The role of heterosexual sexual contact in the transmission of HIV infection

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Sexual contact transmission is one of the three routes of transmission of aids. Experts confirmed that semen or vaginal secretions in HIV in


Sexual contact transmission is one of the three routes of transmission of aids. Experts confirmed that semen or vaginal secretions in HIV infected with the AIDS virus, sex with male and female reproductive organs when there may be bleeding injury, so the sexual contact can spread aids. The risk of sexually transmitted HIV although no blood transmission (such as intravenous drug abuse) of the dangerous, but because the number of range and contact transmission involves far more than blood transmission, sexual transmission, especially the heterosexual transmission of AIDS in the current row of the role is also far more than blood spread. Investigation on the epidemiology of AIDS worldwide, different countries and regions in the AIDS epidemic in the early stage of the main route of transmission may be different, such as some to bloodtransmitted (such as intravenous drug users), some with same-sex sexual contact transmission, but with the increase in the number of people infected with HIV, it will eventually turn into through heterosexual sexual transmission. The higher the HIV infection rate, the higher the risk of transmitting HIV through heterosexual contact. If the development of a country or region by way of heterosexual contact is the main route of transmission of AIDS, the AIDS epidemic in the country or region from high-risk groups to the general population, the number of HIV infections has entered a period of rapid growth. At present, about 40000000 of the world's HIV infected persons, 70% are infected through heterosexual contact. In order to control the epidemic of AIDS, we must first cut off the spread of HIV through heterosexual contact.

In China, the number of people infected with HIV through heterosexual contact is increasing, the spread of sexually transmitted diseases on the HIV infection accounted for 7.2% of the total number of infected persons. A survey report shows that HIV infected spouses of HIV infection rate increased from 3.1% in 1990 to 12.3% in 1997. In Jiangsu Province, the proportion of HIV infection through sexual behavior each year to 40% - 50% annually, and 70% concentrated in the age of active 2029. In Nanjing has reported HIV infected persons, the proportion of sexually transmitted has reached 41.5%, accounting for the first route of transmission. In Tianjin, the main route of transmission of sexually transmitted infections, sexually transmitted diseases, accounting for 33.6%, of which heterosexual transmission accounted for about 27.3%, male homosexual transmission accounted for 6.39%. Guangxi autonomous region of the 121 pairs of voluntary counseling and testing of the couple's serum testing, found through sexual partners in the spread between husband and wife have 84 pairs. If one of the parties is infected with HIV, the AIDS virus can be transmitted to the other side through the sexual life between husband and wife, many innocent men and women in this way and HIV infection.

News playback: never nianhuarecao, how will be infected with AIDS?

Zhang is a civil servant, usually well behaved, although around the entertainment, but never nianhuarecao, but a blood examination was found infected with hiv. Five years ago, he talked about a love, his girlfriend was unusually sexy, the first fall in love at first sight, the two fall in love. More than half a year of contacts, the relationship between the two have never taken protective measures. Due to large differences in personality, Zhang offered to give up the feelings. When Zhang learned that HIV infection, to know about the whereabouts of his former girlfriend, she had a year ago died, for his spirit of near collapse, but then bring it to the family doctor.

News playback two: a tragedy of a family of three

In 2004 September, Liu Zhou's father is sick, have a fever repeatedly. He went to the local hospital, at first thought that is the common cold, have a fever, then the doctor gave him a blood test, the results showed that he had AIDS, and the incubation period for 6 years. A family member in the hospital to remind Mr. Liu, should bring his wife and children to the Autonomous Region Center for Disease Control and prevention to see if they have been infected. A family of three came to Nanning test, the results came out, the fate of the innocent and the mother and daughter did not bring the lucky - they are infected with the family's hiv! Liu Zhou's mother was infected by the sexual route by her husband, and only 6 years old, the mother of the virus has been infected with the virus in the mother's pregnancy, Guangxi AIDS antiretroviral clinic admitted to a family of their own mouth of 3.

Guangxi anti AIDS clinic is carried out jointly by the MSF France and Guangxi CDC cooperation projects in November 25, 2004, reporters on the relevant personnel of MSF France department under the leadership of the clinic to see the treatment of small Liu Zhou and her father. Because there is no disease, naive Liu Zhou did not know what had happened to his own life, in the waiting time, naughty her mouth chewing the staff to the sugar, and the staff side play. Little Liu Zhou's father with "do not know" answer the reporter asked him sick reason, just told reporters that he and his wife temporarily did not work, but Liu Zhou is still in kindergarten. They dare not tell the truth of the child, just tell Liu Zhou, if injured, do not look for other children to play. Perhaps the thought of life difficulties, Mr. Liu suddenly felt sorry and sad silence, written in his face. And the side of Liu Zhou is still happy to laugh, make, no experience of his father's complex mood.

Like Liu home Monday's tragedy, one more than in Guangxi, some 5 people are infected with AIDS, there are many diseases of both husband and wife. 1 to August this year, Guangxi in the detection of 117 couples of the AIDS virus, found through sexual transmission between husband and wife in the infected with 82 of HIV (AIDS virus), the positive rate was 70.08%.

AIDS virus clinic in Guangxi, the reporter also met the same day the 3 women came to visit, they are all infected with HIV by her husband. Some of them have now become widows, and some have to spend 3 days a week with her husband in Nanning to take medicine, and some have a few months of baby. Life in the future, they dare not hold any hope.

News playback three: the encounter of the two women

Yang Min married to her husband, but she often passionately devoted, who secretly shed tears. Yang Min told reporters that at the beginning of last year, her ex husband died of AIDS, and she was also found infected with the AIDS virus. Fortunately, their one year old son was not infected. So, the child's grandmother did not agree with her children, determined to send her children to the town of a couple. Her eyes were blinded by the thought of the child. The village of a young Yang Min by pity love, and she married. The husband is the first marriage, Yang Min wanted to give birth to a child for her husband, but she was not afraid of a healthy child, always worried about the transmission of the virus to her husband.

In an hour long conversation with reporters, Yang Min has been in tears, she wondered how her ex husband hard working outside will be infected with AIDS, she would like to hold yourself a woman suddenly became infected with hiv. She said she had heard of AIDS, but also know how to spread AIDS, but she never thought that AIDS will come to her. If Yang Min is a woman who did not read the book for a few years and the lack of awareness of self protection, then, is a knowledge of women, but also by her husband infected with the AIDS virus (). Wang Fang's husband came back from abroad, that is, planning to build their own company, and the more prosperous. Look at the husband doing hard, she resigned his assistant to help him arrange company chores, take care of his daily life. The couple's feelings of good, so that relatives and friends envy. Later, her husband fell ill. She never thought that her husband was suffering from aids! When her husband confessed to her derailment abroad, Wang Fang had already been infected.

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