The first doctor Liao Weiming of Zhongshan University

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Professor two, a chief physician, doctoral tutor, No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University,, director of the Department of microsurg


Professor two, a chief physician, doctoral tutor, No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University,, director of the Department of microsurgery.

Clinical expertise for joint surgery in the Department of orthopedics, more than 30 years of clinical diagnosis and treatment of joint diseases in osteonecrosis, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, joint disease and other accumulated rich experience, the pursuit of excellence in surgical techniques, especially with the technical level and international synchronization in the hip knee arthroplasty and revision, and achieved satisfactory curative effect. In clinical work, adhere to the patient's life safety supreme principle of practice, to provide scientific and reasonable treatment plan for patients. Based on the rich clinical experience and professional level, by making clients to participate in a number of Industry Guide of Chinese Medical Association Branch of the Department of orthopedics and Department of orthopedics, presided over the doctors at all levels of related professional teaching and training, play a guiding role in the top-level design and the Department of orthopedics Teaching and continuing education. As the director of the Department of orthopedics and Department of orthopedics, actively promote the sub specialization, internationalization of scientific research, outstanding technical advantages, significantly promoted the development of the Department of orthopedics sub specialty technology, make efforts for the Department of orthopedics of No.1 Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University won the national key clinical specialist planning commission.

Clinical work

(1) clinical guiding ideology: for each link, comprehensive evaluation, reasonable selection, accurate treatment, refinement of perioperative management. (2) technical innovations and features: excellent curative effect of artificial joint replacement surgery through individualized preoperative fine chemical analysis, key technology, the implementation of the concise and very low complication rate. Based on the analysis of preoperative imaging based on the technical features for a function acetabular dysplasia of the hip acetabular prosthesis shift technology, pelvic inflammation with quantitative after total hip replacement in rotary placement techniques, hip arthroplasty composite reconstruction technique, the flexion of the knee osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, knee varus deformity deformity and compound abnormalities in total knee arthroplasty, by obtaining the consistency between reasonable osteotomy and soft tissue balance of power line based on the achieved good curative effect, to correct the deformity of the knee joint function recovery. (3) the impact of radiation: dozens of cases of internal and external consultation every year, as well as health consultation, to solve a large number of difficult and complex clinical cases, all external consultation surgery were successful.

Academic achievement

(1) participate in setting National Institute of relevant guidelines: the development of a number of industries in the national industry, to guide the Department of orthopedics as the main area of Southern China Medical Association and other experts, including the treatment of osteoporotic fracture, artificial joint, pain management, prevention of VTE infection or expert consensus guidelines for prevention and management of blood. (2) professional speech: in the Department of orthopedics, Research Institute of University of Washington, Japan Nagoya University Hospital Department of orthopedics and Department of orthopedics of Peking Union Medical College Hospital, West China Hospital, Department of orthopedics, national joint surgery professional conferences and other important meetings and academic speech, (3) the important work of national level professional title: National Planning Commission presided over the promotion examination proposition work, participate in the national professional association the assessment work, first and second experts involved in the assessment work of the National Natural Science fund.

Teaching performance

As deputy director of Department of surgery, surgery to assist in the construction of top-quality courses, organize or participate in undergraduate and graduate teaching work, the organization hosted since 1996 and the University of Hong Kong Department of orthopedics department jointly organized the Zhou Zhaoping Department of orthopedics competition ", and promote the teaching of Department of orthopedics residency training of international development. In postgraduate training, adhere to scientific research internationalization, and strictly regulate the training of clinical, become a clinical medical ethics, excellent professional and technical personnel, with international vision, has been training graduate doctoral students 17 people, 19 people graduate, has a postdoctoral 3 people, a Ph.D. student in 6.

Social Appointments

Member of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, society of Orthopaedics and traumatology, SICOT, member of the society of hip joints, Department of orthopedics, International

Society of Orthaedic Surgery and Traumatology) vice chairman of China Joint Institute, Guangdong Province Medical Association vice chairman of bone science branch, Chinese Medical Doctor Association Department of orthopedics Doctor Association of hip joint working group members, the association of Guangdong Provincial Medical Department of orthopedics physician branch vice chairman, Guangdong province Rehabilitation Medical Association vice chairman of Specialized Committee in Guangdong Province, pain rehabilitation, Health Management Association Department of orthopedics, Specialized Committee chairman, deputy editor in chief of "magazine" Chinese joint surgery, "Chinese Journal of bone and joint surgery", "international", "practical orthopedics department of orthopedics" managing editor. Guangdong and Guangzhou cadres health care experts, Professor of South China University of Technology, Key Laboratory of materials, Ministry of education, Guangdong Province, the organization of human body function reconstruction. China Medical Biotechnology Association bone tissue bank branch

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