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Comprehensive treatment (multimodality therapy) concept is based on the patient's body, tumor type, invasion (stage of disease) and the tren


Comprehensive treatment (multimodality therapy) concept is based on the patient's body, tumor type, invasion (stage of disease) and the trend of development, planning and reasonable application of the existing treatment, in order to increase the cure rate of cancer, Yan Changsheng saves the time, improve the quality of life of patients. In addition to some early tumors and specific types of tumors, the vast majority of tumors are treated with a combination of principles of treatment.

Comprehensive treatment of tumor should pay equal attention to the whole situation of the patient and the specific features of the tumor, so as to avoid one sidedness and reduce the decision-making errors. First, if in the selection and formulation of comprehensive treatment mode has only focus on killing tumor cells and narrowing the short-term curative effect of tumor volume, body condition and long-term effect and not pay attention to the patient, do not pay attention to protect the patient's immune function and the body of righteousness, dialectical theory of governance, it may be the tumor is "small" or "no", but the patient's body also "collapse" or "disabled" adverse consequences. Second, if during the treatment of tumor, tumor therapy and fear too much considering the side effects, types, development trend and the biological behavior characteristics and not pay attention to the tumor, can not correctly understand the relationship between "is" and "evil", in tumor cells of vigorous growth, strong external evil under the condition of not timely take the right treatment to effectively kill tumor cells in the course will not achieve the best treatment effect, and may even make the loss of cure could have cured tumours.

(two) tumor therapy is not a simple combination of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, biological therapy and traditional Chinese medicine therapy and other treatment methods, but a planned, step by step, the order of aggregation of individualized treatment, the treatment process is a system, need surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and other disciplines effectively. In order to successfully complete cooperation. Although the treatment is not a fixed pattern of mechanical therapy after treatment, in the specific process may with the diagnosis and the gradual improvement of the efficacy differences be adjusted appropriately, such as the comprehensive preoperative treatment plan may be formulated according to the operation conditions and postoperative pathological examination results shall be properly adjusted, but each treatment scheme the adjustment should have scientific basis.

(three) the purpose of comprehensive treatment of cancer is radical and palliative treatment of the two categories. Once diagnosed with cancer, the need for comprehensive and auxiliary examination system, and to evaluate its curative effect and treatment experience to patients suffering from cancer, if the tumor may be cured, it should be to cure to be actively treated by all kinds of effective treatment methods, do everything possible to achieve cure. But because of many advanced tumor stage treatment belongs to palliative treatment, to prolong the survival time of patients, improve the quality of life as the basic goal, therefore, short-term effect in the development of comprehensive treatment scheme should not only pay attention to the patient, should pay more attention to the long-term curative effect and patient quality of life.

(four) not all tumors need comprehensive treatment, some have low rate of limited tumor early tumor and metastatic spread, can a single treatment has good therapeutic effect, generally do not need comprehensive treatment. Such as skin basal cell carcinoma metastasis rate is very low, a single surgical treatment can often be cured, do not have to use radiotherapy, chemotherapy and other comprehensive treatment. The 5 year survival rate of gastric cancer is only about 100%, and it is not necessary to use chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Therefore, in the course of each tumor patient, there should be a visit to the oncologist's experience, perhaps to get the most appropriate treatment options and get the best treatment effect,

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