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In the face of the high incidence of chronic hepatitis B and for young people, the characteristics of these groups: high mobility (college,


In the face of the high incidence of chronic hepatitis B and for young people, the characteristics of these groups: high mobility (college, migrant workers, etc.), life and work pressure, coupled with the society of this disease so patients are afraid of prejudice, colleagues, classmates or friends know away from yourself. These come from the community, family, relatives and friends, and many other factors, so that patients carrying a huge mental pressure, personal carrying, but also adhere to the normal work and study, I highly admire the friends of these patients.

As a specialist: it should be the treatment of hepatitis B patients to say clearly, first of all to have compassion and with friends, get the trust of patients, enhance the confidence to overcome the disease. Then introduce the current treatment of hepatitis B commonly used several programs. The advantages and disadvantages of these schemes, based on the current economic situation and condition of patients. To help patients choose the best treatment. Have patients with compliance of patients only good is the key to successful treatment. Many experts suggest that the treatment of hepatitis B should be personalized. I think: specialist should sum up their clinical experience. According to the specific condition of patients, help to select the best scheme, short course of treatment, low recurrence rate. Also patiently explain the treatment period should be noted, as well as regular liver function, hepatitis B virus DNA, hepatitis B two. For chronic hepatitis B cirrhosis patients should regularly check the serum AFP, ultrasound and CT etc.. The significance of these items is introduced. Also explain what is called double standards in order to stop the meaning of. For after discontinuation of patients also require regular check to the hospital liver function, hepatitis B, hepatitis B two pairs of semi DNA project significance. Matters needing attention in life should be described in detail, such as in order to cooperate with the treatment, requiring life-long abstinence, less smoking. Avoid overwork and overeating, pay attention to work and rest, lunch 1 hours every day, to go to bed early and get up early, required to develop good habits. This is the work responsibility and social responsibility of a physician should try to patients.

I often hear people tell me on the clinic, a few years have not informed of these, just let me antiviral treatment, eat at least a few years of medicine. There was once a young chronic hepatitis B patients said to me, he has served Adefovir Dipivoxil Tablets for 2 years, at present still abnormal liver function, hepatitis B or DNA positive, asked him several times after taking over the project review, he told me to give him to never check, lamivudine, hepatitis B DNA (February -), normal liver function and to he added interferon, accepted my advice and after 3 months have been converted to a small three. Continue to consolidate 1 years, after stopping drug for six months and six months, liver function is normal, hepatitis B DNA (-), the two half of the 1, 5 positive. Because of good treatment effect, patients psychosomatization pressure down. Every time he came to the hospital, his face smiled, and I felt a little comfort. Sincere fellow door carefully treat every patient, according to disease treatment, timely adjust the treatment plan for excellent problem-solving row.

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