Coix seed (fry) have anti red bean (roasted licorice. Each division

Tsui, each serving seven money, water two minutes, three slices ginger fried eight points, eat much.

Wufu Huadu tajihi tongue swelling sores, polydipsia.

Scrophularia grandiflorum (22) ginseng Poria (half horse tooth (two) - (one or two) indigo weathering)

Musk (word) licorice (seven and a half)

On the fine research hook, refining honey pill, such as soap slot, with gold and silver foil forty pieces each. Each serving 129, mint soup. Such as bad breath, rehmannia juice after food service.

The powder treatment lip nodule.

Turpentine (half) rhubarb red bean powder (the Ampelopsis Hu a)

Is very fine, with chicken Ching, painted lips.

The white light scattered the lips.

A piece of white cloth, wrapped as a wick (such as sky, burning, an axe blade with sweat, make the blade evenly apply lip, three more. Old green cloth is also good. One side of the green cloth burning ash, pig fat tune deposited

Phellodendron chinense.

Cypress (22, WuBeiZi two money, a little money, litharge B licorice for the end of the water transfer tarring broiling dry, then coated with more sunburn, as medicine will split into the film with Bai lips.)

Disinfection powder treating swollen lips cracked, mouth sores.

Late silkworm (the money) lithargite gallnut

On the fine, each with a little dressing.

The olive powder treatment of cleft lip and dry sore.

Olive (burning ash for the end, to pig fat and lip coating. One side will be lotus petals paste, dry also


One side: governance dry tone pain, olive nucleolus.

One party rule: tight lips small mouth can not open to students are purslane fried thick wash juice. In the winter dry fried thick soup.

A: the grub drying of the end of pig fat powder on the lips of good.

"Typhoid" party rule: class lips tight, with head and turtle burning ash for the end of the application.


Hegu (for tight lips can not pass, male left female Hegu moxibustion, moxibustion three strong right hand.) Chengjiang (hole in the lower lip under Wan, moxibustion three strong.) Yang Lingquan (gallbladder heat treatment bitter sigh.) Gallbladder (gallbladder)


Treatment of flying wire entrance, with Perilla leaf eating, is safe to send.

Treat the wolf smoke entrance, use a little vinegar drink, solution.

The snake did not enter the entrance, because of the snake to sleep at the entrance, can not afford. With a knife broke into a raw pepper two or three wrapped, since the moment.

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