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Orange cakeFor adults and children all by disease.Woody orange malt (speculation) Amomum (fried) (vinegar fried) (zedoary Rhizoma sparganii


Orange cake

For adults and children all by disease.

Woody orange malt (speculation) Amomum (fried) (vinegar fried) (zedoary Rhizoma sparganii vinegar (vinegar stir fry) peel) thick (Portsmouth ginger fried) each divided into fine powder, water pills, mung bean, each serving a money.

Rice crust pill

The children often wear, too wonderful for words.

Rice crust (fried yellow) three pounds of Divine Comedy (fried) (fried) 22 42 Amomum Hawthorn 42 (steamed Lotus) (to heart) 42 chicken gizzard skin one or two (fried) total fine, add sugar, Rice noodles and bread baking, uniform, food.

Xiao Gan pill

The treatment of children with big belly ribs hot body green, lean meat, noma halitosis disease.

Hawthorn 42 tangerine peel one or two Zhishi one or two (fried) Hu Lian one or two (five) five indigo money aloe ginseng five money money Quisqualis (meat simmer) one or two green (fried) five zedoary (vinegar fried) five money money money six antimalarials (fry) to Zhengbing divine pound for the pill, longan, each serving a pill.

Fat pill

Uniforms can stop the injury of spleen disease of yam (fried) 22 white Poria white lentils (fried) maggot (fried) hawthorn (fried) alba (fried) malt (speculation) Divine Comedy (fried) Angelica each 125 money (soil) from Atractylodes Chenpi (meat, roasted) one or two licorice seven money Hu Lian (refining honey for the pills, mung bean. Each serving a money under decoction.

Fat pill

The product, eliminate rickets, malnutrition spleen heat, flat, eating insects.

Ginseng three five Atractylodes (soil) three white Poria Sanqian Huanglian (Jiang Zhichao) three five Julien five money (fried) five Sanqian divine malt (speculation) Sanqian five four (for) money from Hawthorn two money five money (money) two aloe licorice five yellow Rice noodles paste pill, big corn. Each serving eight points.

Bazhen pills

The treatment of children with phlegm heat, sound, hung up, acute panic disorders.

Rhinoceros horn antelope horn cinnabar white Poria bile star (fried) above seven money money each five borax Uncaria hook amber borneol total fine jujube, pound the meat balls, big gorgon. Gold for clothing, mint soup. Shiquan hold dragon pill

Treatment of infantile convulsion all hung up, hot flashes, cough phlegm, each serving a pill.

Tianzhu yellow one or two cinnabar one or two amber seven money Danxing (Jiang Chao) one or two (fry) one or two licorice Zhiqiao one or two white Poria yam one or two (fried) 22 white aloes borax one or two five money five money for realgar Zhengbing pill, big gorgon. Gold foil for clothes, dry storage, mint soup.

Great paste

The treatment of children with acute and chronic infantile convulsion, cough, dyspnea, chest intestinal flap.

Scorpio (to poison) five points (two points on the research of cinnabar) five per cent of indigo (the other research) money money Tianzhu Huang Gastrodia five per cent white is at the end of honey into paste, storage porcelain, sealed with wax. Big son take a minute; children take half a minute, mint soup. As to the slow surprise, first served dqg, serving Yihuangtang, lixiao.


A money two green tangerine peel cloves five points five points five water myrobalan Zhigancao decoction.

The treatment of children with acute eczema

Hu Yan Ke in the research of soil water deposited, rudd-u.

The treatment of children with an acute gumboil party

With the female drowning barrels white, with fire, at the end of the research, each money plus green copper two, a total of musk.

The treatment of children with ulcerative gingivitis

A money a Coptis one or two borax vitriol money borneol five per cent of total fine paint.

Treatment of infantile aphtha tongue

With the white mulberry juice of rudd-u.

Ma Lan plaster treatment of a lump in the abdomen

The laingen ten pounds, burning a pot of water, boil five minute, go to the root. Boil to four or five bowl, copper pot, boil until half bowl, annealing into ferulic three money, money is a mix of musk, storage, close to China, the amount of disease spread to their size, since the fall.

Pediatric Bai Tufang

With the eel, mash and apply what effect.


Sitting bear oil painted, but also effective.

Jiao Jiao Yin Yin

Infantile erysipelas Bianshen wind walk, irritability, confusion.

Burdock (fried) Nepeta wind of a money five horn money Scutellaria licorice five water decoction, beef slices attached to the external. Dry change.

Treatment of infantile night crying

With the light five, at the end of the research on the nipple, sucking the order.

Treatment of infantile tetanus neonatorium cuokou perilla Peucedanum (fried) five silkworm money Decoction to the residue, Houwen, with cotton dipped in the mouth drops, frequently drop, opening to open for the degree, do not make sucking cover.

This disease is caused by sucking too much, only months old children Qifeng, often do not eat dairy times, education.


Parents use nail three, burning ash, milk is good to adjust. Use of the same liquor sucking umbilicus.

Five poison Dan

The treatment of children with the accumulation of heat toxin, and root bleeding sores, sore throat.

The five horns one or two red Poria five money money Platycodon Arctium (fried) five money five money Shengdi licorice Sanqian Sanqian mirabilite Forsythia six six money two money money Xuanshen indigo refining honey for the pills, longan big. Take one pill each time.

Treatment of infantile vomiting more than

A money money a sulfur talc were fine, under rice soup.

Infantile tinea

Children with primary disease class in time over the front foot mange, clinging. First wash the dirty soup to wash, and then change the shape of the powder to paint.

Scaling Decoction

How much for silkworm informality, went to the mouth at the end of the research, fried soup bath. Or once a day, or two times, the poison will be issued, and then paint on the.

Shape change powder

Indigo realgar medicine fried Phellodendron alum sulfur each sub yanmo. Wet dry paint, dry sesame oil paint, to the degree of.


With wishful grass Tu Tu, also more.

Children in the treatment of black pox pustule

The prick of a purple blood boil, with ointment of dandelion.

Itching in children

Yellow wind Schizonepeta tribulus Thunb. Matrine chantui Rehmanniae Radix Paeoniae Rubra Rhizoma Chuanxiong Angelica silkworm each aliquot shuijianbi.

Masses in children

Licorice kansui three three sand money turtle meat four amaranth Sanqian turtle meat one or two set seven root into a little honey, Daocheng paste, paste a piece of leather to. The two time namely disappear.

Children with impetigo and bald head.

22 for the end of rosin into the onion, tube, wire melting to firm set water decoction, onion, dry climate. Outside: yellow (Shui Fei) one or two Wumingyi money (fried) powder (fried) money, light powder three points (fry) total at the end, sesame oil transfer on earth.

Treatment of infantile head furuncle

With a piece of dough, dilute the paste boil, leaving a hole in the earth.

Infantile malnutrition

After the beginning of autumn, a frog prawns to the head, foot, and bowel to edible vegetable oil coating, drying the food on the tiles.

After that cure of smallpox

Purslane (juice) a bowl of honey five pig fat three money money money at the end of five at the end of the red bean mung bean five amaranth juice and money for medicine, net pot boil cream painted.

The treatment of children with fat sore

For the end of cuttlebone, fried yellow face.

Dan Dan Dan

A five per cent money musk cinnabar castor bean thirty-six grains (shell oil pressure) research into a paste. In May 5th, before and after the heart, his children with hand foot bending, chess, let it fall from.

Pre solution

Ephedra wind notopterygium (wine fried Phellodendron Cimicifuga Rehmannia) of the five of the dry (fried Atractylodes Chuanxiong GE) Scutellaria (wine fried gold) of the two safflower Bupleurum Asarum Atractylodes (soil) to the tangerine peel licorice Coptis body of the three part Wu Yu forsythia (gun) whenever a spring and the beginning of summer, autumn, winter day, this medicine for a suit, a night earlier. If you take a year, you can

The treatment of children with renal swollen red

Burning ash deposit of old fir, officer into powder, paint transfer to edible vegetable oil. Adults also treat tetter.


To the tail of Clematis flavescens Cnidium washed fried money.

Treatment of primary and secondary stool

The woman with hot water gargle, suction children before and after the heart and navel several times.

Treatment of infantile malnutrition

A frog with seven days, put in the bottle, and then wash the feces of maggots, regardless of how many frogs eat into the bottle, ren. With the fire of a frog, for the end of the food bolus.

Immortals emergency surprise party

Treatment of adult stroke phlegm syncope.

With gypsum powder, twelve at the end of five, cinnabar money, mix well. Adults serving three money, children aged one to three a money; four to seven years of age a money five; eight to twelve years old two money; thirteen to sixteen years old two money five. Raw honey tune, a service that is safe.

Treatment of infantile aphtha and treating ulcerative gingivitis

Long urine wash, tile baked crisp grind, indigo, and little research on the formation of borneol, rudd-u

A twist of gold

The treatment of children with phlegm dyspnea, chest high gas tight. Name horse spleen wind, don't treat death.

Sichuan yellow areca heichou (head end) white ugly (head end) of each equal parts, total fine, each serving a spoonful of honey, under water.

Treatment of infantile constipation due to indigestion stomach distension hard veins

Areca white (ugly head end fry half cooked) Sanqian heichou (head end system, the number of money (as above) three Sichuan yellow wine fried) five points total fine. Each serving a branch, under decoction.

Tai Wan

The treatment of children with traumatic milk food, vomiting and abdominal distension, cold, headache and fever.

Perilla leaf wide leather (Cyperus wine soaked fried) notopterygium Atractylodes (fried) Fructus aurantii Chuanxiong (fried) Hawthorn malt (speculation) divine pill, big gorgon. Each pill.

Children with white foam side

Such as the children back from the white foam, such as beads with one or two tired, that is broken, the outflow of pus, itching, a good prescription, again, with the best grass mash deposited, with long cloth binding, and the night.

PI treatment cream

With onion juice 42, ginger 42, water glue eight money, on the two Yellow Wine cup with boiled, dripping into a bead on the sore skin, to be stalls, try to paste pi.


With Fructus Polygoni orentalis, with water to boil cream, add a little musk, spread on the cloth pasted on the.

The rash is not a cure

Face swelling, asthma life in an instant, the cure of the effect.

Onion even be mash, put in the copper bowl, with a wooden frame, and then cover sheets for adults were children sleeping in it, and then boiling water into the onion bowl, steaming hot smoked, when the temperature is slightly out, do not reveal a trace of wind, until sweat is dry, all the more.

The treatment of children with pulmonary heat, cough at night more than a long coix seed

Thirty pieces of bamboo Sanqian yam pear two water two bowls of fried tea for eight points. Daily healing.


Name a money five Sangbaipi Xiebai powder Digupi a money five points five points such as dry mouth and licorice pollen money Lophatheri 100 grain rice two cup water, six fried service.

Legal egg

Children from smallpox.

Seven egg, into the barrel for seven days, will eat a hollow, daily. Every year in the twelfth lunar month twenty-four dip, a solar eclipse is at the beginning of the month, take to the seventh day. That is my neighbor has smallpox does not invade, namely invasion will light.

Seven days will be a pox, but suddenly, dark complexion, lip is cold, the risk is also

With seven pieces of fine wine and a dog louse fly, a few transfer service.

Winter flies in the dog.

After that pox upside, and then into the cataract, not on people

A slough (wash baked dry) trichosanthin (i.e., trichosanthes root) each divided into fine powder, to break the sheep liver medicine, hemp binding, rice swill cooked, cut food.


Treating infantile head thin abdomen is big, abdomen has a blue veins.

With a gooseneck, scalp without meat, three pills, bezoar, white Poria three, milk dip, stem maggot 52, Amomum five money, chicken skin bacteria fifty, licorice aconite ginseng three money, three money, three money (such as the weak side) above all with the Yin and Yang tile drying, storage for the end. Each take a chicken, bamboo knife cut, as a disc, hold, the rice steamer steamed.

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