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Research interests: osteonecrosis of the femoral head, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, sports injury, joint dislocation, rheumatoid arthritis


Research interests: osteonecrosis of the femoral head, osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, sports injury, joint dislocation, rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis joint diseases and artificial joint replacement techniques and revision techniques.

The maintenance of good joints is not by injection medicine

Good joints, is raised, and not rely on long-term injections, medication." As a well-known domestic joint surgery experts, in the prevention and treatment of common arthritis in the elderly, Professor Liao Weiming believes that scientific and rational use of joints, prevention of joint disease progression is important.

More than 50 years of age, especially women, many people have varying degrees of knee pain, this pain is often manifested as a slight blunt pain, gap, rest improvement. But if you do not pay attention, may be repeated attacks.

Some elderly patients with osteoarthritis often feel that the occurrence of knee pain often occurs after the fatigue, such as the day carrying a large bag of things to go a long way, or climb back to the mountains, etc.. In addition, the occurrence of pain, and the weather there is a certain link, when the weather suddenly become cold and wet, especially his knees.

The pain, the vast majority of people will naturally reduce joint activities, walk less, even walking limped (the leg pain is not affected by force). The pain relieved after rest, but may also be temporary. If you do not pay attention to maintenance, with the passage of time, joint pain episodes increased gradually, patients will feel joint activities are not flexible and stiff, as from a sitting to standing, legs suddenly stretched straight, need to play several times, or rubbing his knees, can barely walk.

This is because the joints have degenerated, and thus have a sterile inflammation (Guan Jieyan). The so-called degeneration, in fact, is a kind of aging.

When you exercise, take care of the joints

In youth, the body is also very influential, very healthy natural knee. Many people from the age of more than and 40, began to have articular cartilage degeneration of the age of 50. Joint degeneration will increase with age and become more serious, and the theory on the whole, it can only degeneration (or maintain basic does not aggravate the state, "once happened) cartilage degeneration, back to normal is almost impossible, is not likely to become better than the young," said Professor Liao Weiming.

Therefore, think in old age without a lame a lame crutches to walk (or even stand), will be in the joint without serious degeneration and deformity, treat it well and maintain it.

Joint maintenance, the most important points: one is the appropriate working conditions and weight-bearing posture, avoid adverse living or working posture and state of joints, such as long time of walking and standing, long time squatting or kneeling squatting; the two is to choose the right type of exercise, but also the choice of an appropriate amount of exercise or, in the movement to avoid the movement damage to joints, the right type of exercise and exercise, is not in during and after exercise feel joint discomfort; the three is to keep warm, avoid cold wet environment; the four is to pay attention to weight, prevent excessive weight gain joint load.

Appropriate exercise, for young people, but also to prevent sports injuries. Young people, especially men, usually love do some sports, such as playing football, playing badminton, playing basketball, the movement inside the bounce, stop, turn, change the direction of movement may include acute joint action, especially easy to make joint sprains, meniscal tear, articular cartilage injury the situation and effect of joint health. Therefore, before doing these exercises, be sure to warm up first, so that joints, ligaments and muscles ready to exercise, while paying attention to the appropriate level of exercise and exercise.

After work to exercise, but also to move every hour

On the contrary, some young people do not love sports, especially the urban workers, they because of the nature of the work, can even sit in front of the computer for a long time did not move the position, this kind of situation, not only for the cervical vertebra adverse, is disadvantageous to the knee.

The knee joint can stable and flexible movement, because there are many protection ligaments around the joint, the knee can support the weight of the whole body, if not sedentary or exercise, muscle boring, ligament relaxation, knee activity may be "error", it is easy to hurt the knee.

Of course, some people have noticed their lack of exercise, so after work, go to the gym or sports. Professor Liao Weiming said, "after 8 hours of work exercise is good, but if there are conditions, a short break every hour, about the activities of the cervical spine and joints, is beneficial to the human body to maintain a healthy state of spine.

Sit in for a long time, most of human leg muscles will be in a relaxed state without shrinkage, and long time no muscle contraction, its strength will be weakened, blood circulation will deteriorate, resulting in muscle, tendon and ligament strength weakened; on the other hand, a part of the muscle ligament may be in long time and stress. Spasm, prone to fatigue of muscle and ligament, secondary bone hyperplasia. Every appropriate period of time, the activities of the spine and joints, spine and joints around the muscles can be properly trained, will not appear in the use of waste into the back of the situation, the spine and joints can also maintain normal condition.

Do not feel cold, but also warm knees

The warmth of the joint, sounds like the old man said, in fact, otherwise. The knee joint is a structure of "bones", with his hand, you can feel the skin is bone, so it is not a thick layer of fat or muscle protection, this also means that it is particularly cold.

Cold on the joints, is a kind of stimulation, it can also lead to aseptic inflammation of the joints, so as to damage the health of the joint. Therefore, the joint (especially the knee) of the warmth, it should start from a young age, not a girl in the winter is also wearing a short skirt, was both moving, but also "frozen people". Cold behind, for the occurrence of arthritis planted the root cause.

See here, it is estimated that a lot of beautiful women will retort: "was wearing a short skirt stockings, really do not feel very cold, did not feel cold knees, it should be no problem, right?"

In this regard, Professor Liao Weiming's view is that the occurrence of arthritis is a gradual accumulation of many factors, because the body has strong self repair ability, but really wait until the symptoms, the situation has been developed to "out of control".

Therefore, whether it is the elderly or children, usually should pay more attention to the warmth of the knee joint. Of course, warm can be passive warm, you can "active" warm. Active warm means increase the body's ability to keep out the cold cold, such as swimming, cold bath (shower), "active" warm step by step, insist for a long time, but still need to "cold" activities to keep warm "joint". Each individual's feelings for the cold is not the same, according to their actual situation to choose the "active" and passive warm way.

When the weather is cold, wear wool, cashmere and warm knee, the knee is surrounded by a very good choice. However, long-term wear sports kneepad is not necessarily good, because sports kneepad long-term wear on the knee, it will cause the muscles around the knee ligament "lazy", easily lead to disuse atrophy and joint degeneration aggravated. Exercise should be worn at the knee during exercise, especially if there is no doctor charged, long-term wear does not require daily life.

Before surgery, ask the doctor two questions

For people with knee osteoarthritis who have already suffered from degenerative osteoarthritis, delaying or blocking the progression of arthritis is the most important, and the purpose of the treatment.

In mild illness, only occasionally appears when the knee pain, should try to use no treatment for trauma to the human body, such as weight loss, do not move to weight, reasonable exercise, the behavior, the purpose is to reduce the excessive load of joint bearing. Because unless you don't walk upright, or stand up, the knee must bear the weight of the body (including the back things, carrying the weight, therefore, avoid) the Kneejoint load is the basis of all of the treatment and one of the most important.

Rational use of topical drugs, physical therapy can also reduce the pain and stiffness of the joints, enhance muscle tension around the joints, increase the stability of the joint.

Non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are commonly used to relieve symptoms of the treatment of drugs, these drugs in addition to pain, but also to eliminate the role of inflammation. However, the use of such drugs need to be used under the guidance of doctors to avoid adverse drug reactions.

In the early and middle stages of osteoarthritis, to joint cavity injection of sodium hyaluronate is significant, sodium hyaluronate as joint lubricant, can form a layer of protective film on the surface of articular cartilage, lubricate joints, protect the function of articular cartilage.

Surgical treatment may be considered in patients with severe persistent pain in the knee joint, and a significant impairment of joint activity, affecting work and life.

In determining the operation, we must first ask the doctor two questions: first, must be surgery? Two what is the operation?

The treatment of degenerative osteoarthritis of the knee, the doctor said surgery often refers to two kinds, one is arthroscopic surgery, this surgery for mild and moderate osteoarthritis patients, especially for joint loose bodies, mechanical compression symptoms, swelling and effusion of the patients.

Another is the artificial joint replacement surgery, artificial knee, hip replacement surgery is mature, joint activities for severe pain, dysfunction of patients with painless, good function, effectively improve the quality of life, but good effect obtained depends on accurate grasp surgery before and after disease, good surgical technique and correct surgical treatment.

Joint replacement surgery must have strict surgical indications, the patient must have a long lasting pain, joint deformity or dysfunction, X examination clearly see serious osteoarthritis after conservative treatment, and confirmed to be invalid, and no other operation more effective solution. Moreover, the implementation of artificial joint expertise, needs assessment and perioperative reasonable preoperative treatment, rehabilitation needs good, and not just the problem of the operation, therefore, need joint surgery specialist the comprehensive strength of the hospital and qualified to obtain the desired effect.

There is also a kind of operation called osteotomy, mainly used for trauma or developmental factors caused by the knee joint deformity, can be used to correct the lower limb bone line, improve the joint function. Such patients are usually relatively young, and there is no obvious symptoms of osteoarthritis can be considered such an operation.

Therefore, before surgery, to consult a doctor, the need for surgery, what type of surgery, surgical results and complications.

If the naked eye can be seen in elderly patients with significant leg deformities, such as legs stretched straight (or flexion, or poor) have obvious X shaped legs, O shaped legs, coupled with persistent pain and dysfunction, "this shows that the disease is more serious, it may require joint replacement therapy professor Liao Weiming, to tell you," of course, the need for surgery, whether patients can tolerate the operation need, clinical symptoms, local manifestations, imaging studies, combined with the patient's health situation and the comprehensive evaluation can make a realistic choice, and the operation also can not solve all problems, can not fully meet the a normal joint operation also has the risk of complications. Therefore, although the operation is mature and effective, but the need for careful choice". (Editor: Wu Li, from the "family doctor")

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