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Patients: condition description (time of onset, the main symptoms, hospital, etc): any director, hello! My mother began to suffer from lumba


Patients: condition description (time of onset, the main symptoms, hospital, etc): any director, hello! My mother began to suffer from lumbar disc herniation in 05 years, in, in September, had a lumbar disc surgery, has improved significantly. Early 09 found with femoral head necrosis, walking inconvenience, walk a little farther than the pain, and the pain is often difficult to sleep at night. Childhood at the age of 6 hip had thick Bu, because of poverty has not go to hospital for treatment, after leaving the pit to heal itself, so far has been limping. Right now he is very difficult to wear shoes and socks. Once in Tianjin Orthopedics Hospital, doctors to open the Chinese medicine and Western medicine, but also lost the fluid, but have no obvious effect. Then according to the advertising and word of mouth eating all kinds of Chinese medicine and Western medicine, health care products, also posted a plaster many kinds, but most only temporarily alleviate the pain, no better, and because of the long-term medication, stomach and liver and kidney dysfunction. Now my mother sent a film (two film to the same image in different light conditions, the level is limited, I hope the director can see), please check, her current situation of osteonecrosis of the femoral head with the artificial bone joint replacement surgery but through other ways of treatment you may have improved significantly. If you have to be treated with surgery, how much risk. Thank you very much. I'm sorry for the fact that my father's name was shown on the film

Joint surgery Tianjin Hospital Ren Kaijing: Hello, I have seen the movie, your mother hip femoral head has been damaged, hyperosteogeny, with advanced osteoarthritis, only joint replacement surgery is the best treatment, other treatment is not ideal. The surgical technique of joint replacement is mature, the effect certainly, the risk is small, relatively safe recommended.

Patient: Director: Thank you for your busy schedule! From the Internet access to the relevant information, some patients even femoral head arthroplasty, different methods of experts are not the same, some small wound, 35 days down; and some edge up to ten centimeters long, to be in bed by about a month. Do you see my mother now, surgery edge will be? How long can the next activity? In addition, the operation cost is probably how much? Thank you again for your answer! Sincerely wish you success in your work and happy life!

Joint surgery Tianjin Hospital Ren Kaijing: surgical incision is determined according to the situation of each patient, regardless of the size of the cut, should be early, I do the surgery, postoperative 5-7 in the world are very good, the total cost is approximately 50 thousand operation

Patient: Thank you very much for your patience! How do you arrange your time in Tianjin Hospital? My mother hoped that before the hot weather, the surgery and the basic recovery, otherwise the hot weather is very inconvenient to bed. When would you like to have the operation as early as possible? How long will it take to stay in hospital? My mother has diabetes, the heart is not very good, surgery will have any effect? After surgery can generally be restored to what extent? Thank you again!

Ren: I Kaijing joint surgery Tianjin Hospital Tuesday morning six expert outpatient service, if you decide to surgery, with my phone, mobile phone 13302126488 I can arrange hospital beds as soon as possible, about two weeks after admission, comprehensive examination, please medical consultation assessment that can arrange surgery after surgery, after surgery, you can work a normal life, not pain, walk freely

Patient: Thank you, director! Because home have children in need of care, go to the city hospital life has inconvenient, I still hope that the mother in the local hospital, but has not been determined. Thank you very much for your busy schedule! I wish you a good life safe!

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