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What is the immunotherapy of tumorTumor immunotherapy the main part is the use of biological therapy, immune excitement, immune enhancer and


What is the immunotherapy of tumor

Tumor immunotherapy the main part is the use of biological therapy, immune excitement, immune enhancer and immune modulators, such as immune cells or immune antibody, humoral immunity, immune cells and silver tumor treatment to a biological therapy. With the progress of immune biology and tumor immunology of modern molecular biology, since 80s, the immune excitement, immune enhancer and immune regulator concept has limitations, so the proposed new concept includes extensive biological response modifier. The last known immune therapy, and other biological treatment methods now known as immune therapy or biological treatment (medical student). To understand the immune system must understand the body's immune system. The immune system is composed of a variety of cell types, specific lymphocytes with immune response, T cells responsible for immune function and B lymphocyte associated with humoral immunity and antibody, cytokine is defined by immune cells (lymphocytes, mononuclear macrophage) and related cells (fibroblasts, endothelial cells) produce regulation (enhancement or inhibition) high activity of cell function, multifunctional protein polypeptide. The T cell can be divided into can direct cytotoxicity T lymphocyte (CTL) and cytokines enhance immune lymphocytes, natural killer cells (NK) and T, B cells, tumor cells and virus cell cytotoxicity. B cell surface antibody binding to the target antigen, resulting in immunoglobulin, immune enhancement and cell killing effect. Some factors suggest that the immune status of the human body has an effect on the tumor, such as spontaneous regression, the latent period of metastasis or recurrence, and the metastasis and metastasis of unknown primary tumor.

Two, what is the biological treatment of cancer

Biotherapy is developed on the basis of tumor immunotherapy, in modern medical theory, due to the development of bio tech tumor immune therapy has a new theory, new contents and new methods, tumor immune therapy has entered a new stage, and put forward the concept of biological response modifier the.

Biological treatment of tumor is the main substances produced by natural host defense mechanism to mobilize the body's natural or given to achieve anti-tumor effect, the tumor treatment means fourth, biological treatment to most tumors are trying to stimulate the immune defense system. The substances that regulate and regulate the immune function of the organism are called biological responses.

Three, what is called biological response modifier (biological reponse modifiers, BRMs)

A biological response modifier is a naturally occurring biological substance and a method and means to alter the balance between the host and the tumor.

1. Definition: a substance or method that enables the interaction between the two groups to facilitate the treatment of tumors by modulating the response of the host to the tumor. Called BRMs.

2, BRMs and types: (1) natural or recombinant cells: interleukin II, interferon, tumor necrosis factor, colony stimulating factor, etc.. (2) tumor various types of somatic cells and helper hematopoietic liver cells such as LAK cells, TIL cells and TAK cells in bone marrow, liver cells, peripheral blood stem cells and umbilical cord blood stem cells. (3) antibody: various anti-tumor monoclonal antibodies against cell surface labeled antibody. (4) gene therapy. (5) anti tumor vaccine. (6) cell differentiation inducer. (7) anti angiogenic agents. (8) enzyme or enzyme inhibitors. (9) some fungi and its effective components: BCG, Corynebacterium parvum stem bacteria, Pseudomonas, Streptococcus, Ji'nan. (10) plant medicine, mainly to make some Chinese medicine effective components of polysaccharide etc..

Four, cancer gene therapy

At present, most of the gene therapy of tumor is realized by mobilizing and regulating immune function. The gene therapy of tumor is to use genetic engineering technology to correct the defect of structure and function of tumor cell gene directly, or indirectly through strengthening the human body to kill and defend the tumor. Gene therapy of tumor has gene substitution, gene repair

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