Early symptoms of breast cancer

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Early symptoms of breast cancer:1, some patients with early breast cancer in the breast has not yet clear can touch the masses, but often ha


Early symptoms of breast cancer:

1, some patients with early breast cancer in the breast has not yet clear can touch the masses, but often have local discomfort, especially in postmenopausal women sometimes feel mild pain, breast discomfort, or side shoulder heavy, soreness, and even led and the side of the upper arm.

2, the early breast can touch the size of the size of the bean, hard, movable. There is no obvious pain, a small number of

Of pain, dull pain, tingling.

3, breast shape: the visible mass of skin ridge, some local orange peel like, even edema, discoloration, eczema like change etc..

4, near nipple nipple retraction. Breast skin with mild depression (medical called "dimple"), nipple erosion, nipple or breast asymmetry, skin thickening, rough pores increase phenomenon (medical called "orange peel.").

5, nipple discharge: overflow is bloody, serous blood should pay special attention to further examination.

6, regional lymph node enlargement, ipsilateral axillary lymph node enlargement. Supraclavicular lymph node enlargement has advanced.

In addition, estrogen is one of the prerequisites for breast cancer. The incidence of breast cancer from 18 to 70 years old, the age between 30 to 60 years old, especially the growth period, menopause is the high stage of female breast cancer, the use of estrogen replacement therapy for more than 10 years of women should be closely monitored, conditions should be gene screening. Director Chen also reminded, because the breast volume is small, under the effect of estrogen exposure in the area is small, so people breast small relative is not easy to have the disease, but also there is no lack of such cases, only the rich talent will get breast cancer is not accurate. If found to change, or should go to the hospital as soon as possible.



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