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As the saying goes "old before old legs", the first leg in the knee trouble. A lot of old friends because of knee pain tortured before, flex


As the saying goes "old before old legs", the first leg in the knee trouble. A lot of old friends because of knee pain tortured before, flexible and vigorous figure does not exist, walk away no, climbing up the downhill no, the previous simple squat stand up now it is very difficult. This is because our knees have degenerated.

The so-called degenerative osteoarthritis, a simple definition, refers to the articular surface of the cartilage loss of elasticity, so that the bone under the cartilage stress increased, resulting in accelerated joint wear, thinning, joint space narrowing. As a result, the movement of power directly to the subchondral bone, bone sclerosis, deformation, cystic change, and so on, resulting in joint function of the disease. Department of joint surgery, Nanfang Hospital, Southern Medical University, Shi Zhanjun

In general, after 30 years of age began to gradually wear cartilage, then, with the increasing age, joint damage, cartilage damage is also more and more serious, leading to the emergence of senile arthritis. Therefore, young people should learn to care as well as the maintenance of the machine parts of the knee, as far as possible to delay the onset of knee arthritis.

Why the knee joint is easy to aging

Our knees under the body almost all the weight, whether it's exercise, walking, stair, articular cartilage everyday under the weight and the impact force caused by various activities, all joint "pressure" the biggest. Under the natural condition, the knee is affected by the age, the chemical substance, the muscle use, needs to maintain the vigor through the diet, the standing posture, the appropriate activity.

As early as adolescence, articular cartilage began to degenerate. With the increase of age, blood circulation and muscle weakness, joint parts for lubricating liquid secretion decline and dry, soft tissue elasticity, more vulnerable to the threat of injury, the cartilage becomes easy peeling; meniscus began to deteriorate and lack of the ability of reconstruction, the problem for weight gain and deterioration. The physiological structure such as curved legs, flat feet, tenesmus ankle, inner character, these natural factors and often injured, will cause the knee deviate from growth track. To know from the foot to the hip linkage is highly independent, if a part from the track, the whole system will fail.

The use of a certain amount of exercise or exercise can result in an imbalance in the proportion of muscle tissue. For example, cyclists at the front of the thigh muscle is unusually rich. Some sports have high levels of vibration on the knees, such as running and most ball games, which can increase the likelihood of a knee injury if not combined with a low vibration exercise such as swimming and cycling.

Knee maintenance

Recipes for joints

Joints, like other parts of the body, need plenty of vegetables and fruits. Eat at least 5 kinds of vegetables and fruits every day. This is the only way to get micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. The body needs calcium, zinc, and vitamin C to heal, multivitamins may be effective, but there is no better source of fresh food. Refined oil will also help to a joint weekly in the diet plus several deep-sea fish (or -3 substitute), olive oil, avocado and almonds will significantly help.

Pay attention to moisture cold

As the knee is "skinny", lack of muscle and fat protection, not enough heat supply, so the temperature is lower than other parts of the body, do weatherization is very important, especially in patients with chronic synovitis. The knee is afraid of wet, do not sleep in the dark and wet places, summer sweat do not immediately rinse with cold water knee.

weight control

The main cause of knee degeneration is the long-term wear, weight and aging of the joint, coupled with the loss of calcium, a lot of fat in the form of middle-aged and older women are the main victims of knee arthritis. Therefore, weight control is the most direct way to reduce the weight of the knee joint, it is very important to reduce the aging of the joints.

Choose a scientific way of movement

At present, there is a common confusion, patients with osteoarthritis: Osteoarthritis like? Answer the total principle is: both prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis, to exercise, exercise can make bone sturdy, muscular, enhancement of articular cartilage, improve nutrition, delaying the cartilage aging, which is to prevent bone from the fundamental way of arthritis.

But the point is that there should be a right way and activity.

Pay attention to the preparation of physical exercise to do a good job in the preparation of the activities, gently stretch the knee at least 1 minutes.

Often change posture and posture attention to change the position and posture, avoid sedentary or long standing. When you are engaged in sitting or squatting work, should stand up and walk around for a period of time, you can also massage the knee joint, so that the knee will not be fixed in the same position for a long time. This not only helps to promote the blood circulation of the knee joint, but also can reduce the internal and external tissue adhesion.

To strengthen the activities of lower limb exercise here introduces two exercise methods.

Methods a supine position, a height of about 10 cm in the pillow behind the knee, let the leg alternating up to full knee extension, and then put down, every time 20~30 times, can be arranged before sleep wake up in the morning and evening, it can make the knee fully stretch, rotation, prevent its stiffness tonic.

Methods two straight leg raising exercise. Supine position, the lower limb completely straight raise, lift off the bed about 30 degrees. Adhere to 5~10 seconds, put down, relax 2~3 seconds. Exercise 15 minutes a day, two times a day. The main point of the action is the whole process of the knee to be completely straight, not bent, the purpose is to exercise our muscles around the knee, muscle strength is the best support for the knee.

In general, people with poor knee function should avoid 3 kinds of exercise:

Joint weight-bearing exercise, such as running and mountain climbing; frequent twisting knee exercise, such as yangko dance; repeated squat exercise.

It is ideal for swimming, cycling and stretching to lower the weight of joints.

Treatment of osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis of the knee is a very common chronic rheumatism, at present there is no cure for the world. But the general incidence of this disease is slow, intermittent attacks, in case of climate change, increased joint pain and fatigue after trauma, early onset through lifestyle changes, proper exercise and drug therapy can alleviate the symptoms, slow development and improve the quality of life. If not treated in time, to a high rate of late disability, such as the rehabilitation of the disabled not only increase the pain, but the cost of treatment is very high, one side of the knee replacement surgery costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Now there is a new medical term called "time window", "time window" refers to the best treatment time of the disease, when the "window" opened, it means that the disease can be cured or at the time, but when the "window" closed, equal to miss the best diagnosis a period of treatment, and treatment is not easy to cure, so early prevention and early treatment is the key to prevent disability.

The treatment of osteoarthritis is to alleviate symptoms, delay the change of joint structure, maintain joint function and improve the quality of life.

American College of Rheumatology 1995 Pyramid proposed scheme in the treatment of osteoarthritis, in 2000 the European League Against Rheumatism of osteoarthritis treatment recommendations are three aspects, namely the non drug treatment, drug treatment and surgical treatment. Treatment plan is not in accordance with the above order, should be based on the severity of the disease to give appropriate treatment.

Non drug treatment should pay attention to life guidance, to participate in a reasonable physical exercise, the use of physical therapy such as hyperthermia, hydrotherapy, infrared, electrical stimulation, etc.. Drugs have anti-inflammatory painkillers (aspirin, Bloven, Ni Mei Shug Leigh etc.); to alleviate the symptoms of drugs is glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, glycosaminoglycans, intra-articular injection of hyaluronic acid or hormone.

Some drugs to relieve symptoms need to use a few months to take effect, there are indications that the use of drugs to alleviate symptoms can significantly delay the development of the disease, is a key treatment for prevention of disability.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is the main component of the joint fluid, and the use of hyaluronic acid intra-articular injection has protective effect on joint, lubrication, shock absorption, relief of pain and improvement of joint function. For patients with severe disease and obvious joint dysfunction, surgical treatment may be considered. Surgery of knee joint cavity and artificial joint replacement.

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