What are the treatment of osteoarthritis?

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Oral medicine: (1): Glucosamine is composed of articular cartilage matrix in glucosamine (GS) protein and polysaccharide the most important


Oral medicine: (1): Glucosamine is composed of articular cartilage matrix in glucosamine (GS) protein and polysaccharide the most important monosaccharides, normal glucose by amination to synthesize GS, but the chondrocytes in osteoarthritis of the GS synthesis is blocked or inadequate, causing cartilage matrix softening and loss of elasticity, destruction of collagen fiber structure, cartilage surface increase the wear and damage of bone lacuna. Glucosamine can block the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis, promote the synthesis of chondrocytes with normal structure proteoglycan, and inhibit the damage of tissue and cartilage enzymes (such as collagenase, phospholipase A2) generation, reduce the damage of cartilage cells, improve joint activities, relieve joint pain, delay bone joint inflammation disease. Oral 1 times 500mg, 1 times 3 times, take the best meal. Of course, there are the latest foreign research results show that some patients taking the drug, there is no significant improvement in joint symptoms.

(2) non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs: inhibition of cyclooxygenase and prostaglandin synthesis, anti inflammatory response, joint edema and pain relief. Can choose 1 ibuprofen 200 ~ 400mg, 1 3 times a day; or other non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as Celebrex, mozzambique drugs etc..

Intra-articular medication: Sodium Hyaluronate: as the main component of synovial fluid, as one of the components of the cartilage matrix, in joint lubrication, reduce friction between organizations, intra-articular injection can obviously improve the inflammatory reaction in synovial tissue, enhance joint fluid viscous and lubrication function, protection of articular cartilage promote the healing and regeneration of articular cartilage, relieve pain, increase joint activities. Often in intra-articular injection, 1 25mg, 1 times a week for 3 weeks, must be strictly aseptic operation. Some patients have obvious effect on this therapy.

Many drugs on the market, under the guise of imported drugs or from Hongkong, Taiwan and so on, to deceive the people, in fact, a lot of drugs inside contain hormones, eating while will play analgesic effect, but the side effects they bring is the friends had no end of trouble for the future, please be sure to keep their eyes open, beware of deception, not only flowers the money, but also eat a bad body.



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