The south must guard against brucellosis

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Department of infectious diseases, Hunan Children's Hospital, Liu JingChildren at the age of 3, Yu Tian has 10 fever, etiology unknown after


Department of infectious diseases, Hunan Children's Hospital, Liu Jing

Children at the age of 3, Yu Tian has 10 fever, etiology unknown after a number of hospitals, our hospital after a number of checks, the final diagnosis of brucellosis. What is the brucellosis? What symptom is there? How to treat effect? Brucellosis is prevalent in Inner Mongolia, Northeast China, northwest, South is rare, many adults see, such a small child is how come? Finally asked the history, parents recalled the child had eaten the placenta and placenta......

Brucellosis is a zoonotic infectious disease. After the illness first manifested as fever, body temperature up to 38-40 degrees, different heating performance is different, some body temperature is not too high, in the range of 37- between 38, lasted for a long time, in the long-term low temperature state; some wavy, namely high fever for several days, the normal body temperature for several days, again high fever, repeatedly, showing undulant fever so, brucellosis is also called undulant fever. Sweating is another characteristic of brucellosis, often sweat soaked clothes. Patients had joint pain or muscle pain, fatigue, lethargy, poor appetite, men may be accompanied by orchitis, women with ovarian inflammation. The inspection found hepatosplenomegaly, neck, axillary, inguinal lymph node enlargement. Self limiting fever. Serious can be complicated by meningitis, endocarditis, osteomyelitis and other complications.

The clinical manifestations of brucellosis is varied, no specific performance, the final diagnosis depended on culture of Brucella from the blood of patients with bone marrow and synovial fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, or blood antibody test.

The main source of infection of brucellosis is sick sheep, followed by cattle and pigs. For a long duration of fever patients, if in the past 6 months, especially in the past 1 months with disease of sheep and cattle, pigs or eat unripe disease of sheep and cattle, pork, the need to guard against the disease; disease of animal milk contaminated drinking more, raw beef, goats'milk or dairy products may be infected; disease of sheep and cattle, pig placenta is also a large number of bacteria, some parents in order to enhance children's immunity, placenta edible livestock disease, can be infected with brucellosis, the children sick about 1 months before having eaten the pig placenta and bovine placenta.

Brucellosis is harmful, should go to hospital for treatment of early onset found. Brucellosis treatment is early antibiotic treatment, the treatment lasted for 6 weeks or 6 weeks or more, to prevent relapse and chronicity. There are complications of the corresponding treatment. Nursing is equally important, pay attention to rest and give nutrition, high calorie, high vitamin, easily digestible food, high fever can be used antipyretic drugs, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, drink more water, and physical cooling, such as ice pillow head is posted on the forehead, fever, fever can be repeatedly rubbed on the gel surface.

Although brucellosis in the south are rare, but still can not be ignored. Some parents give their children to pay attention to the so-called nutrition of fresh milk, goats'milk, milk after extrusion without heating direct drinking; pay attention to taste eat undercooked beef or mutton, brush Hot pot barbecue are possible through the digestive tract infection of brucellosis. The placenta disease and contains a large number of Brucella, does not recommend parents to sheep, cattle, pig placenta as supplements to children to eat. Avoid contact with sick children. The most effective preventive measures of brucellosis is a susceptible animal and population of the affected areas of the vaccine

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