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South China Sea network time: 2015-02-13 source: Source: Hainan Provincial People's Hospital, joint surgeryIn December


South China Sea network time: 2015-02-13 source: Source: Hainan Provincial People's Hospital, joint surgery

In December 31st last year to January 5th this year, Lin Jianping joint surgery chief physician respectively 2 and patellofemoral ligament patellar dislocation in patients with successful implementation of repair and fixation of anterior lateral ligament reconstruction of medial patellofemoral ligament and patella reset. At present, 2 patients were able to walk, has been discharged. This technology for the first time in our province.

Patients with Yang, male, 26 years old, fall right knee pain with not walk. Understanding and examination of Shen Ningjiang and director of joint surgery chief physician Lin Jianping Yang made a detailed history after admission, film, knee joint MRI examination showed subluxation of patella and medial patellofemoral ligament tear, diagnosed as right patella subluxation and patellofemoral ligament tear. According to Yang's condition, Shen Ningjiang director and chief physician Lin Jianping Yang carefully designed the operation plan, sufficient preoperative preparation, December 31st, Lin Jianping chief physician Yang successfully reconstruct right patella reset and gracilis tendon medial patellofemoral ligament fixation, smooth operation. After the resumption of a smooth Yang, you can turn off the bed to walk exercise, in January 10th, a smooth recovery.

With Wu, male, 64 years old, can not walk with a sore left knee caused by traffic accident. After admission of joint surgery Wu carried out a detailed understanding history and physical examination, the film and MRI examination confirmed the diagnosis of anterior lateral ligament injury. Improve the preoperative preparation, in January 5th, Lin, director of the physician for the successful conduct of a lateral ligament suture fixation, the operation was successful, the patient recovered smoothly after surgery in the hospital in January 21st.

Dislocation of the patella is a common clinical department of orthopedics and patellofemoral ligament injuries, is inside the main static structure limit dislocation of patella, patella to maintain the normal anatomical position play an important role. Clinical on dislocation of patella injury accompanied with medial patellofemoral ligament injury, overlapping suture traditional treatment of patellar dislocation is often used in the medial patellofemoral ligament and joint capsule, the normal anatomic structure of such tight suture drawback is that there is no recovery of the knee on patellar tracking adverse, prone to recurrent dislocation, long-term possible traumatic arthritis. In comparison, the patellofemoral ligament and tendon reconstruction by the chief physician Lin Jianping anatomic location of patellofemoral ligament, can well restore the normal anatomic structure of medial patella, patellar ligament reconstruction and good stability, thus restoring the static stability structure of patella in anatomy, significantly reduced the incidence of recurrent dislocation of patella and traumatic arthritis. The lateral ligament is the latest discovery of a previously unknown ligament, the ligament may play an important role in the rehabilitation of patients with anterior cruciate ligament tear, as most do not forward lateral ligament reconstruction, many patients by rotating relaxation problems, to reach the level of the early functional recovery. Some studies have shown that the anterior lateral ligament is a kind of dynamic stress in the knee joint. After reconstruction of the anterior lateral ligament, the stability of the knee joint activity was enhanced, and the satisfaction degree of the patients with knee joint recovery was improved.

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