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Hepatitis B is relatively high in China fell infection, if in life just do not pay attention to some of the details, there may be infected w


Hepatitis B is relatively high in China fell infection, if in life just do not pay attention to some of the details, there may be infected with hepatitis B virus, at present there is a netizen for cosmetics and infected with acute hepatitis a trial, in fact, cosmetics can cause trial of various infectious diseases, probably more than 80%.

Ignore the details of life on acute hepatitis infection trial gloss

A few days ago, Mandy (a pseudonym) turned yellow, have no appetite to eat fat, even the usually not interested. To check the emergency center, did not know he had acute hepatitis. Mandy did not believe the results. She said, usually pay attention to personal hygiene, rarely eat out, even in the unit to eat lunch with their own convenience.

After repeated inquiries, Mandy was reminded of their own makeup before buying cosmetics test habits. Every cosmetics counters in shopping malls, there will be four or five women at the same time consulting makeup products, with a "trial" label products such as lip gloss in the hands of consumers in turn will walk. The clerk said "nothing", this is a topical product, erased, and not to eat into the stomach. Later, Mandy took the next person without thinking just tried to gloss his lips.

More than a few people try to install a cosmetic trial whether there are security risks? Liver experts remind the majority of users: this trial, triggering a variety of infectious diseases may be more than 80%.

Try the same lipstick, can be passed through the mouth and digestive tract infectious hepatitis; trial mascara is mascara brush by infectious conjunctivitis, trachoma, conjunctivitis and other diseases. At the same time, some fungi, mites can easily wipe powder by infection.

Health reminder: try to use a cotton swab

Consumer testing samples, samples may hit the mouth, eyes, nose, and these samples are often used together with different people, if the trial process, the trial installation do not health or some users carry infectious viruses, it is likely to cause disease symptoms even cross infection. Because most of the disease has a certain incubation period, the patient will be infected with the disease, but also can not know where the disease comes from.

Therefore, we must be careful when trying cosmetics, it is best not to try other people and sales staff directly with the hand over the cosmetics, you can use a cotton swab trial.

In general, hepatitis B is mainly through blood, mother and child and sexually transmitted in three ways, daily life contact is not contagious. Many people believe that hepatitis B virus does not spread through the intestines, that is to say, with hepatitis B patients or carriers of the virus is not contagious.

The spread of hepatitis B has been a matter of concern, especially in the love of men and women, if one party is a carrier of hepatitis B virus, then how to do it...... How to prevent the marriage of hepatitis b"

However, in clinical practice, there are a number of patients with hepatitis B infection is indeed related to eating. Some patients with hepatitis B after the occurrence of a meal, more in the unsanitary restaurant or dining table after the road.

Research shows that when there are hepatitis B virus carriers in the diner, the traditional way of eating the HBV infection rate was 42%, the infection rate of hepatitis B and Fencan system is 17%, this also shows that the hepatitis B is contagious from the digestive tract.

In fact, the route of transmission of hepatitis B virus is more complex, hepatitis B patients or carriers of various body fluids are infectious, and its transmission is through blood transfusion and blood products, drug injection and acupuncture. If the medical devices are hepatitis B virus contamination after disinfection is not complete, causing the spread of hepatitis B virus in the stomach, colonoscopy, tooth, tooth, interventional therapy, surgery and anesthesia intubation can.



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