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A Wuhan friends in the online consultation: I am a big Sanyang patient, virus index 8.2*10E6, liver function has been normal. The doctor loo


A Wuhan friends in the online consultation: I am a big Sanyang patient, virus index 8.2*10E6, liver function has been normal. The doctor looked at my situation, told me not to take medicine injections, drug treatment is not substantive, just let me do a regular review. My confusion is that drugs have no significance, rely on their own to restore the condition will be better?

The friend's question is very representative. Doctors not only to treat patients, but also to relieve the patient's heart, so as to ensure the patient's physical and mental health. I'm here to do a solution.

From the natural history, chronic hepatitis B virus infection process can be divided into four stages: first, immune tolerance period, the immune clearance period is four, the immune control period is three, and the immune escape period is two.

In the stage of immune tolerance, hepatitis B virus invades the human body and not disturb the immune system, immune cells blind, do not know, do not attack on the hepatitis B virus, as in sleep, allowed to do whatever they want, wantonly breeding, but hepatitis B virus also have some rules, they do not harm the liver trouble, even in the liver cells also settled does not damage the liver cells. During this period, although the hepatitis B virus replication, HBeAg, DNA positive HBV, but the inflammatory reaction of the liver is very light, so the blood transaminase not increased, infection without any symptoms. Use the words of popular words, hepatitis B virus and immune system although are "enemies", but "do not exchange", so we can live in peace. Since the body does not respond to hepatitis B virus, the liver is basically no harm, then there is no sense of antiviral treatment.

Another explanation: the hepatitis B virus is lurking in the body of "enemy agents", but he is not out of trouble to destroy the body's immune system, for he could not identify. At this time to give interferon and other drugs to enhance immunity, there is no direction, can not play the role of anti-virus. Given nucleoside analogues can inhibit virus replication, but after withdrawal they will bounce back; but these viruses had yet to come to hurt the liver, so taking nucleoside analogues also does not have what meaning.

Then as we age, immune tolerance will gradually decline, the immune clearance force will gradually increase, the hepatitis B virus propagation brazenly in the human body, finally angered the immune cells, they woke up, began to respond to the intruder attack, to attack the hepatitis B virus, and the most intense fighting is in hiding hepatitis B virus base in liver cells, and the immune clearance phase. This kind of immune attack varies from person to person, some patients have obvious liver function damage, must be hospitalized;

After the immune system collaborative efforts and external antiviral drugs, hepatitis B virus arrogance is destroyed, and some "left in the body, dregs of the old society", they are also very difficult to stir up trouble. When "big Sanyang" to "small Sanyang" transformation, HBV DNA disappeared. At this time into the third phase of the disease, that is, immune control,

A "small Sanyang" patients still repeated abnormal liver function, HBV-DNA positive. This is the hepatitis B virus in the human body under the pressure of the immune system, the variation of the virus does not produce e antigen, and serum anti HBe positive, medically known as immune escape. This patient was as small Sanyang, but most disease continues to progress.

At present, there is no anti HBV drugs for immune tolerance in the world. Immune tolerance also patients spend money the most, the patient to see if the virus is high, a lot of treatment, afraid of the future become the best hepatitis patient, actually what medicine do not eat, should be closely observed, once every six months, to see what time it is transaminase up into the immune clearance phase to start treatment, this period is the best time for treatment, can achieve a multiplier effect. If not treated properly, or taking drugs, Hu disorder treatment, will not be It doesn't help the situation. but may cause, drug-induced liver injury.



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