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Measles is caused by a measles virus common respiratory infectious disease, which is a highly infectious disease, the winter season is high


Measles is caused by a measles virus common respiratory infectious disease, which is a highly infectious disease, the winter season is high season, but usually there are sporadic. Measles mainly through respiratory droplets. When measles coughs and sneezes, the virus with droplets through the mouth, pharynx, conjunctival into susceptible disease. Close contact with people with measles can also be infected by hand contamination of the virus. The disease is prevalent in 6 months -5 years old children, older children and adults but now more and more, the main reason is the childhood measles vaccine, then did not lead to multiple cropping, antibody level of body protection gradually decreased while the loss of measles resistance. Peng Peng Peng was born at the end of 8 months to fight measles vaccine, and later did not strengthen vaccination, so the loss of protection, the result was the measles virus "attack".

The incidence of measles, the main symptoms are fever, generally below 39 degrees, there are some patients with high fever to 40 degrees. In addition to have a fever, and a runny nose, cough (cough without sputum), conjunctival hyperemia, tears, eyes afraid of light etc.. Gray white dots in the buccal mucosa at the incidence of second ~ 3 days across the bilateral second molar, surrounded by flush, called kopliks spot. Mucous patch can be gradually increased, and merge with each other, mostly in 1 ~ 2 days after the rash disappeared. Fever 3-4 days after the start of a rash, first after the ear, the rapid development of the end of the face, neck, chest, back, abdomen and limbs, and finally to the palm of the hand, foot, head and face rash has begun to subside. The measles rash is very characteristic, generally about 2 ~ 5mm size, the beginning is light red, gradually dense is bright red, and finally turned into a dark red, but the skin rash is normal. When the rash of systemic lymph node, liver and spleen may be swollen, cough, pulmonary rales auscultation can be heard. The rash after reaching a peak, the temperature gradually decreased, systemic symptoms significantly reduced, the rash faded, leave pigmentation away, and fine scaling. In general, from fever to systemic rash subsided about 10-14 days.

There may also be some complications in the course of measles, the most common is pneumonia, but the measles virus itself caused by pneumonia is not serious, mainly secondary bacterial infection. If the patient has a cough, coughing up phlegm, increased white blood cells in the blood, should be alert to bacterial pneumonia may need to do a chest radiograph, once diagnosed, received antibiotics as soon as possible. In addition to pneumonia, can also be complicated by myocarditis, laryngitis, encephalitis, need to the hospital treatment.

Although there is no specific treatment for measles virus, but it is worth noting that measles is self limiting disease, symptomatic treatment can be a good prognosis. When you have a fever, can use antipyretic analgesic drugs in small doses or with ice; severe cough, expectorant and antitussive drugs available; in patients with severe early injection of gamma globulin to enhance immunity. The general patient isolation to 5 days after a rash, respiratory complications should be extended to 10 days after the rash to release, otherwise it will spread to other people.

At present, the spring is approaching, it is the season of measles, but do not let measles wrapped around you oh. So how to avoid being attacked by measles virus? First of all, to avoid public places or crowded places, wearing masks. Secondly, children and adults who have had measles can be vaccinated against measles in the epidemic season. If around the life of measles, and you happen to be in contact, contact with the patient within 5 days of injection of gamma globulin to prevent the incidence of 3 ml. If more than 5 days, it is inevitable that there will be only mild symptoms.

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