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The Spring Festival is coming, in this traditional festival, relatives and friends for a long time to see, inevitably together lively, Syria


The Spring Festival is coming, in this traditional festival, relatives and friends for a long time to see, inevitably together lively, Syria Syria feelings. This kind of occasion, naturally can not do without wine, wine is emotional lubricant, is also a kind of culture. However, "liquor beverages, wine people, drinking red not easy drunk and saying, let people know the wine produced a lot of misunderstanding. Drinking should pay attention to feelings, but also to pay attention to their own health, must not be emotional and excessive drinking hurt the body. How healthy drinking, drinking what are the common mistakes?

A misunderstanding: the liquor beverages, wine people

Many people know that drinking a small amount of white wine is good for your health, but too much is bad for your health. More and more people believe that drinking red wine grapes are beneficial for people, even if the drink point does not matter.

Red wine is indeed beneficial to soften blood vessels, especially in the elderly, usually drink red wine, can promote physical health.

Now, many people will drink wine to drink wine when the new year, and some young people honor their parents when they are red wine. However, whether it is wine or wine, drink beverages are the same, Guan Jian lies in the control of consumption. More than a certain amount, there is a risk of alcoholic liver disease.

Misunderstanding two: can hangover hangover medicine

Some people go just before dinner, worried that they will install some hangover medicine unable to resist sustain the blows, in the bag, thought this can avoid injury of liver.

You can safely eat about wine drinking? Hangover medicine is actually not hangover, can only play the role of psychological comfort. Hangover medicine does not relieve the damage of alcohol on the liver and stomach and other organs, some hangover medicine on the market composition, most just a sedative, vitamins and amino acids, only comfort, awake and relieve headache.

Misunderstanding three: drink wine does not intoxicate

Red wine with Sprite, Black Tea beer and whiskey, cola...... Nowadays, drinking a beverage against drinking are various "mix" combination beyond count. Because of the low concentration of the wine, feel like drinking, so many people think it is not easy to drink.

But Zhu Gangjian reminded, usually used to carbonated beverages against wine, carbon dioxide gas released in the stomach will force the alcohol quickly into the small intestine, and intestinal absorption of alcohol is much faster than the speed of the stomach, thereby increasing the harm to the body. In addition, the drink on the drink, the surface is diluted wine, the result is easier to drink more.

Because people who drink at first feel like drinking a drink, it is hard to drink, once aware of the role of alcohol, it has been drunk.

Misunderstanding four: regardless of tobacco

"A cigarette, a cup of wine, happy like a fairy." Many people like to smoke a cigarette, even if some people do not smoke, in the excitement of alcohol, will also point a cigarette.

While drinking and smoking, not only hurt the liver and hurt the lungs, because the nicotine in cigarettes will weaken the effect of alcohol on the human body, the equivalent of being "anesthesia", unknowingly will greatly increase the amount of alcohol consumption.

Misunderstanding five: deep feelings swallow

"Deep feelings of a swallow, feeling light lick." On the banquet, some people drink wine love fast or drink a larger one, for the expression of his enthusiasm, often anxious to persuade the other side to drink wine.

The speed of drinking should be slow not fast, fast drinking alcohol concentration in the blood is also fast, will soon be drunk. If you drink slowly, the body has enough time to break down the ethanol, ethanol production is less, not drunk.

Myth six: high spirits don't get drunk

Some special love of wine and drink more people tend to love drinking high spirits, they tend to believe that alcohol is the alcohol and water blending into the drink, boring, and high wine for food brewing, drunk not above, drink it.

The higher the degree of alcohol also means that the higher the content of alcohol. More than 90% of the alcohol into the body through the liver metabolism, a large number of alcohol increased the burden of detoxification of the liver, the higher the degree of alcohol, the greater the intake, the more serious damage to the liver. In addition, decomposition of alcohol on the liver needs of a variety of enzymes and vitamins in the alcohol content of wine is high, enzymes and vitamins consumed by the body of the more.

Myth seven: red wine to drunk

"People who drink wine are not easily drunk." This sentence is often at the banquet to be used to reason. Some people think that drinking red such as Guan Gong is a good thing, think it represents good blood circulation, can quickly break down alcohol, so it is not easy to get drunk.

A face and not too much, It differs from man to man. In fact, many people think that the reason causing blushing drinkers not easy drunk is red, people generally less Quanjiu, so drink less, and drink Fakun, slept for a while and the white is in fine fig, and often do not know their own bottom line, excessive drinking in the highly excited.

Misunderstanding eight: Bacon sausage dish

Some people in love will drink, sausage and ham as snacks, such as eating and drinking more interest, can drink more alcohol than usual.

Dinner do not fasting drink, if not to eat belly pad, it is best to eat while drinking. But note that, salted fish, sausage, bacon drinks, because Prince smoked food contains a lot of pigment and nitrosamines, react with alcohol, not only hurt the liver, and impaired oral and esophageal mucosa, and even induce cancer.

In order to reduce the harm of alcohol on the stomach and liver, reduce the occurrence of fatty liver, drink before eating, such as drinking a cup of milk, or eat egg and meat, because these high protein food in the stomach and can react with alcohol, reduce the absorption of alcohol.

Myth nine: drunk to pull the throat

In the daily entertainment, many people use the secret is to drink a lot to the bathroom after the throat to urge vomiting, after vomiting feel better, so you can continue to drink.

In fact, to pull the throat to promote vomiting belongs to dangerous action, must be carried out in the wake of the help of health care workers, because the drunk is not clear, it is easy to inhale vomit cause suffocation, and even life-threatening. Secondly, severe vomiting may lead to increased intra-abdominal pressure, in addition to easy to cause stomach bleeding, will cause the reflux of duodenal contents, emergency caused by acute pancreatitis.

Myth ten: tea coffee.

Some people drunk, friends or family members tend to end a cup of tea or coffee, that this can help.

In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Drink drink tea, caffeine in tea can quickly play a diuretic effect, promote the decomposition of acetaldehyde into acetic acid (not larger stimulus substances for the kidney) prematurely into the kidney, the kidney damage. While the main ingredient in coffee as caffeine stimulate the central nervous system and muscle function, drink a cup of coffee will make the brain from extreme suppression into exhilaration, and stimulate the expansion of blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation, greatly increased cardiovascular burden, on the human body damage caused by more than simple drink many times, and even induce hypertension.

In short, this will pay attention to the amount of drinking, drink healthy, do not blindly take into account the face hurt his own body.

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