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Primary liver cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in China. The number of patients with liver cancer in China is about 30-40 m


Primary liver cancer is one of the most common malignant tumors in China. The number of patients with liver cancer in China is about 30-40 million people, accounting for 55% of the world. The incidence of liver cancer in China is mainly in the southeast coastal areas, the incidence of male and female is about 3:1. Liver cancer occurs mostly in the middle age, in recent years there is a trend of younger age, high incidence of 35-55 years old. High degree of malignancy, most patients were found when it is already late, the earlier found patients even a successful radical resection, many still can not escape from the clutches of recurrence and metastasis after resection. Therefore, the prevention of liver cancer is extremely important. According to the specific situation of our country, we should pay attention to the following two aspects:

Prevention and treatment of hepatitis

Viral hepatitis (including hepatitis B and C), liver cirrhosis and liver cancer were found to be three steps of hepatocarcinogenesis. In China, there are about 1/10 people with hepatitis B virus, there are about 90% of patients with primary liver cancer in patients with hepatitis B, there are studies that, hepatitis B increased risk of liver cancer about 200 times.

The most effective way to prevent hepatitis is the use of hepatitis B vaccine, the baby should be born after the hepatitis B vaccine, if the mother is a carrier of hepatitis B virus, should also be given to neonatal hepatitis B immunoglobulin. Through years of promotion, in some areas of high incidence of liver cancer, children under 15 years of age, the rate of hepatitis B has been a downward trend, while the incidence of liver cancer has begun to decline. Adults who did not have hepatitis, two in the hospital to check for half are negative, should also be vaccinated against hepatitis B vaccine, especially those who are members of the hepatitis B virus positive.

If there is a viral hepatitis, it should be actively treated to delay the process of hepatitis to cirrhosis. For patients with hepatitis, except for liver protection drugs, more important is to remove the virus, if antiviral therapy is not ideal, B will frequent activities, accelerate the formation of liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. However, it is difficult to completely remove the hepatitis B virus, its DNA will be stored in the liver cells, at the appropriate time will be a large number of replication, resulting in necrosis and proliferation of liver cells, the formation of liver cirrhosis and even liver cancer. Therefore, whether or not the hepatitis patients in active phase, should be regularly checked AFP and B ultrasound, etc.. The "big world" and "small Sanyang" patients need timely examination of liver function and hepatitis B virus DNA. Research shows that the "small Sanyang liver cancer risk" is not lower than the big three, in patients with liver cancer "small Sanyang" is the proportion of "big 3 this world" 12 times. Some "small Sanyang" were unable to produce e antigen due to virus mutation, but the virus is still a large number of replication, with strong concealment, if not treated, it is easy to develop into liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Hepatitis B virus carriers in about 25% will turn into chronic hepatitis, but also a considerable number of people infected with hepatitis B virus but never hepatitis history, symptoms after a medical examination, found to have liver cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma, so once found the virus, although no symptoms should be checked regularly, if the test found hepatitis B virus DNA in blood was significantly higher than the normal value, must use of antivirals to press it down.

Two, remember the saying "Disease enters by the mouth"

The liver is the body's chemical plant, we eat things every day, the nutrients processed by the liver for the use of the body, and toxic substances must also be toxic to the liver to avoid a disaster. If we add poison to our chemical plant for a long time, we will continue to corrode the machine, which will eventually lead to fatal consequences.

1, drink less

"Liver injury is common sense" as everyone knows, alcohol into the human body first to detoxification in the liver detoxification process will produce the intermediate product - is toxic to the liver cells of acetaldehyde, resulting in necrosis of liver cells, gradually developed into alcoholic cirrhosis, liver cancer formation hotbed. Studies have shown that about 40% of liver cancer has a history of drinking, if the removal of alcohol factors, the incidence of liver cancer in China will be reduced by 10%. It should be noted that different degrees of different types of wine mixed drink can increase the risk of liver cancer by 10 times. The history of hepatitis B and hepatitis B virus carriers, drinking is a taboo, because alcohol can play a synergistic role and virus, promote liver cancer.

2, do not eat moldy food

Moldy peanuts, corn, rice, sweet potato, because there are a lot of fungi, these fungi can produce a called "aflatoxin" material, its toxicity is 10 times larger than potassium cyanide, is the strongest known carcinogen. Studies have confirmed that aflatoxin can lead to a variety of animals, including humans, liver cancer, the shortest time to cancer only 24 weeks. In warm and humid areas, food is particularly susceptible to mold, people should pay attention to discard in time. In addition, in the waste oil, substandard peanut oil, milk is not found in the aflatoxin exceeded. It has been reported that some unscrupulous businessmen have been contaminated by aflatoxin and should be destroyed for the sake of wine making or feeding of dairy cows.

3, pay attention to drinking water hygiene

People need to take about 2000ml of water every day, the water is contaminated, not only contains a large number of organic carcinogens, but also conducive to the breeding of algae, the study found that some of the toxins produced by algae is also closely related to the occurrence of liver cancer. Therefore, in the rural areas should stop drinking pond water, ditch water etc. and drinking water or tap water should be dead and live in the city of water, also should use clean water.

In addition to the above two aspects, drinking, fatigue, stay up all night, poor mood can lead to the progress of hepatitis B, should pay attention to avoid. Active exercise to maintain good physical fitness, develop good habits and habits, to maintain an optimistic mood, life and work to reduce stress in the prevention of liver cancer have a positive effect.

In the early stage of liver cancer, the timely detection of liver cancer and radical treatment, so that patients are cured, is also an important part of the prevention of liver cancer (two). For those who are at high risk for liver cancer, regular screening is the key to early diagnosis of liver cancer. In our country, the standard of high risk group is: HBsAg positive or chronic hepatitis, over 35 years old. In this population, the detection rate of liver cancer was 500.5/10 million, 34.4 times the general population. About 60% of patients in the blood can be detected by a special protein called alpha fetoprotein (AFP) concentration, so check AFP and ultrasound is the most commonly used method of screening for hepatocellular carcinoma, the joint inspection sensitivity can reach 92%. People who are at high risk should be checked at least once every 6 months. Research shows that regular inspection, found the liver cancer is about 50% less than 3cm in diameter of small hepatocellular carcinoma, most of this can be liver cancer radical surgery, or use a variety of ways to destroy it, 5 years survival rate can reach 50%. And not regularly check, found that most of the liver cancer is late, the resection rate was only 7.5%, the survival rate of only about 5 years, the consequences of serious. Therefore, regular liver tests are extremely important for high-risk populations.

Human after 100 years of struggle, has become the liver preventable and treatable disease. Through active prevention and treatment of hepatitis and healthy diet, can prevent the occurrence of liver cancer; regular examination has been able to get confirmed in early HCC, which before surgical resection or destroy the threat to patient's life. Liver cancer is no longer an incurable disease.

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