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Mr. Guan Youbo has left Time passes very quickly., teacher for five years, running time often read sir, the heart is magnanimous, full of ad


Mr. Guan Youbo has left Time passes very quickly., teacher for five years, running time often read sir, the heart is magnanimous, full of admiration.

97 years through the hospital screening, I became a formal disciple of Mr. Guan Youbo. Then Mr is medical ethics, rigorous scholarship, academic prestigious Chinese medicine master, famous at home and abroad. Beginning with the teacher, Mr. big medical style, repeated ills eye opener for me, the more firm confidence, faith, follow Mr. go the way of traditional Chinese medicine.

Mr. aphorism: "medicine is prescribed medicine, Runaida ru". He explained: "Ming" is clear "Ming", rather than fame and fortune". You have to learn is the end product research, fame, is not confused; at the same time, to study Chinese medicine division of ancient and not learn it, learn to extrapolate, learn widely from others'strong points humbly ask for advice. "Medical science", to be sensible and master of psychological, proficient medical doctors, both Confucianism and medicine. Mr. asked me to take the Chinese medicine as a career rather than diligently strive after, is a living occupation. Help to regard money lightly. His life to "end of" strict demands on themselves, always practicing reformatory education with me, so that I can not slack, work hard.

Mr. Chang said: "my experience is not retained, not dead." He did not give up his decades of accumulated experience to posterity. Through clinical teacher learning, independent practice, I mastered the essence of the ten principal syndromes of phlegm and blood stasis, Mr. theory, the theory of collateral disease academic thoughts, habits and method of prescription, the treatment of liver disease and miscellaneous diseases experience, get great improvement in TCM theory and clinical aspects. The loss of the motherland is a huge loss of the cause of the motherland, I have lost a good mentor.

Mr., I always follow his teachings, seriously as knowledge, clinical sense. In practice, the experience of academic thought and experience of Mr. Mr., deepening the theory of collateral diseases, continue to improve, make yourself more clinical to maneuver freely, and achieved good results, especially in liver fibrosis, refractory severe jaundice, autoimmune liver disease and miscellaneous disease treatment, more profound understanding to the great the clinical experience and academic thinking theory effect.

In order to inherit the old Chinese medicine academic thought, let the Chinese medicine cause inheritance, Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital in Beijing City Administration of traditional Chinese medicine under the strong support, decided to establish a "famous laboratory acted", comprehensively and systematically sum up the academic thought and clinical experience of finishing Mr, better inheritance, dissemination and promotion; and further enrich and develop the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, improve Chinese medicine to prevent and cure diseases, for the majority of patients. This is the best memory of the memory forever, sir, I will actively engaged in this work, to assist the hospital and department heads, the successful completion of the task, for Mr. centenary, submitted a satisfactory answer.

Rest your Mr. Right, students will always remember your teachings, inherit your legacy, for the Chinese medicine cause life.

Thank you teacher Mr. Guan Youbo!

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