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In October 2009, a 17 year old girl in Anhui, accompanied by her parents, came to our center for a slow response in January. The girl at the


In October 2009, a 17 year old girl in Anhui, accompanied by her parents, came to our center for a slow response in January. The girl at the end of August 2009 repeatedly nausea and vomiting, and syncope in 1, after about 30 minutes of consciousness, but the feeling of memory and comprehension decreased than before the reaction becomes slow, and gradually increase, cause not found in the local hospital, parents are very anxious, take her to the doctor in Shanghai. After admission, the proportion and the number of eosinophils were significantly higher than that of normal subjects. Details of the medical history, the first 2 months before the onset of the disease, the girl had to eat barbecue frog meat. Then we examined the serum antibody in patients with parasites, found sparganum mansoni specific antibody positive, head MRI also suggested that the left hemisphere is twisted cords of multiple lesions were finally diagnosed as a case caused by not eating baked frog meat "cerebral sparganosis". After we actively anti parasite treatment, the patient's condition gradually stabilized, memory and computational power than the hospital significantly improved, and ultimately discharged.

In recent years, with the change of diet habits, eating barbecue or eating a variety of animal populations increase, food borne parasitic diseases increased gradually. As the author of the infectious disease specialist, often encounter some work due to eat raw fish and infected loach parasitic disease patients. So once again remind you not to eat raw or cooked food at the end of the frog, loach and fish, in order to avoid infection on sparganosis. Here are some sparganosis prevention knowledge.

What is sparganosis

Sparganosis is a zoonosis of Spirometra mansoni sparganum larvae, caused by parasitic disease. Sparganum invivo migration, and invasion of a variety of tissues and organs, produce symptoms than adult severe. The site can be formed by the formation of eosinophilic granuloma cysts, resulting in local swelling, and even abscess. Sparganosis in East Asia and Southeast Asia, Europe, the Americas, Africa and Australia are also recorded. China's 21 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions have also been reported to Guangdong, Jilin, Fujian, see more.

Sparganosis clinical types are

According to the clinical manifestations, can be categorized into the following 5 types: 1, eye sparganosis. The most common manifestations of eyelid swelling, conjunctival hyperemia, photophobia, tears, micro pain, itching or a crawling sensation. Sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting and fever and other symptoms. 2, subcutaneous sparganosis. The performance of the wandering subcutaneous nodules, nodules can be round, cylindrical or irregular cord like, the diameter of about 0.5 ~ 5cm, local itching and insect crawling, etc.. 3, oral and maxillofacial sparganosis. Often appear in the oral mucosa or facial subcutaneous induration, a diameter of about 0.5 ~ 3cm, the affected area redness, itching or a crawling sensation. 4, cerebral sparganosis. The clinical manifestations of similar brain tumors, often paroxysmal headache, blurred vision, severe coma, convulsions, intermittent quarrel numbness and even paralysis, easily misdiagnosed. The Anhui girl is cerebral sparganosis. 5, splanchnic sparganosis. Some of the digestive tract by peritoneal invasion, inflammatory reaction, and some can be found in the spinal cord through the respiratory tract and cough, spinal canal, urethra and bladder.

How does the body infection of sparganum?

Sparganum through skin or mucosal invasion, or ingestion of sparganum is the main way of human infection of sparganum. Specific methods for the following 3: 1, the local application of raw frog meat. In some areas of our country, the folklore of frogs have cool detoxification effect, commonly used raw frog meat paste wound or abscess, including the eyes, mouth, cheek, vulva and other parts. If the frog meat in sparganum can be wound or the normal skin and mucous membrane invades the human body. 2. Eat raw or undercooked frogs, snakes, chicken, or pork. 3, eating infected cyclops. Drinking unboiled water, swimming or swallowing water in Hutang, the infected Cyclops have the opportunity to enter the body.

Sparganosis to control properly

Sparganosis as long as the timely diagnosis, prognosis. Sparganum mainly by surgical excision, only the body especially the head removed, can be cured. There is also a certain effect of praziquantel, albendazole and other drug anthelmintic treatment.

Sparganosis is spread mainly through food. Unsanitary eat is the spread of sparganosis mainly, such as folk frogs have cool detoxification, commonly used raw frog meat paste wound or abscess; treatment of boils and swallowed a live frog, pain or bad habits, like eating raw or undercooked frog or snake; often drinking raw water. Therefore, the propaganda work in endemic areas, so the transmission of the disease, change bad eating habits, sparganosis is completely preventable.

In short, as long as always, you can avoid Disease enters by the mouth. "infections sparganosis. In case of infection, do not panic, as long as the timely treatment to the hospital, so early detection, early diagnosis, early treatment, most can be cured.

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