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January 21, 2010, "discussion Chinese Medical Tribune" launched a standardized treatment of hepatitis B virus related issues, I actively par


January 21, 2010, "discussion Chinese Medical Tribune" launched a standardized treatment of hepatitis B virus related issues, I actively participate, and published an article entitled "the implementation of" the guidelines focus at the grassroots level. As a grassroots doctors, in the "China Medical Tribune" such a national medical journal published articles, really let me excited for several days, this can be said to be the most happy thing in 2010.

One of the things I'm most proud of this year is that Shanghai has successfully hosted World Expo. China is attracting the attention of the world with its unprecedented development speed and its influence and role in the international political and economic affairs.

One of my relatives, 38 years old, has been a carrier of hepatitis B virus. In July this year, sudden liver failure in our hospital for treatment, after active treatment significantly improved. Before leaving the hospital, because of excessive intake of meat induced biliary pancreatitis, this disease eventually died of multiple organ failure a sudden turn for the worse. As a hepatitis B specialist, witnessed their loved ones died of hepatitis B related diseases, which is my biggest regret in 2010.

"China Medical Tribune" reported an interview with Professor Yang Wenying left me a very deep impression, pointed out that Chinese diabetes and pre diabetes prevalence rate were 9.7% and 15.5% in this paper, the existing China diabetes patients was 92 million 400 thousand cases, ranking first in the world. Unhealthy lifestyle is the main cause of high incidence of diabetes in china. Today's people are seeking delicious, eat more, eat well, stress, exercise less. Just this way of life has always advocated "with the Chinese diet, body movement calm" the concept of health draw further apart. If things go on like this, Chinese paid a heavy price to be not only a high incidence of diabetes, and the high incidence of cancer, cardiovascular disease, high incidence...... we must act, from the start to gradually change the life style of patients with effective intervention, this is the bounden duty of clinicians.

One of my patients are chronic carriers of hepatitis B virus, liver function has been normal, her father took her around a doctor from the age of sixteen, the drug has been eating for nine years. Chinese medicine to her diet, she came to outpatient consultation in our hospital was severe anemia. Similar cases can be encountered in the clinic every day, the Chinese people on hepatitis B misunderstanding too much. One of the things I want to do in 2011 is to write a popular reading about chronic hepatitis B, and read it to the patients and their families. I want to tell them that chronic hepatitis B is preventable and curable, hepatitis B patients after reasonable treatment can health and longevity.

In the next year "China Medical Tribune" I hope to see more cases analysis of the article, not only is the special case analysis, introduce more analysis of common disease cases, should be specific to the drug dose, etc.. Domestic first-class experts on the common diseases of the case analysis of the article can play a good role in the basic level of doctors.

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