Research progress of hepatitis C

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Research progress of hepatitis CFirst, direct antiviral (direct-acting antiviral agents DAAs) breakthrough.The tealprevir (TVR), boceprevir


Research progress of hepatitis C

First, direct antiviral (direct-acting antiviral agents DAAs) breakthrough.

The tealprevir (TVR), boceprevir (BOC) in Europe and the United States approved the listing, to optimize the treatment of genotype 1 chronic hepatitis C virus infection can be treated with BOC or TVR combined with pegylated interferon and ribavirin triple therapy; at the same time, the application in drug treatment and monitoring drug resistance and adverse reaction of treatment and individual treatment brought new challenge.

Two. No interferon and / or Leigh Bhave Lin treatment options are possible.

2011 European Association for the study of liver (European Association the Study of Liver) for

EASL) report on the annual meeting of a phase II a clinical research, observed by BMS-650032 alone (protease inhibitor HCVNS3 (HCV) and BMS-790052 replication complex inhibitor), for patients with previous null responders, can not display the Leigh Bhave Lin plan containing anti HCV therapy may be. The scheme can be used for patients who cannot tolerate interferon / Leigh Bhave Lin.

Three, L28B host genotype

IL28B gene polymorphism was associated with SVR (sustained virologic response rate) and spontaneous clearance of HCV after HCV treatment. Rs12979860CC in patients with SVR was significantly higher than that in patients with CT and TT, and the IL28B genotype was associated with eRVR (early rapid virologic response rate). The detection of IL28B genotypes before treatment is a strong predictor of SVR, and it is possible to understand the likelihood of treatment response and to help determine the course of treatment.

Four, individualized treatment

Because against the outcome of HCV infection related host genes being found in the development of HCV targeting different DAAs, the trend of individual HCV antiviral therapy will be more and more obvious.

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