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Yao Beina, Chen Xiaoxu, Yu Juan, filed a couple of names, people think the true breast cancer killer Confidante. According to the latest sta


Yao Beina, Chen Xiaoxu, Yu Juan, filed a couple of names, people think the true breast cancer killer Confidante. According to the latest statistics of breast cancer is the most common cancer in women Chinese, China (nearly 200 thousand new cases each year is expected to 2030, China's female breast cancer incidence number will reach 234 thousand), the annual death due to breast cancer patients were nearly 50 thousand, accounting for 12.2% of the world and 9.6%. It can be said that every 6 new cancer women, there are 1 breast cancer. These cold figures seem to be a wake-up call to female friends, but in fact, lifestyle changes, early diagnosis (daily physical screening), early treatment, standardized treatment can reduce the risk of disease to a minimum.

Female friends often ask, how to avoid breast cancer, lobular hyperplasia will not develop into breast cancer. In fact, the etiology of breast cancer is still not very clear, there are reasons for their gene defects and also the external environment factors, is the result of many factors, so early diagnosis prevention is more important than sometimes. For lobular hyperplasia, which is the most common among women in a situation, in fact, we are in clinical, seventy or eighty of women have lobular hyperplasia of breast. The relationship between breast lobular hyperplasia and breast cancer is not large, there are many types of breast hyperplasia, most of all is physical, we often encounter the clinic types are also spontaneously, without special treatment, such as simple breast hyperplasia, sometimes, in each period, it may cause some pain, but after after the menstrual cycle, may be a little better; others are pathological, such as severe atypical hyperplasia, occur in the next 10 years will be 4-8 times higher than normal risk of cancer. So, you suffer from lobular hyperplasia of female friends, do not be too sensitive. Lobular hyperplasia in the incidence of cancer is less than 1%. Lobular hyperplasia of women, especially in the 35 to more than 40 years of age, you can go to the hospital for examination, as well as at home to do some self-examination, or regular follow-up checks can be done. Of course, pay attention to sleep quality, avoid fatigue, work too hard and tension helps to regulate the balance of estrogen and progesterone, relieve symptoms.

We are often encountered in consultation with relatives of patients with breast cancer, whether they will suffer from breast cancer. First of all, we can not deny that breast cancer has a certain family heredity. Compared with no family history of breast cancer in women, mother, sister, daughter of the first-degree relatives, if there are people suffering from breast cancer, it may actually increase the risk of breast cancer, and relatives of the diagnosis of breast cancer in younger patients, the higher the risk. When there are 1 first-degree relatives with breast cancer, the risk of women suffering from breast cancer is 1.8 times without a family history of women, when 2 relatives of breast cancer, the risk is increased for 3 times, if there are 3 or more relatives diagnosed with breast cancer, the breast cancer risk increased 8 times. However, in spite of this, true hereditary breast cancer accounts for only 5%-10% of all breast cancers, and there is no mutation in the genes involved in most breast cancer patients. Regular inspection can be done.

How far is breast cancer from us? Some people have a good health, lifestyle is very healthy, but can not completely avoid the occurrence of breast cancer. However, suffering from breast cancer is really so terrible? Many people think that talking about breast cancer discoloration, sick of the death sentence. In fact, we still have a lot of ways to treat breast cancer, in addition to surgery, radiotherapy and drug treatment; drug therapy, including chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, biological targeted therapy, etc.. After a comprehensive treatment, a lot of breast cancer can be cured. The unit after years of practice, has made outstanding achievements, on the basis of drug treatment for each individual molecular typing of breast cancer patients after operation, the total survival rate reached the international advanced level of patients with breast cancer, early stage (stage I-II), middle (III) after breast cancer surgery five years overall survival from 2006 to 88%, 64% respectively, increased to 91% in 2009, 69%. For surgery, patients often feel that they must have been removed from the breast to be assured that the more excision, the more clean, the only way to protect life". In fact, this is not understanding the progress of breast cancer treatment. With the methods of early diagnosis of breast cancer, comprehensive treatment and operation of breast reservation after becoming mature, some patients with early breast cancer can be selected in the premise of complete resection of the tumor, retain most of the breast, even with the help of some plastic technology, to maintain the basic shape of the breast. And we are concerned about recurrence, there has been a lot of evidence that breast conserving surgery + local radiotherapy and complete resection of the effect is basically the same, but it is clear that breast preservation to improve the quality of life, reducing the psychological problems. So, your female friends if you encounter problems, be sure to consult a professional organization, rather than by intuition, or hearsay, or network search can. All of our treatment is evidence. The evidence, you understand? I believe you understand!

There are some other folk myth: for example, some people think that all the breast cancer, can sleep without any anxiety, Everything will be fine., in fact, adjuvant chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery to target or endocrine therapy for kill residual tumor cells, reduce the risk of recurrence plays a crucial role. Historical experience shows that if the simple operation without the use of drugs, L / 3 axillary lymph node metastasis in patients with breast cancer and 3 / 4 of axillary lymph node metastasis of patients will eventually develop distant metastasis. It must be pointed out that the postoperative adjuvant chemotherapy can not because of fear of side effects and start cutting corners on the dose and standard dose is to reduce tumor recurrence and metastasis of the basis of the way. Of course, not all of the patients with breast cancer need chemotherapy after surgery, the specific circumstances need to go to the doctor's office to seek professional judgment.

Breast cancer is not far from us. But as long as the correct understanding, scientific treatment, through the patient, family members, health care personnel between good and close cooperation, can improve the cure rate and survival of breast cancer. Breast cancer, there is a formal multidisciplinary and individualized treatment intervention, not terrible!


Zhang Jian: associate chief physician / Associate Professor, specialty: breast cancer treatment.

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